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Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 12 saw an awful lot happen for the fab four, including a baby's birth, a DUI arrest, a counseling session and a key visitation.

Intrigued yet? You can probably figure out whose baby was born, and who got busted, but come along as we break down those events and so much more:

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are parents for the first time! Okay, the second time in her case, after she goes into labor in the middle of the night.

She let the cameras in for all 16 hours of labor, although they skip over Lincoln’s birth, so if you watch Teen Mom 2 online, don't expect to see that.

We do see Isaac's adorable reaction to the baby, though, which is great.

First the toddler argues with Kailyn that Lincoln is actually his baby, not hers, and then he tells his mom that Lincoln’s hair is “disgusting.” Kids. So honest.

Sadly, we learn that her mom begged for a chance to be there for Lincoln's birth, but never showed up. She has been drunk texting and calling at least.

Fortunately for Kailyn, she has a good husband and son who help her out, and a friend Peach who brings over pizza for the family. What a ... well, a peach.

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Last night's Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere got us thinking about the only other show on television that can compete with GOT in terms of the amount of lust and carnage it can pack into one episode.

You guessed it - Real Time With Bill Maher.

Just kidding, we're talking about True Blood, of course!

True Blood: 7 Sex and Violence Highlights!
Bill and Sookie from True Blood. The actors who portray them - Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin - are married in real life.
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Bill and Sookie: True Blood's Sexiest Couple

1. Bill and Sookie: True Blood's Sexiest Couple

Bill and Sookie from True Blood. The actors who portray them - Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin - are married in real life.

Jason Stackhouse Sex Scene

2. Jason Stackhouse Sex Scene

One of Jason's many sex scenes from True Blood. He's half naked in just about every scene he's in.

Alcide and Rikki: Werewolf Sex!

3. Alcide and Rikki: Werewolf Sex!

Alcide prepares for some werewolf-style sex. There are some scenes only True Blood can get away with.

Bill and Lorena Sex Scene

4. Bill and Lorena Sex Scene

Bill has a rather complex relationship with the vampire who "made" him. Here, Bill and Lorena settle their differences.

Maryann Forrester: Orgy Time!

5. Maryann Forrester: Orgy Time!

The evil Maryann Forrester prepares for some sexcapades with friends. Maryann's power over the people of Bon Temps resulted in some memorable sex scenes.

True Blood: Bill and Lorena Sex Scene

6. True Blood: Bill and Lorena Sex Scene

Bill and Lorena hooked up in the third season of True Blood. The violence that ensued made for one of the show's most memorable scenes.

True Blood Rolling Stone Cover

7. True Blood Rolling Stone Cover

Okay, it may not be a scene from the show, but this famous Rolling Stone cover sums up everything important about True Blood. In shape naked people covered in blood.

Season 7 of the hit HBO vampire soap opera doesn't premiere until June, but its never too early to start boning up (tee-hee) on all the sex, violence and shocking twists that have made the series such an enduring guilty pleasure. 

Even the most devoted fans of the series probably have a hard time keeping track of every coupling and killing. Remember the outdoor orgy orchestrated by Maryann Forrester in season 2? How about Bill and Lorena's um... head-turning hook-up from the third season?

Or, for that matter, how about any scene involving resident sex fiend Jason Stackhouse? 

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Art is about to imitate life on Two and a Half Men.

On the April 10 installment of this (awful) CBS sitcom, Mila Kunis will guest star opposite fiance Ashton Kutcher, portraying a wild gal named Vivian who jokes to Walden:

"I bet you only date hot actresses."

"God, no. I'd never date an actress. They're all crazy," Kutcher’s character replies. 

Kunis, who is pregnant with her first baby, then jokes about the public's "fascination" with celebrities and also refers to a sex tape that "no one will ever see."

Pretty funny stuff actually. Especially because Mila and Ashton are on our list of stars in sex tapes we hope will someday leak...

Watch Two and a Half Men online via TV Fanatic and scroll down for photos of Mila guest-starring on the hit series:

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Turns out, there were two major deaths on the Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere.

Not only did Arya recover her beloved sword after plunging it into the neck of Polliver, but the episode itself totally killed HBO Go.

Much to the extreme chagrin of fan around the nation, the return episode of this epic drama crashed the network's online service.

