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At one point on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18, Damon took a giant yawn because he was bored by the yarn Markos was spinning about very ancient history.

And we couldn't help but think: We feel your pain, buddy.

One of the more boring, uneventful hours in show history, the latest installment of this floundering CW drama officially introduced viewers and characters to the leader of The Travelers.

He quickly dispensed with the whole Doppleganger Prophecy business by saying he created a curse 1,500 years ago that was meant for his kind to gather the blood of the final Dopplegangers because only that could break the curse placed upon the Travelers by the Witches. 

They are unable to chill and gather in one place at the moment, hence the use of Passengers.

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Following an American Idol performance show that displayed two of this season's best covers to date, another contestant was sent home this week.

We knew it wouldn't be Jena Irene or Alex Preston, not after their vocals on Wednesday, and at least Ryan Seacrest didn't drag out the drama.

These were the first two to move on to the final six.

American Idol 7

Caleb Johnson then got the green light, with C.J. Harris next and then Sam Woolf moving on.

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And we finally have a clear-cut favorite on American Idol!

The Top 7 put on the best performance night of Season 13 Wednesday, as producers came up with a first-ever twist for the long-running competition:

The finalists selected tracks for one another, proving how tight-knit they actually are by refusing to sabotage anyone's performance with a difficult or eccentric song.

That's no fun, as know, but it was loads of fun to watch Jene Irene close the show with a cover of "Creep." It earned a standing ovation (from everyone except a focused Harry Connick Jr.) and it propeled her to the front of this mostly mundane pack.

Watch all seven solo performances now:

American Idol Top 7 Performances
Best American Idol performance of Season 13? Watch Jena Irene cover "Creep" here.
View As List
Jena Irene - "Creep"

1. Jena Irene - "Creep"

Best American Idol performance of Season 13? Watch Jena Irene cover "Creep" here.

Alex Preston - "The A Team"

2. Alex Preston - "The A Team"

Alex Preston is officially on The A Team. He covers an Ed Sheeran smash here.

C.J. Harris - "Gravity"

3. C.J. Harris - "Gravity"

C.J. Harris broke out his guitar for this John Mayer cover. What did you think of his version of "Gravity?"

Caleb Johnson - "Family Tree"

4. Caleb Johnson - "Family Tree"

Did Caleb Johnson make King of Leon proud with his version of "Family Tree?" Decide for yourself now.

Sam Woolf - "Sail Away"

5. Sam Woolf - "Sail Away"

Sam Woolf makes like David Gray for this performance. What do you think of it?

Jessica Meuse - "Gunpowder and Lead"

6. Jessica Meuse - "Gunpowder and Lead"

Jessica Meuse rocks out here on American Idol. She's singing the track "Gunpowder and Lead."

Dexter Roberts - "Muckalee Creek Water"

7. Dexter Roberts - "Muckalee Creek Water"

Dexter Roberts continues to impress on American Idol. Watch him sing "Muckalee Creek Water" here.

Do you agree? Was Irene the best? Or were you taken by Alex Preston instead?

VOTE NOW: Which finalists put on the best show?


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Well, so much for that treaty. It lasted a solid day or two.

On The Originals Season 1 Episode 18, the peace that Elijah had arranged between humans, vampires, werewolves and witches went out in a blaze of smoke.

Sorry, correction: it went out in a bloodbath, as Marcel compelled some humans to slit their own wrists at a party in honor of the new witches, the vampires there couldn't control themselves and dead bodies were left in a chaotic wake.

No wonder this installment was titled "The Big Uneasy."

In response to Marcel intervening in the city's calm, Elijah killed Thierry. He tore the guy's heart out of his chest right in front of his best friend.

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Winter is coming.

So Game of Thrones has been warning fans for years.

But, really, the HBO drama should have come with a slightly different tagline: Wedding are coming

Joffrey on His Wedding Day

With viewers still recovering from last year's shocking attacks on Robb Stark, his pregnant wife and his mother last year, we were treated to another wedding ceremony this week on Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2.

With more deadly consequences:

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Scandal season 3 might have gotten a shortened order because of Kerry Washington's pregnancy, but as it turns out, that's been a very, very good thing. It's forced the show to step up its game in the storytelling department and things are getting absolutely insane over there in the fake D.C.

