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Hilary Duff to is all set to romance Ashton Kutcher...

... on the small screen, that is!

The actress will guest star on the Two and a Half Men Season 10 finale, coming on board as Stacey, a love interest for Kutcher's Waldeon Schmidt.

Hilary Duff Up Close

But here's the big twist: Walden will end up falling for Stacey's grandmother!

Awkward! Duff's episode of this awful CBS sitcom airs on May 9.

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WARNING: Stop reading right now if you have not yet watched last night's Season 3 finale of The Walking Dead...

... because we have major intel on The Walking Dead Season 4.

Rick, Governor

Multiple sources confirm that David Morrisey will be added to the cast of this AMC smash as a series regular this fall, as this week's episode concludes with The Governor hitting the road and his storyline up in the air.

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Basking in the glow of unbelievably high ratings, there's little doubt that Duck Dynasty will return for a fourth season on A&E.

But first the camouflaged, bearded stars of this unexpected smash would like to make a request: SHOW US THE MONEY!

Duck Dynasty Promo Photo

Based around the Robinson family, Duck Dynasty is the second most-popular show on cable (behind The Walking Dead) and, as a result, The Hollywood Reporter confirms that each member of the group now wants more than $200,000 per episode.

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Earlier this year, The Vampire Diaries announced a spinoff, The Originals.

Now, ABC Family has announced a Pretty Little Liars spinoff of its own.

It'll be called Ravenswood!

Pretty Little Liars Photo

The spinoff will premiere this October on ABC Family and its main characters will be introduced via the PLL Halloween special, according to reports.

Ravenswood will reportedly be a town near Rosewood that has been under a deadly curse for many years; a curse that suddenly connects five strangers.

Are you excited for a Pretty Little Liars spinoff? Tell us below!


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Xavier McAfee is in danger of ruining the best show on television.

The 29-year old has bee arrested for breaking into Bryan Cranston's car on March 1 and swiping a script for Breaking Bad Season 5.

Breaking Bad Pic

The actor reported the incident to police and said his shoulder bag - containing an iPad and these all-important pages - was taken out of his vehicle in Bernalillo County, New Mexico.

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CBS is keeping it all in the family on CSI Season 13.

The network announced this week that Kate Danson will guest star on the April 3 installment of the dramatic hit, joining her father on screen as an attorney.

Ted Danson on CSI

Kate's Jill McDermott will end up facing off against her dad's lead character after a corpse found in a forest reserve leads the CSI team to a serial killer's lair.

It's possible the younger Danson will come on board as a recurring player, but the role is simply a one-time guest spot for now.

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Tweeting that he is not one of new Chairman Jeff Zucker's "peeps," Roland Martin announced yesterday that he is leaving CNN.

The political contributor's final day at the network will be April 6.

Roland Martin Photo

Martin made headlines for all the wrong reasons in February, Tweeting what many considered to be a homophobic remark when he referenced a David Beckham underwear commercial and wrote:

"If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham's H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him!"

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A supposed resemblance between President Barack Obama and an actor who plays the Devil on HISTORY's new series The Bible is causing controversy.

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck was among the first to take to Twitter to note similarities between Obama and Mohamen Mehdi Ouzaani:

  • The Bible Devil
  • Prez Obama

A slew of tweets, Facebook posts, commentaries and other responses soon followed, many from Obama supporters who weren't pleased by the comparison.

Beck, among others, say that Satan from The Bible miniseries - a monster hit for HISTORY with over 10 million viewers - resembles an older version of Obama.

Executive produced by Survivor and Apprentice creator Mark Burnett, the show and its reps had no comment on the matter, nor has the network.

What do you think? Do you see a resemblance? If so, do you think it was intentionally done by the producers? And regardless, does it even matter?

UPDATE: HISTORY and the show's executive producers have issued a statement:

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