Remember in season 3 of Game of Thrones when Ramsay Snow took Theon Greyjoy captive, tortured him for an entire season and eventually lopped his dong off? Yeah, we tried to erase it from our memories too, but no luck!

Anyway, it looks like we're in for more of the same this season, as the sadist (now Ramsay Bolton) and the victim (now Reek) have defied the odds and stuck it out as the most dysfunctional, one-sided couple on TV since Jon and Kate Gosselin!

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Say it isn't so, Colton Haynes!

When we last left Arrow, Roy Harper had pretended to be the show’s titular hero, turning himself into police in order to save his good friend.

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The fifth season premiere of Game of Thrones may not have turned out so well for Mance Rayder, (Sorry, the 24-hour moratorium on spoilers is over.), but it delivered for premium cable giant HBO in a major way.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1 was the most-watched first-run episode in the series' history with over 8 million viewers. That's up 17 percent (over 1 million viewers) from the season 4 premiere.

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As the Game of Thrones universe expands more and more with each season, new characters are introduced at a breakneck rate.

While many shows would struggle with the task of juggling so many unique identities, GoT's writing staff and casting department take the pains necessary to develop the denizens of Westeros into living, breathing, feeling men and women who make the unique struggles of their outlandish world relatable by revealing their humanity to the audience.

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Unless you've been locked up in the Dreadfort wondering what's in Ramsay Bolton's sausage, then you've probably heard by now: Game of Thrones Season 5 premieres on Sunday, and the whole world is pretty damn psyched about it.

We mean, like, literally the whole world. The episode will air simultaneously in over 170 countries, a move that's likely to bring in record ratings worldwide. 

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