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Last night on Mom Season 2 Episode 4, Christy took a long, hard look Violet's erratic behavior and heavily critiqued it. But what was the end result?

As always, Mom is one of the more unpredictable comedies, even shows, on network TV these days, and Allison Janney's Emmy win is well earned.

Sometimes it doesn't even choose to be comedic. Other times it feels as though French Stewart and Nate Corddry see their talents wasted completely.

Yet with Janney and Anna Faris, you have a couple of comic actresses capable of bringing so much more to the table than your generic CBS program.

This is a complicated, occasionally uncomfortable comedy the likes of which are rarely seen on any network, more dramedy than laugh track sitcom.

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Wednesday's Top Chef Season 12 Episode 6 saw a Thanksgiving Challenge that took on special meaning because of the host city. Or in this case, region.

On Top Chef Season 12 Episode 6, former contestant Tiffani Faison surprised the aspiring culinary stars with a trip to the country and a test of endurance.

In Massachusetts, the cast had to make their way through a cranberry bog to gather the vintage New England ingredient for use in the Quickfire Challenge.

For their Elimination Challenge, the setting was famous Plimouth Plantation, site of the first Thanksgiving. What better place to battle it out this week?

The standouts were tasked with working together to cook a traditional family-style Thanksgiving meal, which would be tough enough for most people now.

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Think your family is effed up?

On The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 8, viewers were invited to Friendsgiving. But Caroline's perfectly-organized dinner was quickly hijacked by a tale about Liv and Luke's family... which also includes Jo and Kai.

Get comfortable, THGers. This episode spewed forth a great deal of mythology and exposition...

Jo vaguely recognized Liv as soon as she arrived for Friendsgiving and we later learned why via a series of flashbacks. Let's hammer them out bullet-point style, shall we?

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Last night on The 100 Season 2 Episode 5, Kane led a mission of peace, Finn's search for Clarke took a turn for the dangerous, and Jasper made a risky decision.

At the start of The 100 Season 2 Episode 5, Abby recognizes her daughter after they are reunited at the camp. Clarke is also reunited with Raven.

Once Clarke finds out Finn is still out there looking for her, the good mood sours. Abby orders the kids to stay behind, but they go after Finn instead.

Meanwhile, Finn and Murphy find Lincoln's village and set the Grounders' food shed on fire. Finn threatens them for information about their friends.

Nyko insists they don't have them, and that Octavia was there, that's it.

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Jay and Gloria planned to spend Thanksgiving away on Modern Family Season 6 Episode 8, but their trip got canceled, and then everything went awry.

Modern Family Season 6 Episode 8 certainly succeeded at bringing the whole family together - quite literally - unlike some other installments this fall.

At the Dunphys, Claire decided to let Phil be in charge of all of the cooking, which was a major red flag if you watch Modern Family online regularly.

Control freak Claire, ceding control on a HUGE holiday for control freaks?!

Not surprisingly, Claire was busted hiding a backup turkey in the garage.

Alex caught her and agreed to keep her secret, but while Claire was playing with one of Phil's contraptions in the garage, she blew a ruse inside.

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Rayna cleaned up at the CMAs on Nashville Season 3 Episode 8... much to the jealousy of her future husband.

Elsewhere, Avery and Juliette's relationship grew strong, as did they confidence in their future parenting ability. Ready for a rundown of events?

It was clear right away that tension existed between Rayna and Luke, especially after the former discovered a prenuptial agreement and kept bringing the topic up on the way to the CMAs.

Prior to stepping on to the red carpet, Rayna and Luke decided that everything either one of them earns becomes split down the middle between them. But will husband eventually take wife for all she’s worth if they get divorced?

Luke's later actions made us quite fearful this could occur.

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Last night on Survivor Season 29 Episode 9, two reward winners decided to trade what they had won in return for loyalty. Who are we talking about?

More importantly, did that gambit pay off for the players involved?

Outwitting, outplaying and outlasting are the name of the game, and all were paramount on Survivor Season 29 Episode 9 as the home stretch awaits.

Fortunately for Jeremy Collins, he failed to outwit or outlast.

After he and Natalie kindly relinquished their reward feast to Jon and Jaclyn, he was rewarded with this nice gesture by ... being sent to Exile Island. 

After which he was voted out of the game. It's been real!

If you watch Survivor online with any regularity, you know this is not the first time a noble move was repaid in brutal fashion. And it won't be the last.

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Yes, South Park Season 18 Episode 8 was titled "Cock Magic." But let's get this out of the way because we're a family site and all:

The cock in question referred to chickens, not... you know.

Then again, there was plenty of talk about penises as well on the Comedy Central smash, so read on at your own risk basically.

This South Park episode was less a commentary on some pressing social issue and more an example of creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone pretty much just going crazy. In the most amazing of ways.

The three main topics covered were cockfighting, Magic: The Gathering, and, well, penis magic shows.

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Wednesday night on an intriguing Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 8, when a prominent attorney goes missing, the team uncovers secrets from his past.

At the beginning of Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 8, Jack Westbrook, a Boston defense attorney, is kidnapped by two young men and the BAU investigates.

The assailants want him to confess to something, with diverging motives.

Chad Griffith wants him to confess, then wants to kill him on the spot.

Andrew Ford wants Jack to confess, then turn him over to the cops.

The BAU deduces that Jack kept a secret apartment and was likely a pedophile, with the two men who abducted him being among his many victims.

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The Robertsons are back and better than ever on A&E, and Wednesday's Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 1 saw them embark on a truly epic journey.

To Scotland! Duck Commander CEO, Duck Dynasty Executive Producer, Father of Five and Certified Boss Hog Willie Robertson had to go there on business.

What's the point of having a TV show if you can't bring the family along, as they've shown fans before and you know if you watch Duck Dynasty online?

Exactly. And Scotland offered the added intrigue of helping the Louisiana family reconnect with its ancestral roots in Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 1.

The one-hour installment was titled “Glory Is the Reward of Mallard," an ode to the both the clan's Scottish lineage and its current Louisiana lifestyle.

There is some culture shock, predictably. Scotland features much colder weather than the Duck Commander crew is used to back in West Monroe.

As expected, the family dons kilts, which leads to some memorable exchanges, and partakes in fishing and golfing as well as their area of expertise.

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