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To paraphrase Tobias Funke, we just prematurely blew our wads.

The Huffington Post reported today that Netflix is "positive" another season of Arrested Development is on its way.

Arrested Development Cast Photo

The online streaming service resurrected the beloved Fox sitcom last year, and while Arrested Development season 4 met with mixed reviews (cast scheduling conflicts resulted in an unusual narrative structure that left some fans cold), the experiment was enough of a success that the Bluths will be invited back for another go-round.

While the show has yet to start production and there are some details left to be ironed out, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos says there's no doubt that fans will be treated to a fifth season, adding, "It's just a matter of when."

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So... who's with me?

FX has come out with the first trailer for Sons of Anarchy Season 7 and it features Jax asking this question of his club, as they bear witness to a President who admits he no longer as a "vision."

Unless that vision is revenge-based.

The following footage features a numb Jax Teller, one who cares about nothing in the wake of his wife's murder except the future of SAMCRO. We also see a petrified Juice and a Gemma who is desperate to keep the truth from her son.

Sons of Anarchy revs up for its final season on Tuesday, September 9 at 10/9c with a special 90-minute premiere.

NOTE: Need to catch up? You can always watch Sons of Anarchy online via TV Fanatic.

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Rowan Blanchard will continue to meet the world well into 2015.

Disney Channel announced today that it has renewed the Boy Meets World spinoff for Season 2, an understandable decision considering its standing after five episodes:

Girl Meets World sits as TV’s top-rated program among Kids 2-11, Kids 6-11 and Tweens 9-14.

Girl Meets World Cast Photo

Said Disney Channel Worldwide Original Programming Vice President Adam Bonnett in a statement:

"The series swiftly became a favorite of kids and their parents, many of whom grew up with Boy Meets World. We’re looking forward to watching Riley Matthews and Maya Hart make the world their own, as Cory and Topanga teach them life lessons along the way."

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Craig Ferguson announced that he's stepping down from The Late Late Show back in April, and CBS has been scrambling to find a replacement for the cultishly beloved Scottish comic ever since.

Well, it now seems that execs have decided to keep the show's UK vibe going, as they've chosen British actor and stand-up James Corden as Ferguson's replacement.

Craig Ferguson and James Corden

Though certainly not a household name in the States, Corden's been a longtime favorite overseas as the star and co-creator of the award-winning BBC sitcom Gavin & Stacy.

If Americans recognize Corden at all, it's likely as a result of his two-episode arc on Doctor Who.

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We've been hearing rumors about the second season of HBO's surprise hit True Detective since around the time season one wrapped.

Weeks ago we heard Colin Farrell had been cast as the lead. Neither side has denied it yet, so it's a safe bet that that's a done deal.

Yesterday, we received word that Vince Vaughn would join True Detective season two as the show's "main antagonist." Again, no comment from anyone involved, but given how quickly producers shot down rumors that Jessica Chastain would star, silence is basically verification.

  • Colin Farrell Picture
  • Vince Vaughn Picture

Today, we have a full-blown barrage of new information regarding the rest of the cast and the predictably bleak storyline of season two.

Naturally, spoilers lie ahead:

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A few weeks ago, word got out that Colin Farrell was in talks to star in True Detective season 2.

Neither Farrell nor HBO has come forward to deny the rumor, so at this point we can pretty much assume it's a done deal.

The only question remaining, then, is who will take on the role of Farrell's inevitably boozy, brooding partner in crime (solving)?

Well, if you guessed Vince Vaughn, then clearly time really is a flat circle and you've been through this before, because that pretty much would've been out last guess.

Vince Vaughn UK 'The Break Up' premiere

Sure, Vaughn has taken on dramatic roles in the past (with mixed results), but he's hardly the first name that springs to mind when you think of subject matter as relentlessly dark as True Detective's.

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Along with co-stars Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco held out on her Big Bang Theory contract recently, forcing CBS and Warner Bros' to delay the start of filming for TV's number one sitcom.

Well, it turns out the Key Three's stubbornness paid off as they all now stand to cash in big time from the show's final seasons.

Big Bang Theory Cast

Cuoco, Galecki, and Parsons have reportedly all signed contracts that could be worth over $90 million over the course of the next three years.

The trio will receive about $1 million for 72 more episodes, as well as roughly 1% of series' annual profits.  

Not bad for a girl who was never a household name until she dated Henry Cavill last year. 

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Is it cold in here? Or is it just Once Upon a Time Season 4?

As previously announced, the ABC hit will feature a number of characters from Disney's animated smash Frozen this fall, with Georgina Haig coming on board as Elsa and Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff.

Look for the television story to pick up some time after events in the movie, with Anna (Elizabeth Lail) set to marry Foster's ice merchant.

ABC, meanwhile, has released a number of pictures from Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 1, which will be aptly titled "A Tale of Two Sisters" and which will at at 8/7c on Sunday, September 28.

Click around now and get your first looks at Haig and Foster (and a reindeer as Sven!) in these Season 4 premiere photos:

Sven, Kristoff and Elsa
It's Kristoff and Elsa on Once Upon a Time Season 4. And also Sven!!!

So, who makes the better Elsa, Haig or Anna Faith Carlson?

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*For one day only. At least for now.

Lauren Sanchez, a former news reporter and anchor on Extra, will sit in with Whoopi Goldberg, Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd on Wednesday as a guest host of The View.

According to TMZ sources, producers want to see Sanchez's chemistry with Goldberg in order to determine if Sanchez would make a strong permanent co-host of the ABC program.

View co host?

The View, of course, is undergoing a major transformation.

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We know she can sing.

We'll soon find out if Lea Michele can ride a motorcycle.

The Glee star surprised followers today by announcing via Twitter that she'll stop by at least one episode of Sons of Anarchy Season 7, writing online:

"I'll be appearing on an episode of my favorite show @SonsofAnarchy! Thank you so much @Harparbar & @sutterink #SOAFX."

Lea Michele in Black

According to insiders, Michele will be a truck stop waitress and a single mother who connects with Gemma in some way.

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