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The 2014 Critics Choice Awards were handed out in Beverly Hills last night, as The Broadcast Television Journalists Association recognized the very best of the small screen.

Which shows, actors and actresses took home these meaningful pieces of hardware?

Find out now...

Critics Choice Awards Pic

Breaking Bad (AMC)

Matthew McConaughey, True Detective (HBO)

Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black (BBC America)

Orange Is the New Black (Netflix)

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The second half of Keeping Up the Kardashians season 9 (!) premiered on E! just earlier this month with network execs expecting record ratings.

After all, news of the Kimye wedding was everywhere in the weeks leading up to the premiere and it seemed almost certain that the incredible amount of free publicity would result in KUWTK's largest audience ever.

Instead, it seems that Kim and kompany are suffering from a klassic kase of overexposure. 

The long-running series' June 8 episode pulled in a scant 1.1 million viewers. To put things in perspective, that same night Game of Thrones received 18.4 million viewers

Granted, it's not fair to expect KUWTK to compete with GoT, but these days the Kardashians aren't even keeping up with themselves, as ratings for the last two episodes represent the show's all time low.

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Chelsea Handler is set to revolutionize the talk show industry.

The comedian, who will wrap up her E! talk show on August 26, has signed a deal with Netflix that is comprised of three parts:

  1. A one-hour stand-up special, based on her sold-out tour, "Uganda Be Kidding Me" on October 10.
  2. Four  new docu-comedy specials that feature Handler going on topics that range from NASCAR to politics; from Silicon Valley to the NBA draft.
  3. A talk show that debuts in early 2016 and which viewers can call up via Netflix at any time.
Chelsea Handler Book Signing

Said Handler via statement:

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Matt Lauer is gonna stay with Today.

The embattled anchor, whose program now loses the weekly ratings battle to Good Morning America, has signed a two-year contract extension with NBC.

The New York Times reported the deal, which comes as a bit of a surprise because Lauer has been under a great deal of fire over the past several months.

Matt Lauer on Today Show Set

Many blame Lauer for the poor execution of Ann Curry's firing, while Lauer's alleged refusal to take a pay cut has angered many show staffers.

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ABC Family has a secret... but it just cannot keep it:

The network has renewed for Pretty Little Liars for Season 6 and 7!

The PLL 4

Ranking as ABC Family's top-rated show in both total viewers and across every age demographic, the drama kicks off Season 5 tonight... will launch Season 6 in mid-2015...and Season 7 in 2016.

"Pretty Little Liars has taken its place in the zeitgeist and reigns supreme in pop culture,” said ABC Family president Tom Ascheim in a statement. “I am glad to bring another two seasons to our audience, because ‘A’ has a lot in store for our Liars."

Remember: you can watch Pretty Little Liars online via TV Fanatic at any time if you miss an installment or simply need a refresher.

And also remember: don't watch this show alone. It can be scary!

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Last week's True Tori reunion special may have mercifully brought Lifetime's televised trainwreck to an end, but that doesn't mean Tori Spelling is done dragging her family through hell for a few reality bucks.

A source tells Radar Online that Spelling wants to star in another reality show ASAP and she may already be in talks to make it happen. 

"Tori is hoping either Lifetime or Oxygen will want to do another reality show, says the insider, adding that she's not deterred by the fact that Dean McDermott is currently in Toronto filming Chopped Canada, as she's already made arrangements for him to "commute back and forth."

Stunningly, Tori has actually landed an acting job, but she refuses to allow legitimate, respectable employment to stand in the way of her reality TV stardom:

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You may think that there's no way Game of Thrones could top the Oberyn Martell vs. Gregor Clegane battle in terms of jaw-dropping intensity, and you may be right.

Then again, we all thought that after season 3's infamous Red Wedding scene, and look how wrong we were.

GoT has a history of pulling out the big guns for the ninth episode of a given season, and Kit Harington - who plays Jon Snow on the series - says season 4 is no exception and the upcoming throwdown between wildlings and Night's Watchmen will make the Battle of Blackwater Bay look like a Joffrey vs. Tyrion slap fight.

"I think it's as big as Thrones has gone at the moment," says Harington. "I think it's no secret that it's the most expensive episode they've ever made and a lot of that is due to CGI."

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The latest episode of The Real Housewives of New York City offered plenty in the way of dramatic fireworks, but if the new numbers are any indication, fans are simply losing interest the ladies' lavish lives.

All season, the show has been receiving its lowest ratings since its premiere in 2008. This week's installment marked an all-time low for the series with just 1.1 million viewers.

Worse, the show pulled in just over 500,000 viewers in the all-important 18-49 demographic.

Sources say Andy Cohen and other Bravo execs have declared that something must be done and are planning to either fire all the Housewives and completely overhaul the cast for season 7, or simply cancel the show altogether.

The ratings for season 5 of RHONY were considered disappointing by the network and the current audience for season 6 is a full 13% smaller.

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All hail, Game of Thrones, King of the Andals, first of its name and all-time ratings champion!

Yes, the numbers for season 4, episode 8 of Game of Thrones are in, and the wildly popular series has officially surpassed The Sopranos as the most-watched series in HBO's history.

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen
Clarke plays Daenerys Targaryen on the hit series Game of Thrones. The show's fourth season debuts April sixth.

No small feat for a show based on a series of door-stop books written in a genre that was previously associated with anti-social nerds and aging cosplay enthusiasts.

For its peak episode in 2002 The Sopranos drew in an audience of 18.2 million viewers. GoT beat that number for the first time last week with 18.4 million tuning in. Prior to the acclaimed mob series that launched in 1999, no premium cable program had ever amassed an audience close to that size.

To put things in perspective, the much-ballyhooed Breaking Bad finale of last year drew a meager-by-comparison 10.4 million viewers and that aired on a network that doesn't require a paid subscription.

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Season 2 of Orange is the New Black doesn't premiere until Friday, but early reviews for the Netlflix original series are already in, and according to critics the second go-round will definitely leave you demanding a longer sentence.

Check out some raves for the beloved female prison dramedy below:

"This round is just as addicting as the first, the ensemble rising to the occasion of topping their first outing." - Joanne Ostrow

"The producers find a way to bring in a new crop of fresh characters without losing the old zany favorites." - David Hinckley

"The series grapples with familial and societal forces in the service of an ensemble that counts among television's most engaging." - Matt Brennan

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