If you caught the season finale of Empire, then you know that Vernon Turner got literally whacked - accidentally murdered with a blunt object in one of the series' most surprising scenes.

We would've given you a spoiler alert, but we feel like our headline kinda let the cat out of the bag already. Besides, if we didn't ruin it for you, some jerk on your Facebook feed would've, anyway.

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Unless you were exiled to a distant land after your family was defeated in Robert's Rebellion, then you're probably aware that Game of Thrones season 5 will soon be upon us.

We've received a few crumbs of information, such as the reveal that season 5 contains some "shocking deaths" (Doesn't every season?), but for the most part producers have been so tight-lipped about the plot that a session in Ramsay Bolton's Dreadfort couldn't get them to squeal.

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We now know when Barry Allen will run really fast for the last time in awhile.

We also know when Elijah Mikaelson will don his final suit and Damon Salvatore will smirk his final smirk for the summer.

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