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No mom wants her 5-year-old daughter being called a "prosti-tot" or other such things. Even if she's partially or wholly responsible for that happening.

According to Susanna Barrett and her lawyer, the bad reputation that her daughter, Isabella Barrett, has gotten since a video of her singing along to LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" and Rihanna's "We Found Love" is why she's suing for $30 million.

Barrett's problem isn't that TMZ posted the video.

She gave them the footage, in fact.


It's that she was under the impression TMZ was going to write a "fluff story," but ended up making a "brazen attempt to sexualize" her child. Allegedly.

First off, Barrett says, her daughter was not performing in a nightclub, as reported, but rather in an impromptu sing-along at a pet-charity dinner.

"It was kind of a spontaneous thing," the elder Barrett recalls. "You can see other people had their camera and cell phones out. You know Isabella is on a reality show so it's not uncommon for people to be taking pictures of her."

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Sigh. The mom of young Isabella Barrett of Toddlers & Tiaras fame is suing the MEDIA for over-sexualizing her daughter ... by reporting on Isabella's "Sexy And I Know It" cover.

Susanna Barrett claims media outlets, in reporting that event, portrayed her five-year-old daughter in an "overly sexualized manner." Right. All the media's fault.

In court papers, Susanna claims Isabella "did not act or portray herself sexually, erotically or provocatively" and that coverage of her performance was unfair.'

"She was not 'gyrating' at a 'nightclub' or singing 'about her sex appeal," the elder Barrett claims incredulously. "On the contrary, it is the defendants who, through their articles ... thrust these false and vulgar characteristics on to Isabella."

Yes, this is a real story. The delusional mother seems to see nothing wrong with having her daughter sing a sexually-themed LMFAO song.

The media talking about it though? Shame.

Thanks to TMZ, The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail and other celebrity news sources, “Isabella is now perceived sexually, erotically and pornographically."

Suing for $30 million, Barrett adds, "[The articles] place Isabella in physical danger, attracting the attention of others who would seek to sexualize a child.”

Well, on those grounds, can someone sue her for $30 million too then?

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Isabella Barrett is a five-year contestant on Toddlers & Tiaras who rose to fame for recently saying a competitor dresses like a "hooker."

Now Barrett has made headlines again: for reasons that defy comprehension, the tyke was a star attraction at NYC nightclub Libation Monday night, sitting in the DJ booth during a fundraiser and singing along to  LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It."

We'd ask why is wearing a tutu... and is at the event... and has ever heard of this song. But we know the answer to all those questions, don't we? Yes, we're looking at you, awful mother.

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Just when you thought you'd seen it all in terms of crazy reality star feuds, a five-year-old Toddlers & Tiaras star is talking smack about a three-year-old co-star.

Isabella Barrett? Not a fan of Paisley Dickey!

Barrett, 5, was leaving a spray tanning session in New York when she went off on Paisley, 3, for allegedly copying her spray tan look and dressing like a ho.

Seriously, this exchange really went down.

Isabella Barrett

Isabella said of Paisley Dickey, a.k.a. mini Pretty Woman, "Last time I was here, Paisley was trying to copy me ... but MY mom doesn't dress me up as a hooker."

Oh, that one hurts.

Barrett was referring to the infamous, controversial Toddlers episode when Paisley dressed up like Julia Roberts / as a prostitute for a beauty pageant.

This nonsense raises any number of questions, but two stand out:

  1. How does a five-year-old even know the word "hooker"?
  2. What parent would dress their kid up as a hooker ... or teach her five-year-old daughter to tell people that a rival girl dresses like a hooker?

Makes ya think ... and want to stab yourself in the head.

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In a sign that the apocalypse really may take place in 2012, Toddlers & Tiaras standout Eden Wood has just inked a deal for her own reality show on the Logo network.

According to WetPaint, the gay-lesbian channel that brings us hits like RuPaul’s Drag Race and Bad Sex is set to film an as-yet-untitled reality series starring Eden, 6.

“The show will document Eden and her mother’s move from their Arkansas hometown to the Big Apple,” the website claims, citing a source close to the pint-size star.

“So far, the four main characters are Eden, her mom, her manager, and her agent. Right now, they’re set to start filming at the very beginning of 2012.” Characters.

When contacted about the Eden Wood reality show, a representative for Logo said the network does not comment on stories about shows possibly in development.

But it's totes on. Whoop dee doo. Don't everyone celebrate at once.

Should Toddlers & Tiaras be pulled off the air?


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Toddlers and Tiaras aired another episode last night. Unfortunately.

The latest installment is sure to ruffle the feathers of child advocates (and all sane people really) thanks to Natalie's mom. Wow, is that woman a piece of work.

