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That's right, it's that guy from Big's birthday today!

We'd sing Happy Birthday to Mr. Tom Hanks but those "Happy Birthday" folks are stickers with copyright laws, so instead let's just look at his Top Ten Characters!

Check out our list below and see if you agree ...

Hanks, T.

10. Buffy and Kip Wilson - Bosom Buddies
9. Jim Lovell - Apollo 13
8. Chuck Noland - Cast Away
7. Paul Edgecomb - The Green Mile
6. Josh Baskin - Big

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Tom Hanks underwent a procedure to relieve bursitis from his elbow yesterday.

It's a basic process that takes place often around the country, but the two-time Oscar winner put a twist on the surgery... by putting it on camera!

After being told by the doctor that he sees a lot of "red," Hanks informs the viewer:

"Another syringe. Two syringes! How 'bout that? Double-barreled. Look at the fill-up. Look at that, baby! There you go...Yowzas."

Yowzas indeed. Watch the unexpected video now in all its random and hilarious glory:


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These days, most movies based on giant news stories are produced and released with shocking swiftness (often to their detriment).

That's not the case with Captain Phillips, which tells the story of the famous 2009 Somali pirate kidnapping.

Watch the Captain Phillips trailer, starring Tom Hanks:

Hanks stars as Captain Richard Phillips, who was in charge of the Maersk Alabama when it was boarded by pirates off the coast of Somalia.

Catherine Keener, Max Martini, Yul Vazquez, and Chris Mulkey also star. Captain Phillips comes out October 11.

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Tom Hanks has been posting photos of missing gloves he sees on NYC sidewalks online. Why? Why not is the real question. That's just Tom Hanks for you.

The two-time Oscar winner, whose social media accounts have become the best-kept comedic secrets of the Internet, has taken a new, serious role:

Chronicler of the Missing Glove.

  • Hanks Glove
  • Hanks Mitten

Hanks has been randomly snapping pics of orphaned gloves he comes across on New York City sidewalks and then posting them on his WhoSay page.

He captions them with witticisms like "Let your fingers do the walking" and has been steadily building his glove photo archive since January. Obviously.

While this isn't quite up there with the Tom Hanks drunk photos on Reddit, you gotta give the guy credit for sharing his awesome sense of humor.


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Tom Hanks is a funny dude.

It's easy to forget this, given his acclaimed performances in many Oscar-winning films, but this is a guy who can drop f-bombs on GMA or pose for drunk Reddit pics with the best of 'em.

His latest unexpected comedic masterpiece? A spot-on slam poem about Full House, performed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Yes, we're serious, and it's hilarious:

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GMA is no longer G-rated, thanks to Tom Hanks.

Asked by Good Morning America's Elizabeth Vargas to speak in the accent of one of the characters from his new movie Cloud Atlas, he obliged. With an f-bomb!

"Most of it is swear words," he warned, imitating, "I want people to f*%king …" before stopping himself, slapping his hand to his mouth in abject horror, and apologizing.

"Man oh man, I'm sorry," he said.

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Surrounded by family, friends and more than a few famous guests, Michael Clarke Duncan was laid to rest in Los Angeles this week.

And while it was a somber occasion - with loved ones mourning the loss of an Oscar-nominated actor who died from respiratory failure brought on by a heart attack a couple weeks ago - for all who knew Duncan, Tom Hanks found a few moments of humor at the memorial service.

The star, who acted opposite Duncan in The Green Mile, shared a story about a young "Big Mike" and how his attempt to join a local gang was thwarted by his mother. It's great, moving stuff.

Watch Hanks deliver the tale now:

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On the list of unexpected celebrity news stories, Tom Hanks meeting a fan in a Fargo, N.D., diner, clowning around with him and posing for a series of pictures in which the guy pretended to be passed out drunk may be unparalleled.

It's also pretty much the most awesome.

Tom Hanks Diner Photo

Yes, this appears to have happened to a real-life dude, who happens to use Reddit and obviously posted the Tom Hanks photos you see here on Reddit.

A million people have viewed the images, with approximately 999,999 of them saying how cool it is that the Academy Award winner would do this.

He Tweeted last week: "Back from Vacation. Missed the Olympics but know of US Women's soccer Gold!! In Fargo ND? The TNT Diner makes killer breakfast. Hanx"

So killer, some guy may steal your glasses and pass out next to you ...

  • Tom Hanks Drunk Fan Photo
  • Tom Hanks Reddit Photo
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Tom Hanks is speaking out after The Daily Caller, a conservative-leaning news site, posted a video featuring the actor and the Eagles' Glenn Frey emceeing an event at the private St. Matthew's Parish School in Pacific Palisades in 2004.

Why did this come up? A guy wearing blackface in the video.

The ostensibly shocking footage shows a fellow parent at the school dressed in what apparently was his interpretation of an African tribal costume:

Hanks responded to the blackface video in a statement today:

"For years I emceed the annual fundraising auction for my kids' school. Back in '04, I was blindsided when one of the parents got up on the stage in a costume that was hideously offensive then and is hideously offensive now."

"What is usually a night of food and drink for a good cause was, regrettably, marred by an appalling few moments."

Hanks and Rita Wilson's youngest son, Truman, is 16, and has since left St. Matthew's, which only runs until eighth grade. The school had no comment.

"It is St. Matthew's Parish School's policy not to comment on any press inquiries regarding fundraisers or other school events," a rep for the school said.

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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close arrives in theaters Christmas Day.

Who better to anchor a film about a day no American will forget - September 11, 2001 - than two of America's favorite stars, Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock.

The movie focuses on an 11-year-old who lost his father in that day's terrorist attacks, and tells the story of him embarking on a journey through New York City.

His efforts to find the lock to a key his dad left behind, and the people and items he encounters along the way, tell a unique, but relatable and poignant story.

Check out the official trailer below and see what you think:

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