Hey, they aren't saying no!

With Michael Strahan scheduled to leave Live! on May 13*, two of the ex-football star's rumored replacements were asked on Thursday about taking over the gig and sitting alongside Kelly Ripa every morning.

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Is it just us, or did the Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere fall a little flat?

Sure, it ended with a twist that few saw coming, but at times, it felt like the writers were more concerned with recapping the events of last season and setting the stage for what's to come than with crafting a compelling episode. But hey, if that's what they felt they had to do in order to prep us for what looks like an epic week two, we're perfectly alright with that:

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Jon's lifeless corpse in the bloodied snow and his direwolf, Ghost, howling desperately in a lonely cage. 

There's no more potent way that Game of Thrones could've opened its sixth season, and no doubt fans were pleased to see that the creators would be following up on last season's most hotly-debated scene right off the bat. 

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The First Lady will soon appear on The First Drama of Network Television.

CBS has confirmed that none other than Michelle Obama will appear on an upcoming episode of NCIS Season 13, coming on board the most-watched series on television in a role she knows very well...

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