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How will Tara get out of this one?

That was the main question fans were asking at the conclusion of Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 10.

But following the events on Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 11, most viewers likely have a different reaction: HOLY $HIT!

Clay Morrow is dead. His step-son and the man who took over SAMCRO Presidency finally did the deed by shooting Clay in the neck... and then a bunch of times in the body as well. For good measure.

It was a killing a very long time in the making - and it also made sense from the club's point of view.

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Fox has very high hopes for Almost Human.

The series was given a special Sunday night premiere this week, following an NFL doubleheader, and will jump right back in and air its second installment tonight.

But was the new J.J. Abrama and J.H. Wyman-produced drama worthy of such hype?

We think so. The opening hour offered up a nice twist on the basic police procedural, bringing in the kind of sci-fi elements and mystery that made Wyman so beloved on his previous series, Fringe.

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The Vampire Diaries featured three deaths, one resurrection and a whole lot of snoozing this week.

Seriously, did anything actually happen?!?

If a friend of yours missed The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 7, you could catch her up in about 10 seconds:

  • Amara, Silas and Tessa all died.
  • Bonnie was made into the new anchor to The Other Side and can now feel the pain of each supernatural death.
  • Stefan collapsed at the end of the hour because he is still bogged down (or something) by the memories of Silas submerging him in water for three months..
  • Oh, and Katherine is aging rapidly and could be dead in a few months.

There was a lot of running around and some lost electricity, but this was mostly an hour dedicated to cleaning hour.

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Hershel continued to aid the ill on The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5, but as admirable as the efforts of this survivor clearly were, they were overshadowed by a certain return.

Who made his back back to the AMC smash? Watch the video and scroll down for a recap...

  • Hershel didn't merely play doctor, he killed the undead when they showed up on the scene again.
  • Rick returned and told Maggie and Hershel that Carol killed Karen and David, and that he didn’t want her to come back.
  • Rick and Carl attempted to hold the fence, but the walkers broke it down. The pair used guns to take them out.
  • More sick died in the quarantine area, including the physician. Walkers got loose and Hershel was forced to kill them. Glenn was also on the verge of death until Hershel stepped in.
  • Lizzie continued to act very odd.
  • Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne and Bob came back with the medicine.
  • And we learned The Governor is watching the prison from afar. Eek!

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Katherine isn't the only thing getting old on The Vampire Diaries.

While this week's installment featured a number of twists and turns, The CW hit is clearly feeling its age these days, which is understandable after four-plus terrific seasons.

We learned on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 6 that Amara was the anchor used by Tessa to bind the spell that created The Other side and which Silas now must destroy if he wants to finally die and be reunied with his long lost love.

But he no longer has to do that because, hey, his long lost love is alive! Only she drank his blood and took The Cure and is now human and wants to die.

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That. Was. Awesome.

On the latest episode of The Originals, Elijah proved that he's a man of his word.

He's also a man with a fierce love of family and Agnes The Elder Witch learned that the hard way this week: after Elijah promised Sophie that he would not allow Klaus to kill her... the best-dressed supernatural on TV did the deed himself.

By snapping her neck. After he tore out the hearts of her witchy friends, that is.

Daniel Gillies has always portrayed Elijah as the calm, reasonable, rational member of the original family.

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Wait... was that a Pretty Little Liars episode or a prequel to Ravenswood?

This beloved ABC Family drama aired its third annual Halloween special last night, but a majority of the hour was dedicated to hyping the spinoff that premiered immediately following the actions of Hanna, Aria and company.

We spent a lot of time - seriously, A LOT of time! - with Miranda, who befriended Caleb and who has learned that dead people are still roaming the planet.

She seems nice and all and we'll get to know her a lot better on Ravenswood… but isn't that what Ravenswood itself is for? We tune in to Pretty Little Liars for the pretty little liars themselves.

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Well... that was totally awesome and crazy, wasn't it?

On The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 3, viewers were introduced to Janina Gavankar as Qetsiyah, a self-described paranoid/controlling/crazy witch who resurfaced outside Mystic Falls to settle an ancient grudge with Silas.

What kind of grudge?

The kind where he pretends to be in love with you 2,000 years ago... just to convince you to make an immortality potion... only he steals that potion on your wedding day and takes it with his actual true love, who happens to be a doppleganger that looks just like Elena Gilbert.

So you create a cure for this immortality potion, feed it to the doppleganger, rip her heart out and trap Silas in a tomb with the cure in the hope that he'll take it and be dead once and for all.

You know. Basic scorned witch stuff.

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Late last week, following the news that he was separated from Kris Jenner, Bruce Jenner cursed off a cameraman.

But E! viewers learned last night that this wasn't the first time the reality star went off on the process, as he laid into some paparazzi on the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians... Kanye style!

From Bruce's temper to Kim's ridiculous pregnancy preparation, let's break down the latest installment in out patented THG +/- system, shall we?

With her due date a month away, Kim hires a "glam square" to make sure she's beautiful in the deliver room. MINUS 37 for having her priorities slightly askew.

But PLUS 12 to Kourtney for telling her sister that she's being "unrealistic" about how labor works, also giving her a compliment: “Do you know how pretty you are with no makeup on?”

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New season of The Walking Dead. New showrunner. New Rick.

Same thrills.

Yes, The Walking Dead Season 4 got underway on AMC last night with Rick trying his hand at farming and with relative peace inside the prison. But we all knew that wouldn't last, didn't we?

Let's take a look at what went down on the return installment of cable's most-watched series:

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