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Sookie Stackhouse knows vampires.

She knows them intimately. Biblically. Sexually, if you catch our drift.

But it's that knowledge of the undead that will have this character ostracized on True Blood Season 7 Episode 1, as this HBO epic kicks off its final season on Sunday at 9/8c.

The premiere will find Bon Temps overrun by infected vampires, with many residents blaming Sookie's initial hook-up with Bill for their presence.

She understands their anger. She isn't hoping to change their minds. But Sookie does want to help.

Watch her make a passionate plea to her loved ones in the following sneak peek and then head over to TV Fanatic to watch True Blood online:

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If you're already wondering how you'll get your sexy vampire fix after True Blood's final season comes to a close this summer, worry not: Sookie Stackhouse and company may be Broadway-bound.

True Blood Season 7 Photograph

True Blood creator Alan Ball is reportedly working with HBO and composer Nathan Barr to produce a musical version of the beloved HBO series.

Of course, in order to really stay true to the spirit of Bon Temps, the show would have to be a strictly 18-and-older affair.

"This was something that I pitched to Alan Ball and HBO," said Barr at a recent season seven premiere party. "I think we're really trying to return to the roots of the show."

In other words, don't expect all of your favorite vamps, werewolves, and telepathic fairies to appear on stage, as the musical will focus mainly on the beginning stages of Sookie's story.

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After shooting seven seasons on True Blood, Anna Paquin is no stranger to nudity.

Still, it's something of a surprise to see Anna gracing the cover of Entertainment Weekly completely nude, straddling her fully-clothed husband:

Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin EW Cover

Of course, our first glimpse of True Blood season 7 seems to indicate that the show's final run will feature more sex than ever before. (And you didn't think it was possible!)

In fact, the new season doesn't even premiere until this Sunday and we're already shocked by True Blood's hyper-sexual content.

In his interview with EW, Moyer discusses directing a sex scene between his wife and Joe Manganiello:

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Two non-gay characters will engaged in some hot and heavy gay sex on True Blood Season 7.

There. Do we have your attention?

Our friends at TV Fanatic have viewed the first two episodes (airing June 22 and June 29, respectively) of this HBO drama's final season and they've passed along the following Sookie-related scoop.

What can fans expect from the opening hours of Season 7? Among other tidbits...

True Blood Season 7 Photograph
  • A significant character will die within the opening minute.
  • Sookie will regret her mind-reading capability.
  • Someone will partake in a game of Russian Roulette... in Morocco.
  • We'll flash back to the very first episode.
  • We'll visit a neighboring town.
  • Political upheaval will create major tension.
  • You may never look at the hood of a police cruiser again.

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Whether it's on big screen to small, there's something sensual about vampires.

Maybe it's the way they get up close and personal with those they kill, or those they refrain from killing. Or it's the attraction of eternal youth and immortality.

Or maybe we're all just super weird for our intensely awkward attractions to fictional creatures, which is likely true. But let's not dwell on that part too much.

Whatever it is, there's no denying that when it comes to supernatural beings, vampires are the hottest. (Don't worry, Team Werewolf. You guys are a close second.)

From Dracula to Damon Salvatore, here are the 13 hottest vampires in Hollywood ...

Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries is hot, hot, HOT! Just look at his piercing blue eyes and try not to swoon!

Don't forget, you can watch True Blood online in time for this summer's final season, and catch up on all the rest of your favorite shows as well, at TV Fanatic!

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In the latest trailer for True Blood Season 7, which premieres on June 22, viewers are treated to a battle for Sookie's affections between Bill and Alcide.

But many may be left wondering about the past suitor NOT featured in the following footage:


Our favorite Viking hasn't been featured in any previews to date, though we refuse to believe he's actually dead.

Perhaps he's just resting for the battle to come, as the final season of this epic drama will center around a civil war in Bon Temps.

Below, watch Sookie ask Bill about it below, see Sam held at gunpoint and ogle a shirtless Alcide. You're welcome, ladies...

True Blood Season 7 Episode 1 (titled "Jesus Gonna Be Here" will debut on Sunday, June 22 on HBO at 9/8c.

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There’s a reckoning a comin.

So teases the song behind the latest promo for True Blood Season 7, which premieres on HBO on June 22 and which will center around a civil war in Bon Temps.

In the following footage, Sookie screams that infected vampires are "coming for every human" in town, while also getting in some sexy time with Alcide... much to Bill's chagrin.

Tara and Jessica bare their fangs, Andy acts very angry and viewers are left to wonder: Where is Eric?!?

Go watch True Blood online via TV Fanatic to catch up prior to the premiere and click Play below to view fresh footage from summer episodes:

For much more True Blood, which airs its final season this summer, check out some of the highlights from the previous six years in our gallery below ...

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There's no one left.

So Sookie laments at the conclusion of the following trailer for True Blood Season 7, which HBO unveiled last night and which gives us our first look at actual footage from this summer's episodes.

And it appears as if Bon Temps is in very bad shape, with "sick vampires" roaming about, some kind of civil war being waged and the government leaving residents "for dead," as Sookie says in part of her narration.

Prepare for the final season of this HBO classic to kick off  on June 22 and check out the new trailer now:

Remember to visit TV Fanatic if you need to watch True Blood online in order to catch up prior to the premiere.

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The Internet was taken aback this week when a photo of Julia Louis-Dreyfus nude on the Rolling Stone cover went viral.

Because the star's body is covered by the Constitution? Partly.

But mostly because it's Julia Louis-Dreyfus! She's someone you associate with actual muffin tops, thanks to a classic Seinfeld episode, not bodily muffin tops.

Still, the multiple-time Emmy winner isn't alone when it comes to baring (almost) all on the cover of a national magazine. Far from it, in fact.

Below, we've collected a number of these memorable poses, from those you'd most expect (hi, Lindsay Lohan!) to those you'd least expect:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Nude
Julia Louis-Dreyfus is very nude on this cover of Rolling Stone. And she looks very good.

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Last night's Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere got us thinking about the only other show on television that can compete with GOT in terms of the amount of lust and carnage it can pack into one episode.

You guessed it - Real Time With Bill Maher.

Just kidding, we're talking about True Blood, of course!

Bill and Sookie: True Blood's Sexiest Couple
Bill and Sookie from True Blood. The actors who portray them - Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin - are married in real life.

Season 7 of the hit HBO vampire soap opera doesn't premiere until June, but its never too early to start boning up (tee-hee) on all the sex, violence and shocking twists that have made the series such an enduring guilty pleasure. 

Even the most devoted fans of the series probably have a hard time keeping track of every coupling and killing. Remember the outdoor orgy orchestrated by Maryann Forrester in season 2? How about Bill and Lorena's um... head-turning hook-up from the third season?

Or, for that matter, how about any scene involving resident sex fiend Jason Stackhouse? 

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