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Sex! Greed! Murder!

Did Bravo air an episode of Top Chef Masters last night... or an episode of Days of Our Lives?

Top Chef Masters Scene

Actually, it was a unique episode of the former where contestants were judged by cast members from the latter.

Yes, Days of Our Lives stars stopped by the kitchen on Wednesday, while the chefs were placed in rather unusual situations: Bryan went to jail, Franklin was placed in a coma and Sang was killed. Sort of.

Read all about the developments and the dishes in this Top Chef Masters review now!

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Appetizers met desserts on Chopped this week, as an intriguing opening basket featured whelk snails and lemon bars.

From there, the contestants were tasked with making a dinner with a personal touch, as everyone's plates were comprised of some kind of lamb shawarma dish.

And, lastly, cucumber salad isn't exactly a typical dessert ingredient, is it?

Ted Allen on Chopped

But all three chefs were up to these challenges, despite the fact that only one could come out on top.

Who was it? This detailed Chopped review reveals all!

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Food Network star tasked its finalists with making like Justin Verlander this week.

Yes, it was time to throw some serious pitches... to Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson, likely the two most influential people at the Food Network.

So what did these aspiring chefs come up with?

Food Network Guy

There was Stacey's Modern Magic, which involved putting modern twists on classic recipes. There was Pie Style, a dare-based series where Rodney makes any dish into a pie recipe.

There was Guilty Pleasre, which was confusing, yet focusing on infusing entrees or desserts with bacon and/or bourbon… we think. And then there was Eat, Date, Love, a program about how men could woo their women with food and charm.

Read this Food Network Star review now and find out which idea got his or her creator eliminated prior to next week's finale.

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This is LITerally the worst news we've heard all week.

In news initially broken by BuzzFeed and then confirmed by NBC, Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are on their way out of Parks and Recreation.

For reasons presumed budgetary reasons, the actors will depart the hilarious sitcom following Episode 13 of Season 6.

Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe

"The news about Rob and Rashida is true," executive producer Mike Schur said in a statement. "We've been working on their storyline (on and off) for four seasons now, and heading into this year, with the two of them contemplating parenthood, it felt like a natural time to move them into the next phase."

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The second episode of Top Chef Masters Season featured a mise en place race… a trip to an Asian night market… and Katy Lee Gifford!

Yes, the Today Show co-host stopped by as a surprise late into the hour, helping to critique the Elimination Challenge.

It tasked the contestants will taking an American classic and whipping it up with an Asian twist. And let's just say Gifford did not lack for eye rolls.

Top Chef Masters Logo

Elsewhere: Francis blew the critics away with the complexity of his flavors, while Douglas' Cookies and Cream concoction was simply to die for. Or at least not get eliminated for.

Who did get the boot and for what reason? Our friends at Food Fanatic have penned an extensive Top Chef Masters review. Check it out now!

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True Blood has not been messing around the last couple weeks.

Terry took a bullet seven days ago and now Nora has met the True Death, via an ingestion of Hepatitis V that left her a disintegrated mess in a sobbing Eric's arms.

Remember when this series never actually killed anyone off? Bravo to the writers for upping the stakes in such a fashion. There was no twist to the ending of "In the Evening," no last-minute save by Bill or Warlow. There was simply tears by a brother and a brave goodbye from a sister.

Farewell, Nora

Aside from the emotion it invoked, Nora's passing ought to bring Eric and Bill back together again. (No, not like that... even though this is True Blood).

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It's a basic question but an important one:

How does one cook a well-balanced meal with just the ingredients in one's kitchen?

That was the issue that kicked off Food Network Star this week, as the remaining finalists were grilled by Alton Brown and then issued a Mentor Challenge: create a yummy dish that included Special K or popcorn crisps.

Food Network Star Folks

We can only assume this reminded others of Chopped as well.

On-camera presentation was key here, as Nikki's dish turned out fine, but her lack of knowledge to answer potential viewer questions caused some concern. Enough to get her kicked off?

Read this Food Network Star review now for the answer!

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She may be a tad tall, but Rose McIver has time to shrink into the role.

ABC dropped a casting bombshell last night, naming this relatively unknown actress to the role of Tinker Bell on Once Upon a Time Season 3.

McIver (who will also play a part on Showtime's upcoming Masters of Sex) will appear on multiple episodes of the Sunday night drama, whose storylines will often send viewers to Neverland this fall.

Tinker Photo

Once Upon a Time Season 3 kicks off on September 29. We're still awaiting word on two key characters, however, and the stars who will inhabit the iconic roles:

  1. Peter Pan.
  2. Ariel.

Got casting suggestions? Submit them now!

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Top Chef Masters has returned.

With Curtis Stone returning as host and a couple of Top Chef veterans, viewers were treated to a few familiar faces on the Season 5 premiere.

So what was new? Gail Simmons as lead critic for starters. Oh, and this series turning into a daredevil competition thanks to a skydiving challenge!

Top Chef Masters Pic

After completing that scary mission, the contestants got down to business with only the ingredients selected by their sous chef.

Among the best dishes: a cold lamb and cauliflower salad; pork meatballs; and caramelized carrots. Among the best critiques? "You're strip are too shrimp," courtesy of James Oseland, and Simmons saying she likes a "meat dress."

No, Lady Gaga did not subsequently walk in.

But follow this link now to learn what did go down in a more detailed Top Chef Masters review.

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Welcome back to the Chopped kitchen.

On the latest installment of the Food Network favorite, contestants were asked to work with ingredients that included  currywurst, popcorn balls and huckleberries.

Chopped Chefs

And while some panicked and anxiety won out over talent a couple times, the appetizer round was one of the best in recent memory. All four chefs excelled.

The Chilean sea bass-based entree round was a tad less successful, while neither of the finalists blew the judges away with their dessert.

So why was one chosen over the other? Visit Food Fanatic now for detailed Chopped review!

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