The first season of True Detective blew critics and audiences away with its surprisingly character-driven southern gothic murder investigation.

Unlike most shows on TV, however, the series features a one-and-done anthology format which means that acclaimed leads Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are out for season two, along with the rest of the first season's cast.

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The CW became the final network this week to unveil its new fall schedule... though this one looks a lot like the old fall schedule.

Adding two new shows and only shifting around one returning series, the network will wait until midseason to air iZombie and The Messengers.

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CBS has unveiled a new fall schedule that makes room for NFL games on Thursday nights, temporarily shifting The Big Bang Theory to Mondays as a result.

CSI is also on the move to Sundays, while NCIS: Los Angeles will now air earlier in the week and Two and a Half Men will enter its final season, which will be based on a major "event" of some kind.

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Grey's Anatomy and Agents of SHIELD are on the move.

ABC announced its new fall schedule today, shifting around a couple returning dramas and officially turning Thursday nights over to Shonda Rhimes.

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The end of animation domination. Another new night for Bones. And a visit to Gotham.

FOX has come out with its fall 2014 schedule, introducing three new dramas, one new sitcom and one new reality show in the process.

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