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American Idol went back to the beginning last night, as the eight remaining finalists performed songs from some of their original auditions.

And it was easily the best performance episode of Season 13.

Two contestants impressed us with original songs, while a couple others re-arranged their classics, made them their own... and left us scrambling over to iTunes to download.

Who stood out the most? Who could be in danger of elimination? Click, listen and be awed by the Top 8 now:

Jena Irene - "Rolling in the Deep"
Jena Irene tries to make Adele proud with this American Idol audition. She's Rolling in the Deep.

Tough choice, huh? But it must be made: Who put on the best performance?


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Was that shocking enough for you, How I Met Your Mother fans?

This beloved series came to an end on CBS last night, but not without a few stunners that will likely leave fans talking, buzzing and debating for many days to come.

What did you think of these unexpected developments? Watch How I Met Your Mother online right now via TV Fanatic if you missed the one-hour finale and scroll down for the night's biggest surprises.

Consider yourself spoiler warned...

ROBIN AND BARNEY GOT DIVORCED. After three years of marriage, Robin was traveling for her job, Barney was left behind and the two simply weren't happy.

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With viewers still reeling from last Sunday's stunning death on The Good Wife, this CBS drama aired an emotional hour last night that featured a number of characters seeking answers.

How would they move on in light of Will's unexpected death?

DAVID LEE would retreat to a conference room and show a vulnerable side never before seen on the series before.

DIANE would honor Will's memory by firing one of his top clients, a man more concerned with the future of his own business than the fate of the attorney who helped protect it for so long.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 17 continued to tease the ongoing mystery of the past few weeks:

What do the Travelers want?

This villainous group has somehow imposed its will on our favorite Mystic Falls residents - taking Stefan hostage, forcing Caroline to maybe kill an innocent man in Atlanta - without anyone actually knowing their agenda.

The latest installment of the floundering CW drama concluded with a creepily awesome scene, as numerous Travelers caught on fire... crossed over to The Other Side... and then Markos emerged out of Bonnie's fallen body.

It was very cool. But it didn't make up for the frustration of the previous 59 minutes.

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Note to American Idol producers: 

You don't need to keep churning out theme nights every week. It's not, like a law or anything.

Following last week's vague performance theme of Hits Since the Year 2010, viewers were treated to Rickey Minor and company playing a key role Wednesday evening for "I’m With the Band!" night.

It was random... but was it entertaining?

Yes, if you’re name was Alex Preston or Majesty Rose. These hopeful covered a couple classics and did No Dobut and Florence + The Machine, respectively, proud.

Who else stood out? Who will be on the chopping block tonight? Click through all nine performances here and then vote below:

Jena Irene - "Bring Me to Life"
Jena Irene rocks out for this American Idol cover. She's totally getting her Evanescence on.



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It was Kim's turn to pile on Lisa Vanderpump during the part two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show. Not that any of these women are exactly deserving of sympathy, but some of the barbs directed at Lisa were kind of ridiculous.

Lisa once shut a bathroom door and that was cause for much dismay.

Yes. We're serious. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 4 episode 21 was quite the showdown between Lisa and Kim.

Kim had quite the contradictory statements about good ol' Lisa Vanderpump last night. First, she doesn't trust Lisa. Second, she was "heartbroken" that Lisa didn't attend a graduation party thrown in honor of Kim's daughter.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, or any of the Real Housewives franchise installments, you know that statements like those are par for the course. These women can't make up their minds and constantly manufacture drama.

It keeps them...relevant trainwrecks​ entertaining?

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There was a surprise surgery for someone's birthday... a dead supporting character... and some seriously hot sex.

Just an ordinary night of Thursday television this week? Not exactly. We rundown the highlights below and make it easy for readers to watch TV online in order to catch up.


It was Richard Webber's birthday on GREY'S ANATOMY and Bailey gifted him with an unusual surgery. A really, really unusual surgery.

Elsewhere, Jackson and April got an unexpected, unpleasant surprise from the former's mother. Watch Grey's Anatomy online to find out what she wanted:

Staying on ABC, SCANDAL had one question to answer on the appropriately-titled "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang."

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And then there were nine.

Following dinner with the finalists, Jennifer Lopez took to the stage and performed "I Luh Ya Papi," including alums such as Pia Toscano, Allison Iraheta and Jessica Sanchez in the opening.

It was a hot dance number, gotta give J-Lo that.

American Idol Top 10 Photo

But here's what everyone really wants to know: MK Nobilette, Dexter Roberts and Majesty Rose fell to the Bottom 3.

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The American Idol Top 10 were on the Edge of Glory last night.

They were Pumped Up for Kicks, while telling the Story of [Their Lives] and hoping the viewers would see them as Perfect.

Yes, Sam Woolf, M.K. Nobilette and company went contemporary on the latest performance episode, belting out songs made it big in the past three years.

We heard covers of One Direction, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and many other familiar artists, meaning viewers could easily compare these covers to their original versions.

Click through each performance now and then decide...

Alex Preston - "Story of My Life"
Alex Preston sure hopes the story of HIS life includes an American Idol Season 13 victory.

... who did the best job?


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No Rebekah... no problem?

That was the question/challenge facing The Originals Season 1 Episode 17, as it aired just days after the shocking news that Claire Holt has left the series for good.

The CW drama jumped ahead a month to put this departure in the rear view mirror a bit, focusing on the tension in New Orleans instead of the missing blonde beauty by Klaus and Elijah's side.

The episode was really all about sides. Who appeared to jump from one to another?

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