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Shielding his or her face and trying to fight through a swarm of celebrity news reporters, a controversial, worldwide celebrity arrived at Los Angeles' LAX airport last night. The media attention was off the chain. But who could it be?

Tell us in the poll below ...

Who is this mysterious celebrity?


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Yesterday, we brought you a fun quiz, courtesy of a fellow celebrity news site, in which you had to identify a seriously f-i-n-e celebrity piece of ass. Literally.

If you haven't tested your skillz on that one yet, follow the fine ass link. We won't spoil the results by telling you who those seriously ultry buns belong to.

Today's trivia is a bit more straightforward… and inspired by the t-shirt donned by the youngster in question. We ask you, fans, who is the person in the celebrity photo below?

Is it Britney Spears in yet another hideous disguise? Is it her mystery Alcoholics Anonymous counselor, John Sundahl? Keira Knightley? Audrina Patridge from The Hills?

Who is this mystery celebrity out for a stroll and trying to keep a low profile? We think you can get this easy one. Follow the jump to find out.

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Yesterday, a fellow purveyor of Hollywood / celebrity gossip, Mollygood, posted some funny ass trivia (literally) and we can't resist passing it along to you.

Can you tell us which celebrity this fine ass belongs to?

Hmm... Well if you read any celebrity news at all, you can rule out Britney Spears. The girl doesn't wear underwear. What about an ass-tastic young star such as Kim Kardashian or Jessica Simpson? Could it be somebody relatively new to the gossip world, such as Tara Conner or even Amy Polumbo?

Follow the jump to find out ...

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