Frank is not impressed with his fellow houseguests. 

He went into the eviction with thinking that Tiffany as being sent home, but he had no clue that alliance members were conspiring to change things up in the house. 

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There's always that one person that over plays the game of Big Brother. 

The person doing that this season is Frank. He's got deals with all of the houseguests and has even resorted to taking out one of his own this week. 

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Blind dating has got to be one of the most riskiest ways to date. You really don't know who you're being paired up with. 

For the residents of the house on Famously Single, they had to wear glasses to have them completely blind. 

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Bridgette may have won the HOH, but that didn't mean she was going to be making decisions for herself. 

That was all thanks to Frank, who isn't even in an alliance with her. As much as he likes to make people think he's with them, he's using them to his advantage. 

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