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Meg Ryan has been cast on one of this fall's most anticipated new comedy series, CBS' How I Met Your Dad. Well, at least her voice has been cast.

Like Bob Saget on How I Met Your Mother, the veteran movie actress has landed the role of Sally, the future mom who will tell the story to her kids.

The story of ... well, you can figure that out.

Meg R

Greta Gerwig will play the lead in this CBS show, which will be produced by How I Met Your Mother creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas this fall.

It follow the same sort of set-up as the original sitcom, which went off the air on March 31 to surprising controversy following the major twist at the end.

Saget was the voice of future Ted (Josh Radnor) on HIMYM, and Ryan, perhaps best known for When Harry Met Sally, will do the same for future Sally.

Don't expect to see her on screen ever - future Ted was played by an older looking Radnor when finally revealed - but the name of Sally is a nice touch.

Excited for the show? For a look at another spinoff we're eagerly anticipating (albeit much longer after the original ended), watch this Girl Meets World promo!

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Viewers were treated to twice the American Idol Top 6 last night, as each contestant sang a pair of songs in hopes of surviving another week.

One had to be country, one had to be rock and both had to impress judges and fans alike.

Who stood out for the right reasons?

Caleb Johnson was right at home covering a Black Crowes classic, and also surprised us by doing Carrie Underwood proud on a version of “Undo It.”

Conversely, C.J. Harris struggled to stay in tune and will likely be on tonight's chopping block.

American Idol Top 6 Performances
Caleb Johnson covers a Black Crowes classic for this rock audition. Listen to his take on "Sting Me" now.
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Caleb Johnson - "Sting Me"

1. Caleb Johnson - "Sting Me"

Caleb Johnson covers a Black Crowes classic for this rock audition. Listen to his take on "Sting Me" now.

Caleb Johnson - "Undo It"

2. Caleb Johnson - "Undo It"

Caleb Johnson goes Carrie Underwood on us for this performance. Do you like his take on "Undo It?"

Jessica Meuse - "Jolene"

3. Jessica Meuse - "Jolene"

This is a country classic. Watch Jessica Meuse sing "Jolene" on American Idol.

Jessica Meuse - "Somebody to Love"

4. Jessica Meuse - "Somebody to Love"

Jessica Meuse is looking for Somebody to Love. And a few million votes along the way.

Jena Irene - "So Small"

5. Jena Irene - "So Small"

Would Carrie Underwood be proud of Jena Irene after this rendition of "So Small?" You tell us!

Jena Irene - "Barracuda"

6. Jena Irene - "Barracuda"

Jena Irene is on fire! She covers Heart's "Barracuda" in this video.

Alex Preston - "Animal"

7. Alex Preston - "Animal"

Alex Preston rocks out for this take on "Animal." What do you think of it?

Alex Preston - "Always on My Mind"

8. Alex Preston - "Always on My Mind"

Alex Preston is no Willie Nelson. But he tried his best during this cover of "Always on My Mind."

Sam Woolf - "You’re Still the One"

9. Sam Woolf - "You’re Still the One"

Sam Woolf drops his guitar for this take on "You're Still the One." Did he do Shania Twain proud?

Sam Woolf - "It’s Time"

10. Sam Woolf - "It’s Time"

Sam Woolf covers Imagine Dragons with "It's Time." He remains a favorite of the ladies.

C.J. Harris - "American Woman"

11. C.J. Harris - "American Woman"

Rock out, C.J. Harris! What do you make of his take on "American Woman?"

C.J. Harris - "Whatever It Is"

12. C.J. Harris - "Whatever It Is"

C.J. Harris goes country for this American Idol performance. He's singing a track by the Zac Brown Band.

Check out all 12 American Idol performances from Wednesday above and vote below: Who was best?


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The present met the future on The Late Show last night.

Stephen Colbert appeared as a guest on the program for the first time since CBS announced he'd be taking over for David Letterman some time in 2015.

After Letterman joked in his monologue that the Comedy Central star was just stopping by to “sign the lease,” he told Colbert that he’s “thrilled” over his selection as a replacement.

"They could have just as easily hired another boob like me," Dave said. "But they didn't.

