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The ladies got drunk in the woods of Montana on The Real Housewives of New York City - but could they "Bury the Hatchet" somewhere other than each other's backs?  

We recap Sonja's boobs, Ramona's thong, and Carole flashing the squirrels in our +/- review...

Only the Real Housewives consider getting drunk in the woods a good idea. Maybe if they cut back a little they wouldn't all be so bitchy…or maybe the alcohol is the only thing that makes them tolerable, even to themselves. 

Kristen's In Tears

The Kristen and Heather feud continued  and minus 25 because this was boring before it even got started. A whole other hour of it certainly didn't help. 

Kristen says she was hoping for a drama free trip. Well, she definitely invited the wrong group of women. Of course there was one upside. No Aviva! Plus 50!

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This week on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon and David Beador took relationship advice from...Brooks and Vicki

Yes, oh yes. The woman who had to "make her life private" to keep her friends out of her relationship with Brooks the Leech is dishing out advice. It's actually pretty good advice, too.

Shannon needs to stop needling David. Can she do it? Will Mexico be the place where the Beador marriage takes a turn for the better?

Chances are...not high. After all, tequila is involved. 

Shannon and David are packing for their trip to Mexico. At home they seem to be in a better place, or at least that they're trying to be in a better place. 

They actually touch each other and talk about how excited they are to be going away together. It's a nice change from their constant bickering and frequent barbs tossed in each other's general direction. 

Too bad it doesn't last.

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On last week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Joseline’s suspicions over Stevie’s fidelity reached a fever pitch.

Would she find out the truth on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 10? (Yes.) How would she react? (Surprisingly well.)

And what about Mimi Faust sex tape trailer? Would its star approve?

Answers to all these questions and more await in the following rundown!

Sex Tape Viewing

First, we catch up with Benzino in the hospital after he got shot by a relative prior to his mom’s funeral in March. Althea is by his side.

When Stevie J arrives, Benzino brings up how his pal had slept with Althea - but he doesn't care about it. Why? The man had more important issues to with which to.

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Another week, another set of dates for Andi Dorfman and her bachelors. This week will take them to Brussels where they'll spend some time in the ruins of a castle.

Will the date signal ruin for one man's relationship with Andi? The Bachelorette spoilers might help you out with that answer, but feel free to keep reading if that's more your style.

Nick starts the week in Belgium by acting like a giant douche when the guys arrive at their hotel and he tells them all, and Chris Harrison, that he's "tired of these man chats" and says in a camera interview that he's the one who will end up with Andi and he can't imagine her choosing anyone else.

He gets a comeuppance when Marcus gets the first one on one date card and someone drops the F word.

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Have no fear, Mrs. Lovejoy.

On Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 5, TLC did, indeed, think about the children.

Titled "Growing Up Polygamist," the installment mostly focused on the Brown teenagers and how they're adjusting the life in this sort of unusual family.

It’s a concern for Kody because he knows he can’t really control their lives. Would he want them to avoid premarital sex? Absolutely. But good luck making sure they listen once they’re out of the house!

Take Logan, for instance. This sophomore in college is living off campus with roommates and his parents know he’s dating someone. They don’t approve of him kissing her or even holding her hand prior to exchanging vows.

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One thing was made very clear on True Blood Season 7 Episode 2:

There will be no government bailout for Bon Temps, Louisiana.

No, the car industry in that town isn't dying... but its citizens have been, due to the influx of infected vampires on the loose. And Sookie and company discovered this week that FEMA was nowhere to be found when the neighboring city was overrun by these creatures.

Best of luck, Bon Tempers.

Visit to the Neighbors

And best of luck, Alcide. You may wanna just pack it in now, relationship-wise.

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Death, death and more death.

It's safe to say Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 3 wasn't the most uplifting installment of this ABC Family hit.

First, we had Alison dealing with the death of her mother… by wearing the same dress to her mom’s funeral that her mom wore to Ali’s funeral back when everyone assumed she was dead. Creepy!

Hanna was later mistaken for Ali at the funeral home, which led this former fat student to reflect on how much she’s changed since her friend went missing.

“I never knew who the hell I was,” Hanna told Emily, after a kinda homoerotic (and useless) flashback of Hanna holding hands with Mona at school.

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What happened in Mexico did not stay in Mexico on Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 1.

Quite the opposite, in fact. It was broadcast on national television!

For reasons far from clear at first, the opening installment plopped fans right down south of the border, as Stiles and Lydia were debating the merits of a plan.

We then witnessed them wander into a hidden disco that is, of course, also the secret base of the Calaveras family of hunters.

Scott, Kira and Malia were also there, helping out while Stiles and Lydia attempted to bribe Mama Calaveras with Japanese gangster money.

But the hunters had an answer, specifically one that began with wolfsbane-laced mist and ended with rather extensive torture.

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We're off and running killing on True Blood Season 7.

The series set a personal record for Shortest Period of Time Elapsing in an Episode Before Murdering a Main Character, as Tara was destroyed before the opening credits even rolled.

Yes, TARA IS DEAD. Finally! For good this time... we hope!

It must be asked: was a single viewers upset by this development?

True Blood Season 7 Poster

Sookie, of course, took Tara's death (at the hands of an attacking set of infected vampires) very hard, blowing off Alcide after she read his thoughts and he, along with the rest of Bon Temps, blamed Sookie for this Hep V outbreak.

Seems like a bit of a stretch, doesn't it?

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Maybe you can't go home again after all.

On Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 2, Alison finally returned to Rosewood, only to be told by Mona that she's gonna wish she "stayed dead." GULP!

Elsewhere, the mystery behind Mrs. D’s “disappearance” thickened, with Jason fingered as the prime suspect.

Hanna and Emily followed Ali’s brother to a shady part of town, yet didn’t uncover any evidence linking him to the crime.

Toward the end of the hour, Spencer confronted Jason with her theory… only for Pepe the dog to interrupt her with a key discovery under the lawn: Mrs. D’s corpse!

Oh, yes. The gang now knows she's dead. Let the hunt begin!

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