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The Kardashians will celebrate Christmas with an E! special on December 1.

Of course, we already know Kim Kardashian and company actually celebrated Christmas in September when they filmed their upcoming special, not even trying to pretend it took place during the holidays by releasing a few selfies from the set.

So, what can viewers expect from the totally contrived episode?

Home videos. A surprise for Rob Kardashian. And - GASP! - the reveal of the Kardashian Christmas card. Will Kanye West be included this time around?!?

Watch the official trailer here for The Kardashians: A Very Merry Christmas...

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A dangerous Doppleganger.

A shady college professor.

And - gasp! - a happy Delena.

Plenty is on tap for CW viewers when The Vampire Diaries Season 5 premieres in under a month, as the October 3 premiere will skip ahead to the fall and the first day of freshman year for Caroline and Elena.

What new dangers are on the horizon? What will Paul Wesley be up to as Silas? Will Jeremy ever wear a shirt with sleeves again? Visit TV Fanatic for a look at the season premiere and then watch the following video for an exclusive preview:

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At the end of last night's Vampire Diaries episode, fans got their first look at "The Originals," both the title of next week's episode and the CW's likely spinoff.

Next Thursday night, the much-anticipated backdoor pilot will take viewers to New Orleans, where Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has some special ties.

We'll meet his former protege, Marcel, who has apparently created a Utopia for supernatural beings, a reality that seems to throw Klaus for a loop.

His Vampire Diaries siblings/cohorts Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebecca (Claire Holt) are also on board for the new show, should it get the green light.

Watch the preview for The Originals now and see what you think:

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Did you take a bite out of the True Blood Season 5 premiere on HBO last night?

The ridiculously fun series returned with - SPOILER ALERT! - Tara as a vampire; Steve Newlin as a self-proclaimed gay American blood-sucker; Jessica as a total hottie; Pam in a Walmart sweatsuit; Jason without a lot of clothes on; and Eric having championship sex with his sister.

Where could events possibly go from here? Who will get naked next? When will Christopher Meloni debut as the Guardian of The Vampire Authority? Watch this extended promo for season five now and then vote in the following poll.



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We're about to find out what happened before Carrie Bradshaw met Mr. Big or bought her first pair of Manolo Blahniks.

The Carrie Diaries will premiere this January on The CW. The series finds newcomer AnnaSophia Robb following in the very expensive footsteps of Sarah Jessica Parker, chronicling the life of Carrie in the 1980s, as a confused, insecure high school student in New York.

She's never even had sex when we first meet this Carrie! And she isn't living in the city, either! Watch the first extended preview now for The Carrie Diaries and then vote below:

Carrie Diaries Picture



NOTE: Our apologies, but Warner Bros. has requested we remove this trailer. We will re-publish it when permission is granted.

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Christopher Meloni is going from solving crimes to exposing fangs.

The former Law & Order: SVU star has signed on for a regular role on season five of True Blood, coming on board this summer in the key role of Roman, a vampire at the head of the much-talked-about-but-never-seen-until-now Authority.

What is Roman after? How does Sookie fit into his plans? Who is Sookie about to make out with in the following new, extended trailer?!? Watch now for new footage.

For a lot more on what's to come this season, visit the True Blood spoilers section of our friends at TV Fanatic.

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The Vampire Diaries returns TONIGHT on the CW.

In the first episode of the third season, Elena celebrates her birthday, but receives a rude awakening when Damon presents her with some very bad news.

Calling her an idiot for holding out hope for Stefan, he reveals what his brother has been up to in the months since we last saw the Mystic Falls characters ...

What does she find that forces Damon to reveal the news? Was he right to try to shield her from this? And is Stefan really "gone", never to return?

We'll find out, beginning at 8 p.m. EST tonight. As always, THG's partners at TV Fanatic will review the episode immediately after it airs!

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The new fall season of TV is almost upon us.

As such, THG will be publishing the occasional series promo to help get fans in the mood for fresh episodes of their favorite sitcom or drama. For example: have you seen this trailer for season three of The Vampire Diaries? Yowza.

Below, meanwhile, we've offered Supernatural viewers a glimpse at what's to come on this CW smash. It looks like the boys will be dealing with a whole new side of Castiel when the series returns on September 23:

For all the latest show scoop, bookmark the Supernatural spoilers section of TV Fanatic now.

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The Vampire Diaries returns with new episodes on September 15, and after viewing the latest promo for this CW smash, we only have one question:

Is it September 15 yet?!?

The trailer depicts glimpses of the season premiere, including Klaus licking his lips while holding Elena's birthday cake; some major foreplay between Caroline and Tyler; Stefan continuing his spiral down the dark side:

Check out the video above and then visit our friends at TV Fanatic for the latest Vampire Diaries spoilers. You may need to take a cold shower first.

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Hey, at least a drama on NBC is receiving attention.

Multiple women's groups are taking issue with that network's The Playboy Club, a new series that premieres on September 19 and focuses on the exclusive, 1960s-based establishment in the title.

The San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women, for example, urges NBC and its affiliates to "replace the program with a series that depicts women's substantive achievements," as President Kay Gulbengay says it's an "insult to the legacy" of civil rights leaders to air The Playboy Club (while admitting she hasn't watched it).

Gloria Steinham has also pushed for a boycott of the program, while the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City refuses to air it.

What do you think? Is The Playboy Club an affront to women?


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