They hired a boob like me," Colbert responded. "Every boob is like a snowflake, Dave. We're all unique in our own way."

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Think enough went down on The Originals Season 1 Episode 19?

Let's see. The hour featured...

... Oliver turning on his kind. This werewolf wanted to light a fire under his faction, so he lit up the bayou with multiple explosions.

And then when Eve realized the truth, he smothered her with a pillow! As Jackson and Hayley mourned Eve's death, we watched as Oliver's goal came to fruition, with the werewolf clan rallying around him and clearly being bent on revenge of some kind.

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We didn't think it was possible, but Girls is about to get even girlier. 

Turns out, Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham are longtime friends (of course) and after years of persuading, Taylor has finally agreed to do a cameo on Dunham's hit HBO series. 

And it looks like Taylor won't be taking her trip to Williamsburg alone.

Model and Michelle Rodriguez make-out partner Cara Delevigne will also be appearing in the show's fourth season which is already filming in Brooklyn.

In the past Girls has featured cameos from the likes of Richard E. Grant, Louise Lasser, and Patti LuPone.

It seems this season, however, Dunham and the producers have decided to pursue guest stars their audience has actually heard of. 

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What's more rare than Justin Bieber with his shirt on or Kim Kardashian not selling herself out?

A contrite Aaron Sorkin.

But that's the state this producer was in last night at the Tribeca Film Festival, addressing the crowd and taking note of criticism leveled at his HBO series The Newsroom.

Jeff Daniels on The Newsroom

"I apologize and I'd like to start over," Sorkin said of the program, which stars Jeff Daniels as a cable news anchor and which has received backlash for trying to rewrite the coverage of recent news stories.

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Game of Thrones viewers are no strangers to unusual sex scenes.

Just this Sunday, on Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 3, they witnessed an orgy between multiple men and women.

But it was a very different kind of sex scene that has generated a great deal of controversy since the final credits rolled on the latest installment of this HBO smash: Jaime raped Cersei.

Alongside the corpse of their dead, inbred son, no less.

In the novel penned by George R.R. Martin, the sex between brother and sister in this setting is consensual, causing many to wonder why showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss altered the story in such a violent, forceful manner.

In the Comments section of his blog, Martin responded yesterday to the uproar.

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First, Veronica Mars. Next, Aria Montgomery?

In an interview with E! News, Pretty Little Liars creator Marlene King was open about her future hopes for her ABC Family hit drama... and it may not include ABC Family down the line.

King says a movie version of the series has "been the ultimate goal," as she would thrilled if PLL concluded "its life in one medium and [started] another life on film."

Danger for the Pretty Little Liars

And, no, King is not referring to some small-time, made-for-television event.

"We want an in-theaters film! Big, big, big opening weekend, with all those Pretty Little Liars fans are coming out," she says in anticipation of Pretty Little Liars Season 5, which premieres on June 6.

"It would be so much fun. And we'd get to do so much like big stuff too."

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We already know Michelle Obama can dance.

But will she be shaking it to the country music stylings of Rayna James on Nashville next month?

That much is unclear, but TV Fanatic has confirmed that the First Lady will guest star on the May 7 episode of this ABC drama, coming on board as herself for an installment that features a charity concert at Army base Fort Campbell in Kentucky.

Kellie Pickler will also appear on this episode.

Obama, Michelle

Obama will also be seen on this Thursday's season finale of Parks and Recreation and has recently stopped by iCarly, Sesame Street and The Biggest Loser.

She remains intent on promoting nutrition and physical well-being for her Let's Move! initiative.

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There's no one left.

So Sookie laments at the conclusion of the following trailer for True Blood Season 7, which HBO unveiled last night and which gives us our first look at actual footage from this summer's episodes.

And it appears as if Bon Temps is in very bad shape, with "sick vampires" roaming about, some kind of civil war being waged and the government leaving residents "for dead," as Sookie says in part of her narration.

Prepare for the final season of this HBO classic to kick off  on June 22 and check out the new trailer now:

Remember to visit TV Fanatic if you need to watch True Blood online in order to catch up prior to the premiere.

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