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Last week's intense episode of True Blood ended on quite the cliffhanger:

Sookie. Ben. Both half-naked. A ball of dangerous faerie light hovering over the latter's head.

Where could this warped relationship possibly go from there?

Fortunately, viewers won't need to wait long this Sunday night to find out: "F**k the Pain Away" picks up immediately where the previous hour left off.

Elsewhere, Jessica will come running to Jason in a time of confusion, pain and need, as captured in the second of the two clips below. Check out them out now for an early look at this True Blood Season 6 episode:

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That was easily the best episode of True Blood Season 6.

While the show often veers away from any real stakes (when was the last time a key character was killed off?), "At Last" featured some seriously heavy issues.

Eric turned Willa. Jessica killed Andy's faerie daughters.

The ramifications of both these surprising actions ought to be felt for weeks to come. Bravo to the series for amping up the drama in legitimate, deadly ways for a change.

Hungry Jessica

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On this Sunday's episode of True Blood Season 6, viewers will be treated to an especially close shave, while also watching as the relationship between Eric and the Governor's daughter goes in a drastic new direction.

And if those teases aren't intriguing enough, consider: Jason does many shirtless pull-ups.

Look for an unusually intense and serious installment of the HBO smash this week, along with a recap and review to be posted on THG first thing Monday morning.

In the meantime, satiate your appetite for sex, nudity and gore via the following pair of True Blood clips:

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Hmmm... it's safe to say Sookie and Bill aren't getting back together any time soon, isn't it?

Not after the epic showdown they had on this week's episode of True Blood Season 6, which featured Bill working to prevent the fiery future he envisioned last week from taking place.

But you're not God, Bill, Sookie argued. You're just an a$$hole. Ohhh, BURN!

Steve Newlin on True Blood

Elsewhere on an entertaining episode:

  • The Newlins returned! With Steve in serious trouble and at the mercy of the government... and his ex-wife not exactly feeling any sympathy for him.
  • Andy made very nice with Holly, as his kids tried their hardest to stay out of her head.
  • Lafayette agreed to help Sam in his mission to rescue Emma.
  • Eric cozed up to the Governor's daughter and learned valuable intel about a supernatural-based camp.
  • Jason continued to experience some disturbing headaches... and kept his shirt on far too much.
  • Warlow sacked some poor faeries.

What did you make of the latest True Blood installment? Sound off now:


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Simply put, today is a good day to be a gay American:

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstituional, while also dismissing Prop 8 and allowing for same-sex marriage in California.

It's also a good day to be a gay vampire. Or a gay witch. Or a gay shape shifter, as the following True Blood video makes clear.

Yes, the HBO hit has wasted no time in celebrating the landmark decisions, releasing the following footage and telling the world: Come out, come out... whatever you are.

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Alcide got mean. Bill got burned. Eric went undercover. Sookie met a new suitor.

And Pam drank milk.

HBO viewers took another trip to Bon Temps on the latest episode of True Blood Season 6, with the following developments taking place throughout Episode 2, "The Sun."

Pam with Milk
  • Bill seemingly discovered the true meaning of his Lilith-like state. He can see the future! But that's not great news for his undead friends, all of whom were burning in Bill's vision.
  • Eric tried to force the Governor's hand by dorking out... only to learn about dangerous new technology the humans have in their battle for Louisiana.
  • Sookie couldn't resist the allure of another handsome young man faerie in trouble.
  • Jason learned he has a faerie godfather. A wacky one at that, who knows a lot about Warlow.
  • Alcide threw down with Sam over Emma.
  • Pam and Tara bonded as the former lost her business.

What did you think of the latest installment? Are you a fan of where the action is headed so far? Sound off on this True Blood episode now and give it a grade:


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Is Bill truly bad? Who the heck is Jason's new mysterious friend? Did Jessica make a terrible decision?

And can Alcide's body truly be that ridiculously ripped?

Yes, True Blood Season 6 kicked off tonight with more questions than answers, as Bill was taken over by Lilith (again) to end the hour, while viewers witnessed a number of changing relationships... from Jason telling off his sister to Pam being put in her place by Eric.

True Blood Season 6 Pic

We were also introduced to Governor Burrell of Louisiana, a man who has laid down the gauntlet in his state when it comes to human/vampire relations.

But can you really blame him?

Consider all we learned on the premiere, recall all the naked body parts that flashed across our screen, and grade the return of True Blood now:


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We are two days away from sex, nudity, violence, gore, hot men, beautiful women and... did we mention sex and nudity?

Yes, True Blood Season 6 kicks off Sunday on HBO, with the main question on the minds of viewers everywhere: What the heck happened to Bill at the conclusion of Season 5?!?

What is he now? Lilith in some form? A God of some kind? It sounds like Bill himself doesn't even know, as teased in the following premiere sneak peek:

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HBO has released the first official poster for True Blood Season 6 and, with it, issued a warning:

No One Lives Forever.

The promotional art appears to show a shadowy Bill Compton, fangs bared, screaming into the sky. Is the series teasing this vampire's demise? One season after he went all Lility crazy on Sookie and grew an ego that would rival that of Donald Trump?

Click on the photo now to enlarge and bookmark this section of True Blood spoilers for plenty of more scoop heading into the June 16 premiere.

True Blood Season Six Poster

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Just over a month prior to the premiere of True Blood Season 6, HBO has released a handful of photos from new episodes of the cable sensation.

They feature a bloody Eric... a powerful new Bill... a concerned Tara, Nora and Pam... and our first look at Arliss Howard as Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell.

Look for politics to play a key role this summer, as the local government cracks down on members of the undead.

Click through the following images, visit our friends at TV Fanatic for 18 more True Blood pictures from Season 6 and then also get you first glimpse at The Walking Dead Season 4!

  • True Blood Season 6 Pic
  • The New Bill
  • As Governor Burrell
  • Sookie, Tara and Nora
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