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Alleged rapper Too Short has been charged with four misdemeanors stemming from his recent DUI arrest and short-lived effort to bolt from the authorities.

Too Short Mug Shot

Short got arrested March 20 in L.A. on suspicion of DUI.

He then inexplicably tried to run from cops, only to be tackled within seconds and hauled off to jail, after which police found meth in the back of the cruiser.

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Too Short's efforts to evade police after being pulled over for DUI were quickly cut ... short. The rapper attempted to bail, only to be tripped up ... by the sidewalk.

Best of all, it's captured on a TMZ video for our entertainment.

TooShort Mug Shot

During the field sobriety test, Too Short can be seen chatting with a pair of police officers when he decided to simply take off - always a bright move.

He then fell over, making a DUI charge (and laughs) a lock.

After being tackled within seconds, Too Short was arrested.

He was also charged with drug possession, but Short's rep says the drugs weren't his - and that he ran because he's "had bad run-ins with law enforcement."

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Too Short, who is apparently a rapper, was arrested early this morning in Los Angeles for drunk driving and felony narcotics possession.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Short was pulled over for a traffic violation and when cops attempted to administer a breathalyzer to the artist… he took off on a sprint.

And then tripped and fell and was taken into custody.

Too Short Picture

But, WAIT, it gets even nuttier!

While cuffed in the back of the police cruiser, Too Short reportedly tried to dump his drugs.

The move was unsuccessful, however, and the artist was booked on multiple charges. Too bad for Too Short, huh?

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Too Short is totes alive, despite what Twitter is telling you.

The social networking site, which has a way of killing off people erroneously here and there, made the vertically-challenged rapper its latest death hoax victim.

Moreover, the rest of Internet has been on fire with false reports that the rapper died from a heart attack today. His Wiki page was even altered with the lie.

Too Short Mugshot

But T.S. just tried to regain control, Tweeting, "Stop calling my phone. I'm not dead. Repeat, I'm not dead. Been in the lab working on my 19th album."

TMZ also talked to Too Short. Today.

That would pretty much clear up the fact that he's not dead ... unless the celebrity news site is taking the hoax to a new level. Now that would be crazy.

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