Weather forecasts are showing balmy temperatures and cloudless skies across most of the country this weekend, but if you're the type who bursts into flames after ten minutes of sunshine, fear not:

You now have a perfectly good excuse for staying inside all weekend, as critics are saying Orange is the New Black Season 4, which dropped on Netflix at midnight, may be the show's strongest outing to date.

Ann Morgan Guilbert, an actress whose impressive television career spanned The Dick Van Dyke Show all the way up through Life in Pieces, died on Tuesday after a long battle with cancer.

She was 87 years old.

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The sixth season of Game of Thrones may be the show's most eventful to date, but with the possible exception of the death of Hodor (a fairly minor, albeit beloved character), it has yet to hit us with a stunner on par with the Red Wedding or the execution of Ned Stark.

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