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How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 5 saw Annalise and her team defend a minor accused of killing his father in a case that took some intriguing turns.

Entitled "We're Not Friends," How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 5 got underway with what would seem like the team's easiest case to date.

After a teen killed his father, a police officer with a penchant for beating his wife, the police turned out in force to discredit the accuser and protect the abuser.

While the killer's motives may have justified his actions, this wasn't the slam dunk it appeared, and Annalise had to dig deeper than you might think.

After some modest jury tampering, she was able to orchestrate a mistrial and a juvenile sentence for the boy in a case that was surprisingly moving.

As for the grander scope of the new hit ABC drama? Other developments you'll see when you watch How to Get Away with Murder online include ...

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Thursday night on Reign Season 2 Episode 4, we saw the domestic impact of the constant struggle for institutional power takes place on the CW series.

The personal side of the political power struggle made for something of a departure from the norm, and perhaps most significantly, Greer took control.

Greer's attraction to Leith is a key aspect of Reign Season 2 Episode 4, even if she concedes, openly and honestly, that she is uninterested in a life of great risk.

Just passion, which seems to trump great risk.

The christening of Francis and Lola’s child, an event which Catherine is planning to Lola's great resentment, also played a role in this latest installment.

Lola nixes Catherine as a godparent, explaining “we have a long history of reasons why” and being remarkably polite about that given the circumstances.

Francis stands beside his wife quietly here.

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Thursday night on TLC's Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 6, the theme was "Out With the Old," which could be the title of every Breaking Amish installment.

So what made it particularly true of this week's?

If you dressed like an Amish person, particularly one who moved to New York, the city that never sleeps and is at the forefront of every trend, you'd get it.

If not, you can't wrap your head around just how Matt, Miriam, Bates and company must feel, having been transplanted into a life so new and foreign.

Ostracized, outcast and alone?

That may not even cover it.

Looking for some new ways of covering their bodies, though, was the name of the game as the five cast members decided they needed new wardrobes.

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It really is a small world, isn't it?

On The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 4, a very strong installment of this CW series, we learned that seemingly everyone in Mystic Falls in connected.

To wit:

Sarah's mother was a woman named Gail. She was pregnant with Zach Salvatore's child. 

We learned this via a flashback to 1994 that Kai prompted Damon to relive because a certain incident took place on May 10 of that year; the same date on which Kai, Bonnie and Damon are now stuck.

See, Damon had just returned to Mystic Falls and Stefan was willing to give him another chance... only he then took Damon's daylight ring and locked him away after he found out that Damon was feeding on Gail and Zach.

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Well, that's one way to tell someone they're about to be a father.

On Nashville Season 3 Episode 5, Juliette couldn't hide her pregnancy for much longer. Her tour outfits were too tight and she just wanted to lie on the couch all day, but Emily kept reminding her boss that Avery has a right to know about his child.

So Juliette texted him the news. Just like that.

He received the life-changing message while doing community service on the side of the highway and then screamed about it outside Juliette's movie set trailer after she wouldn't let him in.

Glenn, meanwhile, returned and dressed down Avery (with Juliette looking on in horror), telling the young man:

"Juliette was raised in chaos. There’s no way I’m gonna let the same thing happen to her child."

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Wednesday night on Modern Family Season 6 Episode 5, Phil worried when an obnoxious family considers buying the house he was selling next door.

Meanwhile, Jay made an alarming discovery about the family of Manny's girlfriend.

“Won't You Be Our Neighbor" featured plenty of guest stars and great gags that made it entertaining to watch all three of the show's core families.

If you watch Modern Family online lately, you're aware that while the show is rarely not fun, this is not always a given the way it once might have been.

The Pritchett-Delgado family may have landed the best material of all, as we delved deeper into the closet, Jay's business and the business equivalent of Jay.

With Jay putting the finishing touches on a sock dispenser that will propel him past rival Closets Closets Closets Closets and CCCC CEO Earl Chambers, he learns this:

Sophie, Manny's girlfriend, is none other than Earl's granddaughter.

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Viewers learned that’s beyond the white-washed exam room on The 100 Season 2 Episode 1:

A whole slew of questions.

The opener wasted nary a second of time from the Season 1 premiere, as was caught up immediately with Clarke in her well-furnished white room.

However, instead of Monty, she saw a blue man spraying down the empty room.

So Clarke springs into awesome action: she takes apart the IV stand, knocks out the camera, shatters the glass (cutting open her arm in the process) and tears off the blue man's mask.

This move reveals a young, pale girl who simply wants to listen to her iPod. Clarke takes her hostage with a shard of glass and demands: take me to Monty!

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This week on Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 4, the BAU team suspects that a murderer in Atlanta might be suffering from an obsessive skin disorder.

After a journalist went out one day to chase a lead and vanished for three days, he appeared alive, but mentally unhinged, triggering this week's mystery.

What made the victim ultimately meet his untimely demise?

Before he was killed by an oncoming car, he kept shouting (to no one) “get them off me," yet none of the witnesses could see anything on him.

So it's off to Atlanta for the BAU, who barely touched down before the UnSub struck again, believing there are actual bugs on his body and lashing out.

Getting angry at everyone who tells him it's all in his head, the targets are all the people who tried to help the UnSub, ironically because it's all in his head.

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It was off to South America on Arrow Season 3 Episode 3, as Oliver, Roy and Diggle learned Thea was in Corto Maltese.

Their mission, and they very much chose to accept it, was to bring Thea home.

As this duo went to track down Thea - who is going by “Mia” these days - the show flashed back to that season-ending father/daughter limousine conversation.

We watched as Thea told Malcolm she never wants to "feel this pain again… to hurt or be hurt ever again."

So father invited daughter to select any destination and then he set out to toughen her up; initially, with some scalding wax, along with the mantra "pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."

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When the San Juan Del Sur tribes were realigned on Survivor Season 29 Episode 5, one team member found themselves on the outs in a big way.

Meanwhile, the other team had to negotiate for food.

How did those events play out Wednesday night?

When Jeff Probst ordered the contestants to “drop your buffs” you knew that a tribe switch was a-comin' and where things stood in its wake was this:

  1. Hunahpu Tribe: All singles plus Josh and Reed
  2. Coyopa Tribe: All couples plus Keith

When you first watch Survivor online, you'll see that this appeared to be a strong turn of events for Jon, who was now elevated to a position of power.

Jeremy, meanwhile, experienced the reverse.

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