The setting is Lansing, Michigan, a quiet, hard-working city in the Upper Midwest, perhaps best known for THE Michigan State University in its eastern suburb.

Natalie's mom apparently wants to change that by making her little girl a star. She admits that basically, pageants are like crack. You get hooked. Hard.

Kelly actually seemed like a fairly normal, albeit overconfident, parent at the start. Until she wasn't. Some people take drugs, she enters Nat in pageants.

Makes total sense. Until like every addict, they can't get their fix and absolutely flip out. Honestly, where does TLC find these nut jobs week after week?

Last night's episode also featured Cadence and her sassy pageant grandma, and a two-year-old named Samara whose mother is tattooed rocker chick.

Call this show what you want, if the ratings went south, the show would be gone (ask Kate Gosselin). So the network is giving fans what they want, right?

You tell us: Should TLC yank Toddlers & Tiaras off the air?


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The nauseating and addicting gawk-fest that is Toddlers & Tiaras is back!

TLC's hit series has received a tidal wave of publicity, much of it negative, thanks to Paisley Dickey, or more likely the mom of Paisley Dickey, who dresses her as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, or as a sexy cop, depending on her mood.

But, as we learned in the season opener, it's not meant to be sexy.

A Toddlers & Tiaras Pic

It is, however, meant to exploit the kids for the parents' gain. Let's be honest. Mom Katie even admits, "I had the children so we could do the pageants."

That sums it up right there. Girls are shown in glitz and glamour beyond their comprehension, so that the mothers can live vicariously through them.

Even if that means hair extensions, heavy makeup and racy costumes.

Katie and her husband Robert look no further than RuPaul for inspiration with some of their drag routines. Seriously, it has to be seen to be believed.

"We take a lot of our inspiration from RuPaul. He's our favorite queen," she says.

Bob, 6, and Riley, 5, thus learn to be fierce, whether they'd like to or not. Bob (yes, a boy named Bob) even lets his mom glue fake eyelashes on him.

Scarred for life, that's all we can say.

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Toddlers and Tiaras star Paisley Dickey has done it again.

The three-year-old has done it again ... or her classy mom has, to put it more accurately. Famous for her Pretty Woman getup, Paisley's now going all biker chick on us.

Granted, it was Halloween, the one day each year where it's become somewhat socially acceptable to throw on one's skankiest outfit and parade around suggestively.

That assumes, of course, that one isn't THREE YEARS OLD.

Paisley Dickey Pic

Paisley's mother, Wendy Dickey, selected the finest little black mini dress and motorcycle boots for her toddler. The plus side? The hooker outfit was a little worse.

Just another chapter in the saga of reality TV's most shameless, exploitative program .... which is saying something. Kim Kardashian and family are on reality TV.

Should TLC pull Toddlers & Tiaras?


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Eden Wood of Toddlers & Tiaras fame is mercifully retired at age SIX.

Still, the aspiring actress is far from done with showbiz, and does not hesitate to make her feelings about some of Hollywood's current stars known.

Asked who her favorite singer was in a gripping interview with E!, Eden answered "Selena Gomez" without hestation. "She is so pretty. I want to be her."

Don't even get her STARTED on that Bieber kid though.

Eden Wood Picture

"I would punch him," she said of the Bieb. "He's just stupid!"

Think Beliebers would send death threats to a six-year-old?

She also doesn't care for Miley Cyrus. When asked if she was a fan of the "Party in the USA" singer, Eden Wood replied: "No, she smoked a bong!"

LOL, that she did.

The pintsize performer danced, modeled and sang in a Toddler Fashion Week show (gag) in NYC, but wants to "do music" instead from now on. Phew.

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Kids sure grow up fast these days.

For almost three years, TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras has proven this emerging trend - albeit in an extreme case - by depicting the world of child beauty pageants.

It was always borderline in terms of decency, but the controversy surrounding the show has ramped up in recent weeks after T&T hit a dubious new low.

As footage of 3- and 4-year-olds dressed in overly adult costumes hit the airwaves, critics have been mortified at the show - and the industry it documents.

Toddlers & Tiaras Pic

"Little girls are supposed to play with dolls, not be dolls," New York-based clinical social worker Mark Sichel tells People in its new cover story this week.

Padding, fake hair, flippers (faux teeth) and spray tans "cause the children tremendous confusion, wondering why they are not okay without those things."

Wendy Dickey, the woman responsible for a three-year-old's child hooker outfit, defended it as "tasteful and funny" and implied sporting outfits are worse.

Juana Myers, whose daughter MaKenzie has been featured on Toddlers & Tiaras, says unfair scrutiny has been placed on the show and pageant industry.

Has it, though? Or are people just now opening their eyes to this awfulness? What do you think? Should TLC yank Toddlers & Tiaras? Vote below:


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