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Thankfully for men around the globe, Jennifer Love Hewitt is at it again.

The actress has released a new promo in which she teases both The Client List Season 2... and every warm-blooded male with a pulse.

Singing about how she's a woman, JLH dances and strips down in the nearly two-minute long video. It's the next best thing aside from ogling Jennifer Love Hewitt bikini photos all day.

Keep that drool at bay and watch now:

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Matt Damon took over Jimmy Kimmel Live last week.

This Sunday, meanwhile, he will make his hilarious presence felt on House of Lies.

Look for the awesome actor to guest star on the Showtime hit as an extreme version of himself, reuniting with Ocean's Eleven costar Don Cheadle and enlisting his character of Marty to find him a charitable sponsor.

For what reason? As Damon explains below, because he's sick of George Clooney winning awards just because he gets involved here and there with Darfur. Screw that guy, Damon says! Watch for yourself:

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Might class soon be back in session for Saved by the Bell?

After Mark-Paul Gosselaar floating the idea for a reunion to TMZ last week, Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding!) was asked about the idea and told the same website:

"I have always supported a reunion of any kind including all of us. Honestly, the fans still love us and our show so much. They deserve it!"

Dennis Haskins Picture

Could this really happen? Let's analyze where each main cast member is at:

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Columbus, Tallahassee and Wichita are coming to a small screen near you.

Reports confirm that Amazon is developing a television show based on the 2009 hit film Zombieland, which starred Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone as survivors of a bloody apocalypse.

As well as Bill Murray is what is likely the funniest cameo in movie history.

Zombieland Poster

Amazon is now competing with Netflix and Hulu in the originally programming space.

The latter service is coming out with The Awesomes, an animated program with Kenan Thompson, Bill Hader, and Taran Killam; while the Netflix will soon make major waves with Arrested Development Season 4.

Elsewhere, read through these Zombieland quotes. They're hilarious!

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The CW is reportedly spinning off The Vampire Diaries into a new series called The Originals, starring Joseph Morgan (Klaus) and Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley).

  • Joseph Morgan Photo
  • Phoebe Tonkin Photo

An upcoming episode of The Vampire Diaries, the network's biggest hit, will serve as a "backdoor pilot" for The Originals. Tentatively, that's set for April 25.

The title refers to Klaus’ status as one of the original vampires in the show’s mythology. Guy has been doing his badass, yet charming thing for a long time.

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Goodbye, Matt Lauer? Hello, Willie Geist?

With Today Show ratings remaining stagnant, insiders tell Radar Online that Lauer's job as main host of the morning program is in jeopardy, especially because producers already have a replacement lined up.

Willie Geist Picture

"[Willie Geist] is absolutely being groomed to become Matt Lauer's replacement if the ratings don't improve," the source alleges. "Willie has been filling in for Matt while he has been on vacation during the holidays and has been doing an phenomenal job."

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From a soldier-turned-spy-turned-confused-lover to the transformation of a high school junior into a vampire, the world of television was filled with plenty of jaw-dropping moments in 2012.

And we've collected the 12 best below.

As part of our year-end series (check out our Top Memes of 2012, along with the Top Videos of the past dozen months), THG now takes readers through the small screen scenes and developments that left us uttering: O... M...G!


12. The Grey's Anatomy plane crash. Was it typically contrived drama from Shonda Rhimes? Of course. But long-time viewers of this ABC favorite can't deny the deadly impact of that flight hitting the ground in May.

11. Bill Compton goes bad. Yes, True Blood Season 5 really went there. Every time you thought Sookie's first love would admit he was simply playing a long con, the series continued to drive the shocking fact home: Bill really did believe every evil word out of his mouth. Then he turned into some kind of gooey new being.

True Blood Season Finale Scene

10. Gossip Girl is revealed. Just a couple years ago, this would have been in contention for top moment of the TV year. But The CW drama fell out of favor even with long-time fans and, by the end of its run, was drawing under one million viewers per week. Dan Humphrey as Gossip Girl? Not a bad choice, but we stopped caring ages ago.

9. Game of Thrones, "Blackwater." Just the entire episode. Not just the most action-packed hour of Game of Thrones Season 2, or the most action-packed hour of television in 2012. Probably the most action on the small and big screen of the past year. Amazing visuals all around.

Blackwater Battle

8. Opie has got this. One of the saddest deaths of the year took place early on Sons of Anarchy Season 5, as a lead pipe to the skull led to the demise of Ryan Hurst's tough, big-hearted character. A stunning, violent death and the driving force of the rest of the season.

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A major star is exciting this British smash, and we know who... and we know HOW. Consider yourself spoiler warned, THGers...

Dan Stevens Promo Pic

Dan Stevens will leave the award-winning drama following the upcoming third season, which kicks off on January 6 in the U.S.

The actor has confirmed this departure in an interview with London's The Telegraph, which ran the day after a Downton Abbey Christmas special aired in Great Britain - during which his character of Matthew Crawley is killed in a car accident.

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Gossip Girl? More like Gossip Guy.

On the series finale of this CW drama last night, the identity of the blogger who has been essentially stalking all the main characters for six years was finally revealed.

So, who has been on the trail of our favorite Upper East Siders?

Gossip Girl Finale Photo


"When Serena came back from boarding school, I wrote my first post about me, Lonely Boy, the outsider, the underdog," Dan said in a voiceover. "I might have been a joke but at least people were talking about me."

What did you think of the episode in general? Of the major reveal? Were you totally and completely shocked?


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