Big news from the world of fake news today, as longtime Daily Show host Jon Stewart reportedly announced during today's taping that he will be leaving the show that made him an unexpected giant in the world of political punditry.

Audience members who witnessed the announcement quickly began spreading the word across social media, and just moments ago, Comedy Central issued an official statement confirming that Stewart will leave the network some time in 2015.

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The verdict is in for Better Call Saul, and the people have determined that the highly-anticipated Breaking Bad prequel is every bit as addictive as its predecessor.

Saul posted some of AMC's best numbers ever for a series premiere last night, and the series set a new record for ratings in the all important 18-49 year old demographic.

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Back in 1993, a little-known author named George R.R. Martin wrote a three-page letter to his publisher outlining a planned trilogy (Ha!) entitled A Song of Ice and Fire.

Twenty-two years later, those books have captivated millions of fans, inspired the most-watched show in HBO history, and swelled into a seven-part series that might not be completed before the sun explodes and engulfs the earth.

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Thanks to his incredible interception in the closing seconds, Malcolm Brown played hero at the end of Super Bowl XLIX last night.

But while sports fans are all abuzz over Brown's great play (and over Seattle's terrible play call), television fans are buzzing this morning over a trailer that aired for NBC.

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