Arya on the Attack

In response to many users receiving a “fatal error” message at a most inopportune time, HBO released the following statement:

"HBO Go did experience issues due to overwhelming demand around the premiere of Game of Thrones. The service has returned to several platforms and we are working hard towards full recovery, which we expect soon."

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 21 focused on Kandi Burruss' Mama Joyce hating on her fiance Todd Tucker, a source of tension all season.

Often lost in the shuffle (especially after Porsha Stewart beat down Kenya Moore), Mama Joyce vs. Todd vs. Kandi is shaping up to be a big storyline.

She thinks he’s taking advantage of Kandi, had a P.I. follow him around and considered PLANTING a hot woman around him to see if he’d take the bait.

Well, when you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online this week, you'll see an awkward therapy session Joyce surprisingly shows up at.

“We’ve tried counseling in the past and it didn’t work out so well,” Kandi says, regarding a session she did it with Mama Joyce and her late ex A.J. Jewell.

The counselor gets on her case for not getting to know Todd, and she takes this without getting defensive. Instead, she cries, “I worry about her."

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Best Wrestlemania ever?

We know what some WWE fans would say in response to that question: YES! YES! YES!

A new champion was crowned, a record streak came to an end and three icons got the night started in memorable fashion.

Indeed, Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin graced the ring together to kick off the evening, screaming out their catchphrases and toasting each other with a beer to close the raucous segment.

And Wrestlemania XXX only got crazier from there.

Wrestlemania XXX Logo


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The Red Wedding may have removed a threat from King Joffrey and the Lannisters last year, but the Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere made one thing clear tonight:

New enemies are always around the corner.

Or, in the case of Prince Oberyn Martell, partying it up on the grounds of your very own castle.

Pedro Pascal as the Prince

Viewers met this dangerous character on Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 1, as he pretty much invited himself to Joffrey's wedding and made his intentions clear to Tyrion.

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We're down to the final two episodes in Scandal Season 3 after last night's installment saw Olivia Pope unknowingly allow her mother, Maya Pope, to get away from B-613.

How did she do that, you ask? By shutting down B-613 right as they were in the middle of a mission.

Scandal Season 3 Episode 16 started off with Abby in the White House as Olivia's proxy. After last week's realization that she's "the help," Olivia needed a break from Fitz. That break was, however, short lived as Fitz threw a tantrum and demanded to see Olivia

Olivia declined his request until she learned that Jeanine Locke, the woman with whom Fitz did not have an affair, wrote a tell-all memoir about her scandalous relationship with the President.

And that wasn't even a major facet of last night's episode.

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Was that a low blow? Or just lively banter? Either way, Alex Trebek was called out for wearing a suit made in a child labor sweatshop this week on Jeopardy!

Battle of the Decades competitor Tom Kavanaugh was asked by the game show host how he would spend his winnings if he beat out the other contestants.

Trebek said, "Million dollars at stake in this tournament, if you win it you plan to spend a lot of it to work on a documentary, what's the documentary about?"

"It's on sweatshop labor in our country and around the world," the contestant replied, explaining why he had the idea to make this particular film.

"So I went to Bangladesh about 10 years ago and toured a garment factory and thought, 'What if I saw a shirt that I was wearing being made by these people."

"It's to try to put a face on who might make our clothes," he added. "So maybe you can find out the names of the 8-year-olds who made your fancy suit there, Alex."


The audience immediately reacted with gasps and even Trebek took a step back to process the dig ... what do you think of Kavanaugh's comment?

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On Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 18, the doctors of of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital were exposed to flu-inflected patients. That's never a good thing.

There's no taking sick days when you're the docs, apparently. As Derek, who claims he never gets sick, is preparing for a speech, he falls ill like the others.

And so the flu began taking its toll on Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 18, though fortunately McDreamy still found a way to help a young patient.

Between him rehearsing with baby Bailey and Meredith saving the day and standing in to give Der's speech, it was a great night for the family.

Cristina and Owen worked to help a family with two daughters struggling failing hearts. It will be interesting to see just what is afflicting this group.

Meanwhile, a new physician introduced Alex to the idea of private practice, in which he would work fewer hours for more money. Might he consider that?

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