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A quartet or contestants from California entered the Chopped kitchen this week.

And they were faced with a typically unusual set of ingredients, from an appetizer basket that included escargot and cilantro... to a dinner basket chock full of cherry wheat beer and ivy gourd... to a dessert basket with ataulfo mangos and mochi.

Is your mouth watering yet?

Chopping Block

Impressively, it likely would have been by episode's end, as the chefs especially impressed with their fish entrees, which ranged from Pan-Roasted Dorado to… well… Mediterranean-style Dorado.

But what the meals lacked in variety, they made up for in taste.

Who came out with a check for $10,000? Read this detailed Chopped review now!

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Welcome to the Motel California, Teen Wolf fans.

Following what many had considered a subpar run of episodes, this MTV drama ratcheted up the intensity and drama last night. What a terrific hour of television.

Let's run down all that took place, shall we?

Nightmare for Boyd
  • Stranded on the way to their track meet, the kids checked in to the motel with the highest rate of suicide in California. One of the victims? Mr. Argent's uncle in 1977.
  • With the hashtag "#SherlockStiles" on screen, our hero (along with Lydia and Allison) used their human skills to save their pals from the forces at Capri.
  • Only Lydia could hear the cries of those who killed themselves, due to her connection with Peter.
  • Isaac hid in reaction to the screams that plagued his mind, while Boyd could not shake the nightmare of a baby being drowned in the bathtub. Good thing Lydia and Stiles came to his rescue.
  • There was a great deal of sex.
  • Ms. Blake cared for Derek… without asking very many questions. But here's one: is there any chance she's working for Deucalion?
  • Mr. Argent learned that Deucalion bit his uncle. Uh-oh!

What did you think of the latest Teen Wolf Season 3 episode? Grade it now:


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Dexter Morgan is being pulled in two opposing directions on Dexter Season 8.

There's Deb, who is spiraling more and more out of control every week and dragging her brother down with her, telling him he deserves to die and that her effed up state is all his fault.

Then there's Dr. Vogel, who spent the entire hour of "Every Silver Lining" building her creation up, referring to him as "perfect" and a "gift" and clearly manipulating him for some purpose.

A Good Doctor?

Just to catch The Brain Surgeon on her behalf? Or is there something more dubious and mischievous going on here?

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That was easily the best episode of True Blood Season 6.

While the show often veers away from any real stakes (when was the last time a key character was killed off?), "At Last" featured some seriously heavy issues.

Eric turned Willa. Jessica killed Andy's faerie daughters.

The ramifications of both these surprising actions ought to be felt for weeks to come. Bravo to the series for amping up the drama in legitimate, deadly ways for a change.

Hungry Jessica

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The seven remaining contestants on Food Network Star learned a lesson this week, but not one that took place in a kitchen.

They were tasked with creating products that depicted their culinary point of view - and then were told to pitch these products to representatives from Kellogg’s, Kraft Foods and Target.

Welcome to the big time.

Food Network Star Judges

While some knew what to whip up right away, others struggled with a theme and a recipe. And all were now to this whole product pitching thing.

Who came out safe? Who was sent home? Follow this link now for an extensive Food Network Star review.

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Must you be so blonde, Hanna?

On this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 4, one of our favorite Rosewood residents set out to help her mother and get close to Lieutenant Tanner.

But straight up wondering if Wilden was a dirty cop may not have been her best, most subtle technique. Come on, girl.

Pretty Little Liars Scene

Elsewhere on the installment:

  • Spencer confronted Melissa (finally!) and we learned that the latter sent Shana and Jenna to the cabin... to protect her sister? Are we buying that reasoning? And did Melissa kill Ali? Just go ahead and ask, S!
  • Spencer also continued to lie to her friends for the sake of Toby, while Hanna remained distant from Caleb, who will soon be leaving Rosewood for Ravenswood.
  • Emily's swimming career may be legitimately impacted by her shoulder injury, while someone out there is planting evidence that her parents are to blame.
  • As for Aria and Jake? Wake us up when something exciting takes place.

Where do you stand on the latest Pretty Little Liars episode? Sound off now:


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A quartet of teenagers entered the Chopped kitchen this week, as two 14-year olds and a pair of 17-year olds vied for the title of basket champion.

chopped on Food Network

And they were faced with items not typically included in a high school student's diet.

Leg of goat? Rhubarb? Anjou pears? Those weren't served in our high school cafeteria at least.

But that didn't stop a series of interesting creations from being made, from Southwestern Grilled Goat to Japanese Mayo Mousse. And, in the end, the youngest winner in show history was crowned.

Read all about it in this Food Fanatic Chopped review!

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The third time's the charm for Tamra Barney! She has the groom. She has the bling. And if the ladies have anything to do with it, she'll have the dress, too.

And Vicki will get some shocking news about Brooks thanks to Lauri, who went away to marry George but has come back again to start trouble because apparently her new life was boring.

Silly housewife.

Let's catch up with them now with our THG +/- recap!

The Ladies Go Dress Shopping

Tamra meets Eddie at what will eventually, hopefully, maybe be their fitness studio. He's set up a candlelight dinner on a card table. How romantic! Plus 8.

They were supposed to be open weeks ago and there's still no floor. 

Eddie's so not interested in hearing Tamra talk about her Spanx. So not. Fake it, Eddie. Fake it. He asks about the Alexis-Gretchen drama and about Gretchen backing out of dress shopping and says that Gretchen's being childish.

Really, Gretchen's just being a friend and knows that if she goes she might fight with Alexis and doesn't want that for Tamra. Plus 3.

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Viva Barcelona! Desiree and the men are in Spain, where there's sure to be a whole lot of bull, if you know what we mean.

Will Drew and Kasey's plan cause Desiree to send James home? Or will they find themselves rose-less?

You can just go read The Bachelorette spoilers or play along with our THG +/- review system! 

Desiree Hartsock Bachelorette Photo

Desiree Hartsock loves everything about Barcelona, especially the churches, and says it's the perfect place to fall in love. She's hopeful that she'll fall "completely," which is better than halfway? 

Fresh off of helping Ben get ousted, Michael has jumped on the Anti-James Train. It's pretty ridiculous. Minus 5.

Drew gets the first solo date card, his first solo date with Desiree. He doesn't plan to address the situation with James unless there's time for it. Something tells me there will be time for it.

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