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Oh, Damon Salvatore. How right you ended up being.

On a slow, yet emotional installment, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 15 finally bid goodbye to Katherine pierce, with Damon's final words to his one-time lover proving prophetic.

See you in Hell.

Incredibly, shockingly, that's where Katherine is headed after Stefan stabbed her with the Traveler dagger.

We concluded the hour with Bonnie unable to pass her nemesis over to The Other Side because some kind of dark force has other plans for her, spiriting Katherine away to... God knows where.

Well, maybe not God. But another entity who likes it hot.

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It was ladies night again on American Idol this evening.

But not in a good way.

For the second consecutive Thursday, three woman found themselves in the Bottom 3, with MK Nobilette, Jena Irene and Emily Piriz have the dishonors this time around.

The American Idol 12

After hearing from Phillip Phillips and some emerging artist named Kodaline from Ireland, Ryan Seacrest called the ladies to the stage and announced that Emily would need to sing for her survival.

She chose a version of "Stars," she did okay with it... but we all knew the judges would not use their Save this early.

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Let's all ignore the fact that Jennifer Lopez took a bite from a deviled egg straight out of Ryan Seacrest's hand tonight and get right to the American Idol performance review, shall we?

The dozen contestants remaining sang singles that reminded them of home this week, a rather broad assignment that led to covers of John Mayer, Dido and even J. Lo herself.

Yes, Emily Piriz was brave enough to make like one of the judges.

How did she fare? Well... she got loud. Listen to all 12 hopefuls sing for their American Idol lives now:

Emily Piriz - "Let's Get Loud"
Emily Piriz wants everyone to get loud. Come on, American Idol fans!!!

And then vote: Who did the best job?


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So much for EzrA.

The A game continued on Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 22, as a new suspect emerged in the never-ending battle to determine the show's true culprit.

Could it be Mrs. DiLaurentis?

What is the evidence against her? Why does Ezra's manuscript point to Mrs. Di as the enemy?

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Two things burned brightly on The Originals Season 1 Episode 15:

  1. The New Orleans opera house in 1919.
  2. The anger of Klaus Mikaelson.

Indeed, the latest strong installment of this CW drama featured Klaus recovering from his stab wound and vowing revenge against Elijah, Marcel and Rebekah.

He told Cami all about his father and how he was "the monster other monsters were afraid of."

Seriously, Klaus may be a bad dude, but he promised Cami that he wouldn't drag out his stalking of Rebekah. He wouldn't kill hundreds of innocents just to get his vengeance. He wouldn't be in any way like his dad.

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Monday Night Raw fans got punked in Chicago last night.

CM Punked, to be precise, as most in attendance hoped to see this hometown hero (who walked out on the company after January's Royal Rumble) make an appearance at the event.

This hope was only increased after Raw kicked off with Punk's music and Punk's face on the Jumbotron... only for Paul Heyman to garner some major heel heat by coming out instead.

CM Punk Tease

He and Brock Lesnar taunted The Undertaker, while Lesnar also destroyed an interrupting Mark Henry.

The Dead Man did not show up, either, resulting in yet another letdown for those in The Windy City.

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Well... that was a letdown.

Following many weeks off the air, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 14 aired a disappointing installment that barely moved the story forward and didn't bring viewers close to the edges of their seats.

Katherine (posing as Elena) tried too seduce Stefan, who somehow didn't figure out that the person acting totally strange (and totally smart about history) was really his psycho ex.

Well, he did figure that out later on with the help of Caroline. But it felt a bit anti-climactic and obvious at that point.

Elsewhere, Damon tried to feed on Enzo, only Dr. Wes and his traveling mates upped the acidity of Enzo's blood for some reason because they have plans for him.

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We are officially off and running singing on American Idol Season 13.

The finalists took to the stage as a group for the first time on Wednesday and the results were decidedly mixed.

Things looked bleak throughout the opening hour, with a case of the nerves seemingly hitting a number of contestants.

But a handful in the back half showed promise and the judges continued to excel, giving us hope that all is not lost for this once-great competition.

Watch all 13 performances now and then cast your vote below:

Kristen O'Connor - "Beautiful Disaster"
Well done, Kristen O'Connor! Watch the American Idol finalist sing "Beautiful Disaster" now.



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The Americans Season 2 premiere put Peter and Elizabeth in an awkward position.

And, no, we're not referring to when Paige walked in on her parents in their birthday suits, lying in with their heads on opposing sides of the bed.

We're talking about an innocent family outing that turned into an unexpected mission for Peter, one that forced him to go against his policy and actually bring Henry into play.

Yes, the stakes of the Cold War are being raised for this couple and they are finally starting to his very close to home.

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Viewers had to wait many weeks for The Originals Season 1 Episode 14 to air, due to an Olympics-inspired hiatus.

But we're guessing Rebekah Mikaelson would have been happy if the installment never aired at all... because her darkest secret finally came out and it looks like it will change the course of her life forever.

Rebekah in 1919

Back in 1919, in order to be free from Klaus' rule and free to love one another completely, Rebekah and Marcel conspired with Genevieve to bring back Mikael and do away with Klaus for good.

Only Genevieve wasn't aware of the depths of their plan and when Rebekah feared she would tell Klaus, she killed the witchy friend she had used for her spell.

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