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A man was found overboard on NCIS Season 12 Episode 5, his body discovered 60 miles from the nearest ship.

On NCIS Season 12 Episode 6 next Tuesday, however, Tony is the one who may be going over... to a new woman!

Awkward segue aside, the point remains valid, as you can see in the official CBS trailer for "Parental Guidance Suggested."

Fans can look forward to the NCIS squad looking into the murder of a Navy commander's wife during the hour, as they attempt to answer an important question:

Was she killed due to her occupation of a therapist? Or was it an act of terrorism, considering the commander's name on a Jihadist target list?

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The Flash is about to take a serious chill.

Following a villain who turned himself into a dangerous gas on The Flash Season 1 Episode 3, this CW sensation will introduce viewers to Captain Cold on next Tuesday's installment.

Portrayed by former Prison Break star Wentworth Miller, this Big Bad will be the leader of a dangerous group of criminals.

Elsewhere on the installment, Dr. Wells will grow furious when he learns that Cisco has built a new weapon without telling anyone… and now it’s gone missing.

Meanwhile, Iris will receive the silent treatment from her father due to her relationship with Eddie and, oh, yeah FELICITY SMOAK will guest star! Yes!

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SAMCRO learned a lesson the very hard say on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 7:

Do not mess with August Marks.

Jax tried to gain some leverage over his nemesis on the latest installment of this FX hit, but it ended badly. Like, really badly. Like... really, really, REALLY badly for Bobby, who was followed by members of Marks' crew, run off the road and then had his eye gorged out.

Like we said: do not mess with August Marks.

Based on the above preview for Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 8, we do know that Bobby is still alive.

But the biker is in "mortal danger," according to director Paris Barclay, who added in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

"Unless Jax does the absolutely right thing, bad things can happen to Bobby. I’m hopeful Jax will make the right decision, but I am very, very concerned at this point. It all will depend on Jax."

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Chrisley Knows Best was back for back to back episodes Tuesday night. What did we learn this week from Atlanta's favorite family man about town?

USA aired a double dose of its reality show hit, beginning with Chrisley Knows Best Season 2 Episode 3, which took place earlier this year. On Father's Day.

The children - Todd's got five of them, and two grandkids - tried to plan the ideal day out for the family, and as a result, decided to attend an amusement park.

The twist? Things got a bit more competitive than some family members might have liked, as Todd's idea of a relaxing day out was different than theirs.

There's one in every family. Always has to take things too seriously.

Later, on Chrisley Knows Best Season 2 Episode 4, it was time for Todd and Julie to downsize from their mansion. To another mansion, but a smaller one.

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On Nail'd It Season 1 Episode 3, stakes were raised, tension was palpable, astrological designs are created and the three designers made something fit for a bride.

When the dust settled on Nail'd It Season 1 Episode 3, Florida nail artist Ashley Craig won the $10,000 prize and advanced to the two-part finale later this year.

Each week, three artists compete for $10,000, creating flat-paint nail designs or over-the-top 3D nail sculptures using gels, polishes, wraps, laces, etc.

The winners of each battle go on to compete in the show’s two-part finale for a $100,000 grand prize on the Oxygen reality show's finale this fall.

In Tuesday’s show, Craig and two other women had two hours to create astrology-inspired designs for psychic clients using magnetic gel polish.

You can watch Nail'd It online to see the drama play out for yourself, but Craig won the challenge by designing a fairy-wing pattern for her Libra client.

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Dawson received a promotion on Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 5.

But you know what they say about getting what you wish for, right? There are consequences into diving so quickly into something.

It took Herrmann until the conclusion of the hour to allow Dawson to see some of her mistakes, while also realizing the tough position that she has placed herself in due to selecting a rather unorthodox way to get a new position in the Firehouse.

For the most part, the episode felt like a number of non-connected storylines, though one of the most extreme shockers took place when Casey made a bold move to protect his sister from someone he viewed as a destructive husband.

He threatened him about his finances, taking a stand in honor of his sibling.

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Nina Dobrev is set to portray another Doppleganger.

But don't scoff just yet, Vampire Diaries fans. She's on her way to The Originals instead.

The actress will crossover to this CW spinoff on November 3, coming on board The Originals Season 2 Episode 5 (titled "Red Door") as Tatia, the woman both Klaus and Elijah formerly loved.

  • Nina Dobrev on The Originals Season 2
  • Tatia and Klaus

According to Joseph Morgan, events on this upcoming hour will be "grim and shocking," which ought to come as little surprised based on the premise of Tatia's appearance:

Esther will force Elijah to go back in time and remember his lost love in order to prove to him that her plan for their family is best. You know, that whole rid-you-of-your-vampire-side plan thing that she announced this past Monday night.

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We had to suspend a bit of disbelief on NCIS Season 12 Episode 5.

With Agent Abigail Borin teaming up with Gibbs and Tony once more, we witnessed this trio taking part in a training exercise… that took a fatal turn when they spotted a corpse floating in the water near the ship.

Or 60 miles away from the ship, to be precise.

Talk about impressive vision, huh?!?

Gibbs and company therefore tracked down the boat from which this dead man came, only to speak with a captain who clearly shady from the outset.

There was also an "engineer" who was shadowing the first mate on this boat, but Gibbs saw directly through him due to his canvas shoes.

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More aspiring singing stars squared off with a spot in the next round at stake on The Voice Season 7 Episode 10, and left their coaches with some tough decisions.

The Knockout Rounds kick off next week, so this was the final night to either move on or go home for these singers who already beat the odds to make it this far.

Beth Spangler vs. Mia Pfirrman (The Voice Battle Round)
Beth Spangler and Mia Pfirrman give their best to a battle duet on Christina Aguilera's "I Turn to You."

Coach Adam Levine had a rough matchup on its hands - in the sense of having to keep only one singer - between Beth Spangler and Mia Pfirrman.

Why pit two four-chair-turners against each other? Because "there's only room for one belter on my team," Adam said, and fair enough ... but can they BELT!

Their powerful performance of "I Turn To You" by Christina Aguilera left all four coaches praising their battle match-up and Gwen licking her chops.

She was the only one with a steal remaining, and you got the distinct feeling that it was about to get used. The only question was on which singer.

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Fans were treated to the Sam-Dean confrontation they’ve been waiting for since May’s finale on Supernatural Season 10 Episode 3.

The hour opened with Sam grabbing a cooler of purified blood (remember Season 8? The last time Sam tried to cure a demon?), intent on exorcising the demon from Dean.

How will the Mark of Cain play a role in this mission? It’s unclear, but Sam gets right to it as soon as he returns to the bunker.

Following the first injection, it's apparent that Dean is indeed a "special" demon. Sam calls Castiel because he’s concerned over all the pain his brother is in. Might be killing Dean?

Castiel assures his pal that this is only option... before hanging up and returning to his life of endless road tripping with a totally smitten Hannah.

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