As the Game of Thrones universe expands more and more with each season, new characters are introduced at a breakneck rate.

While many shows would struggle with the task of juggling so many unique identities, GoT's writing staff and casting department take the pains necessary to develop the denizens of Westeros into living, breathing, feeling men and women who make the unique struggles of their outlandish world relatable by revealing their humanity to the audience.

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Unless you've been locked up in the Dreadfort wondering what's in Ramsay Bolton's sausage, then you've probably heard by now: Game of Thrones Season 5 premieres on Sunday, and the whole world is pretty damn psyched about it.

We mean, like, literally the whole world. The episode will air simultaneously in over 170 countries, a move that's likely to bring in record ratings worldwide. 

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It. Has. Arrived!

Today marks an occasion a decade in the marking, as Lost fans around the globe have dubbed April 8, 2015 the official Lost Day.

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We're not sure what Nina Dobrev's supporters are going to make of this!, but...

News of the actress' departure from The Vampire Diaries after the end of the current season hit the Web yesterday, causing an outpouring of sadness from the show's fans. 

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