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What if the Machine’s first and most diehard supporter stopped keeping the faith?

This question was raised on Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 1, a premiere that began with Frederick Weller appearing as a journalist who was venting to a gorgeous stranger (portrayed by Cara Buono) at a bar in Budapest.

The reporter told a story of about an “artificial intelligence” that has quietly invaded our society, noting that is sees public’s every move.

Sure, that’s possible, the woman says, adding that “the world has changed.” She then kills the reporter with a gunshot across the table.

Chess, Anyone?

From that crazy, seemingly random (though it won’t be, of course) open, we head The Big Apple, as Senator Garrison is saying nice things about Samaritan’s skills to Greer, while also expressing some worry that that Decima Technologies has been dismantled.

He's left to wonder: can Greer be found if the jig is ever up?

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On last night's Kim of Queens Season 2 Episode 2, Kim Gravel's reality show went straight up Hunger Games on Lifetime viewers. Allow us to explain.

In the installment, cleverly titled "Kiss My Grits," the beauty pageant guru took on a different sort of client than the kind she is typically used to mentoring.

Kim of Queens Season 2 Episode 2 introduced us to a tomboy of sorts, although that probably undersells it, given the nature of the youngster's talents.

This was no ordinary, athletically inclined female. No. She was basically a Katniss Everdeen clone, coming on board the show with bow and arrow in tow!

Not something you see every day, and no doubt culled from the potential list of candidates for exactly this reason, but it made for compelling viewing.

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Abby's Studio Rescue Season 1 Episode 4 saw the charismatic but combative Lifetime star take on another reclamation project on the Dance Moms spinoff.

Not unlike the previous week, the Dance Legacy studio in Indianapolis is in shambles, as management woes might send the business into bankruptcy.

The studio owner and the director featured on Abby's Studio Rescue Season 1 Episode 4 are so fired up about fighting each other that ... well, that's what they do.

They're bleeding dancers - also known as income - and may have to close their doors sooner rather than later if Abby can't get the place back on track.

Owner Dawna started the studio after her daughter had to give up a career on stage to have a baby of her own. Daughter Dawn wants to run things her way.

A little different than the issues we saw on Abby's Studio Rescue Season 1 Episode 3, but similar in that things tend not to get done ... like at all.

On the plus side, when Abby Lee Miller came to the studio, at least the dancing was being done right; the students are learning technique and skill.

In that regard, Abby believes the possibility exists to attract new students to the studio, which will be key to bringing this place back from the brink.

But ... there's a BUT coming.

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We apologize up front if you're wearing Velcro shoes while reading this, but, well...

... you're a pervert.

This is just one of many lessons we learned on New Girl Season 4 Episode 2, as Schmidt served as an online dating mentor for Jess, who was anxious to get back out there and signed up for an app called "Dice" in order to do so.

And it’s safe to say she needed it, considering she believes DTF stands for “Down to Fun.”

So Schmidt imparted wisdom (using the Taboo buzzer to scream at Jess everytime she gave a wrong answer) that included pearls such as the following:

Never date a man with pets. The only acceptable pet for a man to have is a saltwater fish.

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Can't anything ever be simple for Leroy Jethro Gibbs?

We guess not, huh? That would make for some pretty boring television.

On NCIS Season 12 Episode 1, our hero and McGee traveled to Russia to take in a contact with valuable computer intel. No problem, right? Until there were lots of problems.

To kick things off, we caught up with a Russian mercenary named Sergei Michnev, who Deputy Ambassador Anton Pavlenko believes has been stalking an NCIS technology whiz named Kevin.

However, Michnev shrugs off the implication of bad behavior and states that his interest in NCIS Special Agent Gibbs will “remain personal. Deeply personal.” We call that foreshadowing.

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On Lifetime's Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 29, viewers got to see Abby's Annual Dance Concert, which is always a major deal, and also the run-up to Nationals.

The theme of the concert is an emotional tribute to her mother, and with Nationals a few days away, Abby's giving the girls 45 seconds to prove their mettle.

Should they get a solo at Nationals? That's up to them to show her.

Abby Miller Picture

As Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 29 gets going, everyone seems pretty happy, even Jill, whose daughter Kendall placed second to Nia last week.

We'll see how long that serene, team-oriented feeling lasts.

DANCE MOMS SPOILER ALERT: Not long whatsoever!

It's recital time for the studio, after all, and that means multiple dance numbers and pep talks from Abby Lee Miller about how crucial this week is.

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Syfy's Face Off Season 7 Episode 9 featured the show's contestants confronting their worst nightmares ... and you don't even wanna KNOW what those were.

Okay, you probably do. Along with how that went. So here goes ...

The entire episode was a giant Killer Clown House Challenge, and given that every human being alive finds clowns creepy or horrifying ... well handled, Face Off!

The Face Off house, despite seeming cavernous from the outside, only has one bedroom, where people all sleep together except when awoken by terrifying laughter.

It's pretty bad. Which is exactly the point, but still. Pretty bad.

McKenzie tells the contestants that they will be creating evil clowns based on their childhood fears. The models, as clowns, will then perform as said fears.

Everyone begins to decorate clowns based on the following:

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Here is how you know when Jax Teller is headed down a dark and dangerous path:

When a self-admitted ruthless killer gives the SAMCRO President advice that Jax ignores... and you find yourself agreeing with the self-admitted ruthless killer.

Such was the case on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 3, as August Marks told Jax that their relationship cannot work if it's based on "secrets and lies."

Jax acts the part of loyal partner, of course, but we then see him team with One-Niners leader Tyler in order to ensure that his purple gang will stick with SAMCRO down the line.

Tyler asks Jax and his crew to help take down a handful of rebellious One-Niners who are planning to splinter off, with our heroes (can we still call them that?) leading the renegades to the guns that were recently stolen by the Mayans... and then gunning them all down.

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On The Voice Season 7 Episode 2, more aspiring singers battled for spots on one of the celebrity coaches' rosters, showcasing their unique vocal stylings.

As we saw on The Voice Season 7 Episode 1 the night before, no one who tries out for this show is bad in the least, but it's still tough to make it through.

While Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have multiple titles and have the experience, Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani totally know what they're doing.

Here's a look at who earned a spot on one of the fab four's respective rosters ...

Maiya Sykes - Stay With Me (The Voice Audition)
Maiya Sykes has four coaches turned around after her blind audition take on "Stay With Me."

Mayia Sykes got everyone to turn around with "Stay with Me" within moments, giving her the choice of whichever coach she wanted. Pharrell Williams got the nod!

Joining Mayia on Team Pharrell will be DaNica Shirey, the mother of an adorable 4-year-old who shared her emotional story about losing her father to cancer.

She stunned the judges with a performance of "Big White Room," but went with Pharrell over Gwen and Adam. Taylor Phelan, and his take on "Sweater Weather," will join them!

Joe Kirk got Adam and Gwen to turn almost immediately for his cover of “Lego House,” followed by Blake and Pharrell! However, Adam won him over and won his services.

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Chicago Fire Season 2 ended with a BOOM.

In a very literal sense, that is, as a building exploded and collapsed with members of the station inside.

So viewers tuned in to Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 1 on the edges of their seats, having been told this summer by producers that a significant character really did die in the incident. 

So, who ended up as a corpse on last night's premiere? SHAY.

Guess they weren't kidding about it being a major character, huh?

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