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Fans are understandably upset by AMC's decision to split the seventh and final season of Mad Men into two truncated halves. It's a strategy that paid dividends for the Breaking Bad finale, but is unlikely to provide a similar ratings boost in this case.

In fact, it may well drive casual viewers away from the acclaimed series.

By contrast, in July of 1969, TV audiences the world over were glued to their sets by the prospect of men on the moon.

The characters of Mad Men have been foreshadowing Neil Armstrong's giant leap all season, but as is so often the case with events we anticipate, when it finally happens, it's pushed to the margins by things we never saw coming.

After all, SC&P (as usual) has plenty of drama to keep its troubled partners focused on the terrestrial day-to-day.

The Burger Chef pitch is drawing night, Ted Chough is having some sort of existential crisis, Peggy is receiving welcome attention from a strapping young dude, and most significantly, Don is being forced out of the agency due to breach of contract.

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It's been a week of winners across the reality TV landscape.

Caleb Johnson captured the American Idol Season 13 crown last night, while Meryl Davis is your Dancing with the Stars champion and Josh Kaufman defeated all comers on The Voice.

Which Survivor: Cagayan castaway joined this group on Wednesday?

3 Survivor Finalists

Following a challenge that involved maze-navigating and medallion-collectiing, Woo won immunity and decided to take Tony with him to the final tribal council.

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Caleb Johnson or Jena Irene?

Jena Irene or Caleb Johnson?

Following five months of auditions - many headache-inducing, others download-worthy - American Idol Season 13 came down to one man and one woman last night.

Both performed admirably, singing three songs apiece: one chosen by Simon Fuller; one a reprise of their best performance from the season; and one the single Caleb or Jena will release upon winning.

So... will WILL win? Relive the six total performances below and then vote:

Jena Irene - "Dog Days Are Over"
The Dog Days Are Over for Jena Irene. She's an American Idol finalist!

Who will win American Idol Season 13?


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Talk about a demotion! What's Peggy doing chasing down customers in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant?

Oh, just demonstrating the pluck and ambition necessary for a woman to climb the corporate ladder in 1969 (or today, for that matter). As usual, of course, her male colleagues (even the ones who work beneath her) aren't struggling quite so mightily.

While Peggy burns the midnight oil, Pete joins the Mile High Club, then swoops into the NYC office to inform Peggy that despite the fact that Burger Chef has been her baby from day one, she won't be allowed to pitch her campaign idea to the client.

That honor, of course, will go to her disgraced but still imposing former boss, Don Draper.

Clinging desperately to her dignity, Peggy presents the idea to Don as her own and demotes herself to the "voice of moms."

Don is naturally thrilled to be back in the driver's seat and immediately begins suggesting changes to Peggy's campaign. Peggy leaves his office cast down and defeated, only to be confronted by yet another reminder that for all of her accomplishments, she'll never be Don... 

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The body count continued to rise on Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7.

Did Tyrion bite it, following his decision last Sunday to engaged in a Trial by Combat?

No, not even after Bronn turned down the chance to fight again on his behalf because he and Cersei schemed to marry him to a wealthy woman and arrange for him to eventually take over a castle.

That's because Prince Oberyn volunteered to take up a sword for Tyrion. Why would be battle for the life of a Lannister? Because the crown chose Ser Gregor at its Champion and Ser Gregor killed Oberyn's sister.

Littlefinger Kisses Sansa

(NOTE: Ser Gregor is also massive. You may wanna eat your Wheaties that morning, Oberyn. Good luck, buddy.)

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Well, that was unexpected.

On The Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale, the Mystic Falls Grill was blown to bits. Where will everyone drink bourbon now?!?

Oh, also... Damon Salvatore died.

That's really all that can be discussed from this episode. There was a convoluted plan to do away with The Travelers and bring people back from The Other Side, via a spell by Liv.

And it actually worked... Alaric has returned! Matt Davis really will be a regular again on The Vampire Diaries Season 6!

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American Idol celebrated its 500th episode on Wednesday.

Now, following many months of competition, two finalists have an even bigger reason to celebrate: They are one week away from possibly winning it all!

Following a whole lot of filler (no offense, Scotty McCreery) and a few hometown visits, we finally got down to business on tonight's results show.

Jena, Caleb and Alex

Who is going home? Who will not compete next week for the opportunity to be crowned champion?

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American Idol celebrated a milestone last night:

The Fox competition aired its 500th episode, an impressive accomplishment that resulted in so much back-patting that the first performance of the evening didn't even take place until 16 minutes into the episode.

Once Caleb Johnson, Alex Preston and Jena Irene did take the stage, however, they were tasked with three songs:

  1. Randy Jackson's choice.
  2. The Judges' choice.
  3. Their hometown's choice.

With current artists such as Rihanna and Demi Lovato covered, with finalist was at the top of his or her game? Watch all NINE performances below and decide now:

Alex Preston - "Pompeii"
Alex Preston sings one of the biggest hits of 2014 for this American Idol performance. Did you like his cover of "Pompeii?"



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In the fourth season of Mad Men, Don Draper - adrift, drunk and newly divorced - broke down into tears after learning of the death of his sole confidant, Anna Draper.

It was a moment that astounded fans and inspired countless memes based on the sight of the usually aloof ad man's outpouring of raw emotion.

Flash forward to season seven: Don is yet again rudderless, living alone, and drinking more than ever (or at least more than usual)...and his late friend Anna is once more a presence in his life, this time in the form of her pregnant and desperate niece Stephanie.

One of the techniques that makes Mad Men so consistently engrossing is the writers' ability to make the show unpredictable in the manner of real life:

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