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On Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 18, the doctors of of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital were exposed to flu-inflected patients. That's never a good thing.

There's no taking sick days when you're the docs, apparently. As Derek, who claims he never gets sick, is preparing for a speech, he falls ill like the others.

And so the flu began taking its toll on Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 18, though fortunately McDreamy still found a way to help a young patient.

Between him rehearsing with baby Bailey and Meredith saving the day and standing in to give Der's speech, it was a great night for the family.

Cristina and Owen worked to help a family with two daughters struggling failing hearts. It will be interesting to see just what is afflicting this group.

Meanwhile, a new physician introduced Alex to the idea of private practice, in which he would work fewer hours for more money. Might he consider that?

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The Great 8 has become the Heavenly 7.

Or has it?

Following an impressive performance show that saw the remaining American Idol contestants rehash original audition songs, viewers were left with a difficult decision on Thursday: 

Who deserved to get voted out?

Sam Woolf is Saved!

The answer came down to Sam Woolf, Malaya Watson and C.J. Harris, as this trio earned the lowest number of votes.

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All it took was one night with Lady Gaga to drive David Letterman away.

We kid, but the day after Gaga sang for the first time on The Late Show, Letterman announced his retirement as a talk show host.

The comedian told his studio audience at today's taping of his decision, with REM bassist Mike Mills Tweeting the news and various outlets subsequently confirming that Letterman will recite his final Top 10 List some time next year.

Letterman got his big break by performing stand-up many times on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He was then given NBC’s Late Night in 1982.

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We know what waiting sucks, True Blood fans.

But at least you now know when it will be over.

HBO announced today that True Blood Season 7 will premiere on Sunday, June 22. It will be comprised of 10 episodes... the final 10 episodes in series history.

Along those lines, the network has also released the very first Season 7 teaser. It takes viewers through a number of dead character graves, pausing at the end for the headstone of True Blood itself:

Here is what we know so far about True Blood Season 7: it will depict many bare breasts.

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Are you ready to meet the Matthews?

The Disney Channel has unveiled the first official cast photo for Girl Meets World, the hugely anticipated Boy Meets World spinoff that will premiere this fall.

Girl Meets World Cast Photo

The sitcom will focus on Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) raising their very own family in New York, with Rowan Blanchard on board as the titular Girl, Riley.

August Matur is pictured as Riley's brother, Auggie.

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American Idol went back to the beginning last night, as the eight remaining finalists performed songs from some of their original auditions.

And it was easily the best performance episode of Season 13.

Two contestants impressed us with original songs, while a couple others re-arranged their classics, made them their own... and left us scrambling over to iTunes to download.

Who stood out the most? Who could be in danger of elimination? Click, listen and be awed by the Top 8 now:

American Idol Top 8 Performances
Jena Irene tries to make Adele proud with this American Idol audition. She's Rolling in the Deep.
View As List
Jena Irene - "Rolling in the Deep"

1. Jena Irene - "Rolling in the Deep"

Jena Irene tries to make Adele proud with this American Idol audition. She's Rolling in the Deep.

Dexter Roberts - "One Mississippi"

2. Dexter Roberts - "One Mississippi"

Dexter Roberts has advanced to the final 8 on American Idol. What do you think of his take on "One Mississippi?"

C.J. Harris - "Soulshine"

3. C.J. Harris - "Soulshine"

CJ Harris is in it to win it! Listen to his version of "Soulshine" now.

Sam Woolf - "Lego House"

4. Sam Woolf - "Lego House"

Sam Woolf covers Ed Sheeran here on American Idol. He's living in a Lego House.

Jessica Meuse - "Blue Eyed Lie" (Original Song)

5. Jessica Meuse - "Blue Eyed Lie" (Original Song)

Jessica Meuse goes with an original song for this American Idol performance. Very impressive stuff.

Malaya Watson - “Ain't No Way"

6. Malaya Watson - “Ain't No Way"

Malaya Watson impresses us with this American Idol performance. Listen to her sing "Ain't No Way."

Caleb Johnson - "Chain of Fools"

7. Caleb Johnson - "Chain of Fools"

Caleb Johnson sings "Chain of Fools" for this American Idol performance. Nice work, man!

Alex Preston - "Fairy Tale" (Original Song)

8. Alex Preston - "Fairy Tale" (Original Song)

Alex Preston breaks out an original song for this American Idol performance. What do you think?

Tough choice, huh? But it must be made: Who put on the best performance?


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Incest. Beheadings. Attempted child murders. And even more incest!

In anticipation of Game of Thrones Season 4, which kicks off this Sunday on HBO, the amazing folks behind Honest Trailers have come out with one based on this epic cable drama.

It mocks the noun-based titles given to pretty much every character, while wondering why everyone is fighting to sit on “the world’s most uncomfortable chair” and gives major props to Peter Dinklage... who will totally get "every good dwarf role until he dies."

And why is everyone battling each other? To end the reign of King Justin Bieber, of course.

Pretty amazing stuff, whether you're a fan of Game of Thrones or not. Watch now:

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Stephen Colbert 1, Internet 0.

Last week, the hashtag #CancelColbert trended nationwide after the Twitter account @ColbertReport posted an excerpt of a joke told by the show's host.

Taken out of context, it definitely came across as racist against Asians.

So, what did the comedian have to say for himself last night?

First, he made it clear that he does not run the account from which the Tweet came.

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Looks like the Jennette McCurdy selfie scandal has yet to blow over at Nickelodeon, with reports indicating major tension between the star and the network.

The fate of her hit show Sam & Cat is said to be hanging by a thread due to the racy photo leak and a feud between McCurdy and co-star Ariana Grande.

Production has "ground to a halt" and the comedy has not been renewed for Season 2 despite the success of its first, according to the N.Y. Daily News.

Nickelodeon was apparently far from pleased after a series of Jennette McCurdy photos featuring her in a thong were spread online in early March.

The feuding came to a head last weekend as Jennette boycotted the Kids' Choice Awards and blamed her decision on her interaction with the network.

"It has to do with how Nickelodeon treated me, that's all," she tweeted of her absence at the ceremony where Sam & Cat picked up the Favorite Show trophy.

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This week's Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 14 saw the team in crisis mode, as Abby Lee Miller had to come to terms with her mom's declining health.

Will this make her see that everyone's valuable because they're her "family" or will she still strive even harder for the perfect team at any cost?

As the team arrives, Holly asks about Mrs. Miller and learns from Abby that she is not well. Mackenzie, meanwhile, has Abby direct a photo shoot.

As the pyramid starts, Maddie, Mackenzie, Kendall, Chloe and Nia are together on the bottom, while Kalani is on the top due to her overall high score.

Then Abby announces she is holding auditions for a second team, which will not necessarily replace the original girls, but compete against them.

Even in her emotional state, her eyes are on the prize. If you watch Dance Moms online, you know to expect nothing left from Abby Lee Miller.

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