When we first learned that Nicki Minaj would be producing and starring in a television series, we immediately pictured an anime-style seizure inducing day-glo cartoon in which Nicki plays a badass Barbie that comes to life to settle her beef with Miley Cyrus by shooting lasers out of her eyes.

Sadly, it seems the actual project is a bit more traditional, but we're sure it'll be cool, nonetheless:

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Season 10 of America’s Got Talent came to an end this week, with a field of 10 finalists being reduced to five over the course of a two-part finale.

With a Top 5 of mentalist Oz Pearlman, comedian Drew Lynch, regurgitator Stevie Starr, musical duo The CraigLewis Band and ventriloquist Paul Zerdin, Nick Cannon counted down the results until one act remained.

Teresa Giudice still has a few months left on her sentence, but the incarcerated Housewife has been wheeling, dealing, and planning her return to the public eye from the day that she turned herself over to authorities.

Teresa's prison photos reportedly sold in the high six-figure range, and she's managed to keep in contact with Andy Cohen and the rest of her Bravo bosses.

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