Ready to take a road trip with Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Maggie, Glenn and Tara?

Such was the basis for The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 5, an installment of television's most popular series that featured heartbreaking memories and a constant threat of zombies.

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With all of the recent controversy surrounding Lena Dunham's comments about her sister, it's easy to forget that she's still the star, head writer and executive producer of a moderately popular HBO series.

But she is, and the show that's almost as divisive as its showrunner is soon to return for a new season of white people struggling to get by in spite of their dwindling trust funds.

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White Collar Season 6 Episode 1 saw a desperate Peter and Mozzie searching for Neal following his abduction on last season's finale of the hit USA series.

Meanwhile, while they were doing that, Neal plotted an escape that could potentially set up a confrontation with a group of thieves known as the Pink Panthers.

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