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Rejoice, members of Team Conan.

TBS has extended its deal with Conan O'Brien by two years, the network announced today, with its Head of Programming, Michael Wright, saying in a press release:

“We are proud to be in business with Conan O'Brien for the long run. Night after night, Conan and his team have put together terrific shows that draw a young and fiercely loyal audience. As if that weren't enough, they have also built a dynamic online presence that keeps fans engaged like no other show in late night.”

Conan on Conan

Conan has enjoyed three straight months of audience growth. It's averaging 1.1 million viewers per night in 2012.

“I am excited to continue my run with TBS because they have been fantastic partners," Conan O'Brien said. "This means I’ll be taping episodes of Conan well into the Ron Paul presidency.”

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Set your eyes to ogling, VH1 viewers.

That network will soon launch The Jenny McCarthy Show, a platform on which this gorgeous blonde will conduct interviews, give her take on pop culture, dish on current events look all around beautiful. Look for it to debut in the late summer or early fall.

Jenny McCarthy Photograph

“We wanted to get back in the game and create a signature show that really hit that female funny sweet spot, and Jenny was always on the top of our list because our audience grew up with Jenny,” says Jeff Olde, VH1′s Executive Vice President of original programming and production. “We just kept stalking her until she was free."

McCarthy got her big break in the 1990s on MTV's dating show Singled Out. She has since posed naked for Playboy and dated Jim Carrey.


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It's no secret that Matt Bomer is gay.

The White Collar star has been with partner Simon Halls for years and the couple even has three sons together.

But it was still noteworthy Saturday night when the actor took to the stage at the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards to accept the New Generation Arts and Activism Award for his work in the fight against HIV/AIDS and publicly thanked acknowledged Halls for the first time, saying:

"I'd really especially like to thank my beautiful family: Simon, Kit, Walker, Henry. Thank you for teaching me what unconditional love is. You will always be my proudest accomplishment."

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And the award for best Grammy performance goes to... Chipotle?!?

The Mexican restaurant practically stole the awards show last night, airing a two-minute-and-twenty-second act that put all lame Super Bowl commercials this year to shame.

Set to a Willie Nelson cover of Coldplay's "The Scientist," the action here flows across the screen, taking viewers on a trip along with a farmer and some pigs, as their peaceful, countryside setting gives way to an animal warehouse and, eventually, a mechanized distribution system. Yes, it's a commentary on the modern industrial food chain.

Cultivate a better world, the spot encourages at the end. Are we more likely to dine at Chipotle as a result? Who knows. But consider us impressed with the effort...

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You won't believe this, but the Parents Television Council (PTC) has something to say about the bird that M.I.A. flipped during last night's Super Bowl halftime show.

As previously reported and depicted, this rapper aimed her middle finger directly at a NBC camera during her brief time on stage with Madonna, an act that resulted in both the network and the NFL issuing an apology.

But the PTC has now released its own statement, coming down on the league for promising a clean show.

“NBC fumbled and the NFL lied because a performer known as M.I.A. felt it necessary to flip off millions of families,” wrote PTC president Tim Winter. “It is unfortunate that a spectacular sporting event was overshadowed once again by broadcasting the selfish acts of a desperate performer.

"Last week the NFL formally told the PTC – and the American public – that the Super Bowl halftime show would be ‘appropriate.’ Most families would agree that the middle finger aimed directly at them is not appropriate, especially during the most-watched television event of the year.”

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Forget winter, Game of Thrones fans. Spring is coming.

And with that change in temperature will come a new season of this HBO hit, as the network teased last night in an extended trailer. Watch now to get excited for the upcoming battle over the Iron Throne, with multiple characters coming on board and all taking aim at King Joffrey:

Elsewhere, prior to the series premiere of Luck, HBO also debuted the first official look at this summer's new season of True Blood. It will feature the exciting return of...

... well, why not see for yourself?

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Drop Dead Diva. It's not just a request many people make when they meet Kim Kardashian. It's also this reality star's new gig.

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Kim has actually landed a recurring role on the Lifetime drama, which averaged 2.3 million viewers last year. She'll appear on multiple season four episodes as Nikki, a love interest for the character Ben.

  • Drop Dead Diva Poster
  • K. Kardashian

“In discussing the role of Nikki with her, I [was] blown away by her smarts, sense of humor and passion,"executive producer Josh Berman said, clearly brain-washed by Kris Jenner. "This series is all about reinvention and I’m so excited to see Kim ‘reinvented’ in the world of Drop Dead Diva."

The series stars Brooke Elliott as a shallow model who gets killed and then reincarnated as a thoughtful, overweight lawyer.

Kardashian has already appeared on episodes of 90210, CSI: NY and How I Met Your Mother and she'll play a key role in Tyler Perry's movie, The Marriage Counselor.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we must go erase Drop Dead Diva from our DVR.

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The long, painful wait for Ringer fans is almost over.

On Tuesday, this CW drama starring Sarah Michelle Gellar finally returns with a new episode - and it does, at least, appear to be worth the wait.

Throughout "It Just Got Normal," Siobhan will be determined to make things difficult for her twin, as the following preview so deliciously teases: She's been a stripper, an addict, a murder and an adulterer; you haven't even seen her naughty side yet.

Watch the official CW preview for the installment now:

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When do 21.6 million viewers equate to a disappointing episode of television? When you've been the country's top-rated series for years.

Indeed, American Idol earned the highest ratings on TV last night and will undoubtedly do so every evening it airs through the May finale - but its numbers were down 27% from the season 10 opener.

There are many reasons for this decline - all programs suffer viewer fatigue at some point, and the competition (The Voice, The Sing-Off, The X Factor) from similar shows has never been higher - but talent is not be among them.

There were actually a few strong acts last night, three of which we've posted again here:

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Following chatter that it may become a movie, The Carrie Diaries - Candace Bushenll's prequel novel to Sex and the City - has instead been picked up as a pilot for The CW and will likely be included on that network's fall schedule.

In other words: the search for a new Carrie Bradshaw is on!

Carrie Diaries

The story follows Carrie as a high school student in Manhattan and, via earlier rumors, Blake Lively was supposedly up the the iconic lead role.

But she'll be on Gossip Girl when the series premieres and is likely to test out a movie career once that show is finished. Who does that leave for Carrie? We've listed four suggestions below and are open to others. Who do you think is the best fit?