Last night's episode, Scandal Season 3 Episode 17, saw Oliva Pope and her team racing against the clock to find a group of terrorists before they detonate a bomb which will blow up the President. To find the terrorists, they need to find Maya Pope.

But Maya Pope, because she's the wiliest villain in primetime right now, got to them first. The results were potentially deadly.

The night began with Jake confronting Olivia about the dismantling of B613. President Grant appeared and wanted to know what the plan was to fix things, telling Olivia she'd made a huge mistake. Despite the fact that Fitz sided with Jake in the Olivia-screwed-up argument, Jake decided to go ahead and reveal to the President just how she managed to take down the super secret super spy society.

By sleeping with Jake, of course.

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American Idol went back in time this week, as the contestants performed songs from the 1980s.

But the remaining eight hopefuls could only look to the past for so long, as they were forced to consider the future on Thursday, namely:

Who would be sticking around to take the stage against next Wednesday evening? 

The Great 8

In quick succession, those voted to safety were Caleb Johnson... followed by Jessica Meuse... and Dexter Roberts. CJ Harris was the first to land in the Bottom 3.

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The pressure was on for the remaining American Idol finalists this week.

Following Sam Woolf's save last week, there will be more more Season 13 pardons. This is now it. If the viewers say so, you are out of the competition.

With that scary knowledge secure in their minds, the Top 8 took the stage last night (with David Cook as a mentor) and belted out covers of classics from the 1980s.

How did they fare? It wasn't the most memorable performance episode of all-time, with many hopefuls choosing obvious tracks and no one really blowing us away.

But you can cycle through all eight solo auditions now and then vote on your favorite:

American Idol Goes to the 80s
Caleb Johnson is on quite the American Idol journey. How did he fare on "Faithfully?"
View As List
Caleb Johnson - "Faithfully"

1. Caleb Johnson - "Faithfully"

Caleb Johnson is on quite the American Idol journey. How did he fare on "Faithfully?"

Jena Irene - "I Love Rock N Roll"

2. Jena Irene - "I Love Rock N Roll"

Jena Irene loves herself some Rock N Roll. Will American Idol viewers love this rendition?

Dexter Roberts - "Keep Your Hands To Yourself"

3. Dexter Roberts - "Keep Your Hands To Yourself"

Dexter Roberts wants you to Keep Your Hands to Yourself." He rocks out for 80s night on American Idol.

Alex Preston - "Every Breath You Take"

4. Alex Preston - "Every Breath You Take"

Don't be scared, but Alex Preston will be watching every breath you take. He sings a Police classic in this video.

Malaya Watson - "Through The Fire"

5. Malaya Watson - "Through The Fire"

Malaya Watson covers Chaka Khan on American Idol 80s night. How do you think she did?

Jessica Meuse - "Call Me"

6. Jessica Meuse - "Call Me"

Jessica Meuse goes back to the 1980s for this American Idol performance. Watch her sing "Call Me" now.

C.J. Harris - "Free Fallin"

7. C.J. Harris - "Free Fallin"

C.J. Harris is "Free Fallin'," folks. Watch him cover Tom Petty now.

Sam Woolf - "Time After Time"

8. Sam Woolf - "Time After Time"

Sam Woolf makes like Cyndi Lauper for this American Idol performance. Will he stick around "Time After Time?"



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Best Wrestlemania ever?

We know what some WWE fans would say in response to that question: YES! YES! YES!

A new champion was crowned, a record streak came to an end and three icons got the night started in memorable fashion.

Indeed, Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin graced the ring together to kick off the evening, screaming out their catchphrases and toasting each other with a beer to close the raucous segment.

And Wrestlemania XXX only got crazier from there.

Wrestlemania XXX Logo


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The Red Wedding may have removed a threat from King Joffrey and the Lannisters last year, but the Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere made one thing clear tonight:

New enemies are always around the corner.

Or, in the case of Prince Oberyn Martell, partying it up on the grounds of your very own castle.

Pedro Pascal as the Prince

Viewers met this dangerous character on Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 1, as he pretty much invited himself to Joffrey's wedding and made his intentions clear to Tyrion.

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