Assuming you've stopped laughing after the series premiere of Reaper - and you're welcome for that suggestion, by the way - take a look at the television match-up on tap for tonight:

In one corner, we have Michelle Ryan and Bionic Woman. A remake of a hit series from the 1970s, this action-packed drama stars the British actress as a newly robotic fighting machine. And if that weren't enough to entice viewers, there's a special guest star appearing for few episodes:

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We've been hearing about Gossip Girl for months.

The latest brainchild of Josh Schwartz, this show on The CW is meant to combine the same humor, drama and beautiful young actors as his previous effort, The OC, delivered. Before it started to suck, that is.

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Sometimes, you need a break from Britney Spears attempting to sing and Vanessa Hudgens attempting to be a porn star.

With that in mind, The Hollywood Gossip staff has compiled a list of shows you should watch this fall. Get your TiVo and DVR ready and enjoy...

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