It’s been a month since True Detective costars Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch were spotted on what appeared to be a date at Hollywood’s Osteria Mozza.

And now, multiple sources confirm McAdams and Kitsch are dating!!!

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Despite an A-list cast and a memorably eerie marketing campaign, the first season of True Detective snuck up on viewers who tuned in with no idea of what to expect from the HBO anthology series that had somehow attracted world-class acting talent.

For his second go-round, showrunner Nic Pizzolatto doesn't have to worry about attracting an audience, but instead faces the unenviable challenge of living up to the expectations of his own cultish following.

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This Sunday, a wildly popular and critically acclaimed season of Game of Thrones will give way to the sure-to-be-less-popular and already-less-critically-acclaimed second season of True Detective.

Season one captured viewers' imaginations with a Southern Gothic murder mystery, a pair of mesmerizing performances from Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, and a whole lot of red herrings about the Yellow King.

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