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Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson? They are so yesterday's news.

These two actors and real-life friends received an abundance of well-deserved accolades for their performances on True Detective Season 1.

But the opening eight episodes of this HBO drama wrapped on Sunday and now we're looking ahead.

Who should anchor True Detective Season 2? Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen, of course!

The stars made their case in a hilarious spoof last night, driving around, crushing cans of beer and singing Cher lyrics. Watch the skit now and come on... don't pretend you wouldn't watch True Detective Season 2 with this pair at the center of it:

Where does this rank among all-time Jimmy Kimmel Live sketches?

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There may be many True Detective fans out there who were disappointed by the Season 1 finale.

There was no major twist, no shocking conclusion about the identity of The Yellow King or the meaning behind Carcosa.

Instead, there was simply a very straightforward installment that featured Rust and Marty finding their killer; tracking him down; and killing him.

Both detective survived and, heck, there was even a happy ending of sorts, with Rust looking up at the night sky and agreeing with Marty that, yes, it's dark up there. But it was once ALL dark... so now? "Light is winning."

True Detective Finale Pic

Sort of like Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey received deserved accolade after deserved accolade for their roles on this HBO drama.

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In case you didn't notice, Matthew McConaughey had himself quite the Sunday night.

The star took home Best Actor at the 2014 Academy Awards and, almost simultaneously, was anchoring yet another outstanding installment of True Detective on HBO.

The penultimate episode of this drama - which will surely earn McConaughey an Emmy as well - revealed the show's main killer and left viewers wondering how such an elaborate story will come to an end next Sunday night.

We can't say for certain, but we can tease fans with the following True Detective Season 1 promo.

It features a terrified woman, a reference to "Carcosa" and a whole lot more. Watch now:

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True Detective brought real-life good friends and movie stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson to the world of television.

That was an accomplishment in and of itself.

But the opening episode of this HBO drama also featured a mesmerizing story, incredible scenery and two sterling performances, enough to have us hooked on the series and equal parts scared and excited to find out what happens next.

The plot centers on a grisly murder by an apparent serial killer, someone into some messed up concept of religion and placing antlers in the naked corpses of his victims.

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