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There are many entertaining ways to celebrate Halloween.

Some folks drink. Some dress their children up like skunks. Others pretend as if they're married to George Clooney.

At The Hollywood Gossip, however, we watch a lot of television and, therefore, we've decided to pay tribute to this frightful annual occasion by focusing our scary efforts on the small screen.

Dandy Mott - American Horror Story: Freak Show
Dandy would be freaky enough as a spoiled rotten kid. But make him a clown mask-wearing serial killer to boot? Yikes!

Which characters give us the heebie jeebies? It varies.

From overprotective biker chicks... to really spoiled young men... to evil spirits who kill and rape... to those who like to dine on the meat of fellow human beings, TV is a world full of the frightening.

Which of the folks listed above will keep you up tonight? We're very sorry for your lack of sleep, but we look forward to your answer!

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Talk about a hot piece of Asher, huh?

That's what viewers were treated to on How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 6, as this intriguing character was given more screen time than ever before.

More bombshells, of course, also exploded throughout the latest installment of this Shonda Rhimes drama, while Viola Davis continued to blow us away.

The only question that now remains: What could possibly come next?!?

According to the network promo for How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 7 (titled "He Deserved to Die"), the wrath of Annalise Keating has been unleashed... and you can only imagine what that will mean for those in her wake.

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Olivia Pope has it pretty rough.

In order to save the life of one lover (Jake) on Scandal Season 4 Episode 6, our favorite fixer told another (Fitz) that there's still "hope" the two of them could have a future.

What will this mean for Olivia going forward? Many late-night phone calls at the very least, based on the following ABC teaser for Scandal Season 4 Episode 7:

Elsewhere on “Baby Made a Mess,” Olivia will set her sights on Tom in order to gain more intel about Jake, while Leo Bergen’s new client will prompt the Gladiators to spring into action.

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Someone pass the Kleenex please. We're still recovering from the closing scene of The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 5.

Yup, Damon Salvatore is now back in Mystic Falls, reuniting with his brother to end the latest installment of this CW hit.

But will everything be all happy go lucky now that Damon is back in the present day? Not exactly, based on the following teaser for The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 6:

What else can fans look forward to on an installment titled "The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get?"

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Last night's Two and a Half Men Season 12 Episode 1 marked the final season premiere for the longtime CBS staple you had probably forgotten was still on the air.

This is not a joke. It is really still on the air.

In a nutshell, Two and a Half Men Season 12 Episode 1 focused on Walden asking for Alan's assistance with adjusting his priorities in life after a health scare.

A scare on Halloween, appropriately.

We begin as the guys prepare for a night out with some of Walden’s girlfriends, and Alan noting that putting “slutty” in front of any job makes it a costume.

Walden collapses in pain, and not from that joke. Later, we learn that Walden had a mild heart attack but will make a full recovery. Sort of like the show?

In any case, Walden awakens to a nun-dressed Berta and Ferris Bueller's faces, understandably believing he is in hell and that his life is really pathetic.

Get this guy some morphine, STAT.

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Last night on Parenthood Season 6 Episode 6, we kicked things off with a surprising three-month time jump that catapulted the life of many Bravermans forward ...

Drew wants to determine what he wants to do in life, and thinks he's going to major in economics, almost as if Amber's baby is in the back (or front) of his mind.

Amber is now visibly pregnant, Dylan and Max are still going strong, and Ruby really wants to stay with Hank and Sarah instead of back with her mom.

Crosby and Adam are in a business meeting when Amber asks for a raise. Jabbar wants to go to Harry Potter World, but his folks can't really afford it.

Drew wants Dylan to sleep over, which is somehow approved before anyone knows what hit them, while Amber hears Adam and Crosby arguing over her.

While Kristina is watching a movie, Dylan comes down to hang out and watch the end, resting her head on Kristina's chest. Sarah's game night doesn't go well.

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Contestants, and pounds, are dropping like flies on NBC, but The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 8 continued to up the ante on the remaining athletes.

On The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 8, the men and women seeking a return to their sports Glory Days were tasked with a very formidable challenge.

The last one standing on these giant treadmills will be the winner, while the losers fall in the water. The speed goes up over time, pushing them harder.

Rondalee falls for White, while Damien and Scott duel to the end with Scott ultimately pulling out the win for Red, besting Blue for Red's first victory.

The penalties are going to Las Vegas, the land of temptation (White), and cleaning up the house with no working out until the hard labor is done (Blue).

The Las Vegas trip means conjuring up a lot of memories and plenty of temptations for the team members, so this is not the fun getaway it might look like.

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Following an installment that tackled male-females roles in relationships and the financial dilemmas that plague couples, The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 7 focused on gender equality in the workforce.

When did this sitcom turn so political?!?

During Ladies Night this week, Bernadette says that she's been picked to be in a magazine as one of the 50 sexiest female scientists in California. This immediately irritates Amy, who believes women ought to be celebrated for their achievements.

Sure, agrees Bernadette. But can't one be thought of as both smart and pretty?!? Yes, Penny, chimes in, it's what she does in her job!

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For the cast members of Breaking Amish, New York City continued to be prove challenging but inspiring as their journey toward a different life continued.

Unfortunately, some of them found themselves in situations they never expected, and that meant consequences on Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 7.

What went on in this latest installment of the TLC hit series.

Most significantly, Matt and Bates both went home to Amish country in a bid to salvage relationships with the women they love, and feel they have wronged.

Matt, in particular, has a tough road ahead of him there.

Needless to say, making things right meant righting wrongs that weren't easily righted, or at least reconciling situations and issues not easily reconciled.

For Bates, were his efforts a case of too little too late?

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Viewers were treated to a lot more Asher on How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 6.

We learned that he slept with Bonnie on the night of Sam’s murder. But is she actually into him? Or is she using him to establish an alibi?

She only called him that night, after all, after the Keating 4 have Sam’s body stuffed in the car. Yes, he seems oblivious to the murder when waling right in front of Connor, Laurel, Michaela and Wes (and Sam’s dead body)… but why show us that scene unless there’s more to it?

Due to pressure from Wes, Annalise gives Frank the job of planting Lila’s cell phone (with Sam’s penis pictures on it, of course) in the car of Lila’s boyfriend, Griffin.

But Nate captures this act on camera. For what purpose? How will Nate tie into all of this? Time, folks, will tell.

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