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Jennie Garth often suffers from migraines, but don't worry, Twihards: the headaches are not a result of you screaming at her husband.

Indeed, the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star is married to Peter Facinelli, better known to many readers as Dr. Carlisle Cullen from The Twilight Saga. Which team is the actress therefore on? Edward or Jacob?

And who is the former Dancing with the Stars semifinalist cheering on this season? We touched on both these topics and more in an exclusive interview with Garth. Watch now:

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CariDee English is a former America's Next Top Model champion, having taken home that show's top prize in December 2006.

So what better source to go to for scoop on the current All-Star cycle?

CariDee English Image

"It gives the former contestants a chance to win the title, which is amazing to watch because the girls really know now what it feels like to let the title slip through their hands," English told THG of the format. "So all of them are bringing their A game and it's exciting to watch the veterans at Top Model winner war again!"

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Casey Abrams, a THG favorite from this past season of American Idol, is currently touring the nation with Scotty, Lauren and other season 10 finalists. But he's doing a lot more than that, too.

He's working with the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, helping to bring attention to Inflammatory Bowel Disease, the condition that almost forced him to withdraw from Idol. In the following exclusive interview, Casey speaks on his hospitalization, the tour and this important cause...

 Casey Close Up

Tell us about your hospitalization during Idol. How close were you to dropping out?
I was extremely close, I had to miss one episode because I didn't have enough blood in my system. And after that I was in and out of the hospital for the next three weeks.

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Former Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky is still engaged to her final rose recipient, Roberto Martinez, and loving life as a morning show correspondent in San Diego.

Well, for the most part. A recent injury really set her back! In an exclusive interview, Fedotowsky told us how Ab Cuts is aiding her recovery from a fractured femur.

Remind us not to take up kickboxing.

She also reflected on her stint as The Bachelorette, told us what her life has been like since, and talked all about this season's happy ending for Ashley Hebert.

Here's our chat with Ali:

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Greyson Chance will release his debut album on August 2, but fans don't need to wait that long to get a look at it.

The young artist, who was discovered by Ellen DeGeneres after releasing songs on YouTube, has unveiled the cover art for "Hold on 'Til the Night." Check it out here:

Greyson Chance Album Art

Chance worked with a team of known producers on the CD, including The Matrix (Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Jason Mraz, Britney Spears), Billy Steinberg (Enrique Iglesias, Katherine McPhee, Miranda Cosgrove) and Ron Fair (Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Black Eyed Peas).

How does he feel about it? What has this journey been like? Greyson spoke to THG on the red carpet of last night's Green Lantern premiere in Los Angeles. Watch that interview below:

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Joanie Laurer wants to make one thing clear: she is porn to be wild!

The former wrestler, best known as "Chyna," has embarked on a new career in the adult film industry (Backdoor to Chyna comes out on June 27) and, as she told THG last week, couldn't be happier with her decision.

The New Chyna

But the same can't be said for Daisi Pollard Sepulveda, who works at the PR firm Model House Talent and has been representing Chyna for months.

Earlier this month, the publicist referred to Chyna's move into porn as a "negative life choice," a critique that has officially severed her professional relationship with Laurer.

Listen to Sepulveda's comments HERE and then read Chyna's letter in response to them, provided exclusively to The Hollywood Gossip, in which she cuts ties with the PR agency.

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THG was lucky enough to speak with Giuliana Rancic last week. In our exclusive conversation with the E! News mainstay, we discussed the following:

  • The challenges of being a celebrity news anchor/interviewer.
  • How one actually becomes a Fashion Police member.
  • A few of her current celebrity fashion all-stars.
  • The upcoming season of Giuliana & Bill.
  • How short Ryan Seacrest actually is.
  • Her new site, fabfitfun.

Watch our Q&A with Giuliana below ...

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    Goodbye wrestling world, hello adult film world.

    In an exclusive interview with THG today, Chyna made it very clear that her wrestling days are like her new co-stars: behind her.

    "I'm definitely crossing over," the burgeoning, excited porn star said. "I'm thrilled with the decision, thrilled with the movie. It was a wonderful experience."

    Backdoor to Chyna Promo Art

    Indeed, Chyna is officially a Vivid girl now, having joined the biggest name in the pornography business for her first feature film, Backdoor to Chyna. It hits stores on June 27.

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    Fresh off her somewhat surprising elimination from Dancing With the Stars, Kendra Wilkinson spoke to THG yesterday about her experience on the hit show.

    Kendra says that despite lasting seven weeks on DWTS, she had a feeling her run was coming to an end this week, and is even a little relieved that it's over.

    After all, girl misses her Hank. And baby Hank.

    In addition to all things DWTS, Wilkinson also discussed the new season of Kendra, some of her secrets for staying in shape when she's not in the ballroom (notably Ab Cuts), her Mother's Day plans and even the NFL lockout situation.

    Watch our exclusive interview with her here:

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    It's Pauly D's world. The rest of us just live here.

    Jersey Shore is back this week, and Pauly spoke with THG and our TV counterpart, TV Fanatic, this week about some of the drama in Seaside Heights.

    He also mused about fame and discussed with us some of the finer things in life - hair products, tanning beds and DJing, natch. Here's our interview:

    Nice Pauly D Picture

    It's good to be Pauly D.

    You seem like the most genuine, friendly person in the Shore house. Is that just your nature, or is everyone else that much more crazy?

    That’s exactly how I am. I went on the show just being myself, and how I am back home. The funny thing about that is all of my friends back home love watching me on television because everything I do with the cast is everything I do back home.

    The things that I say, the things that I do, it’s just like watching me hang out with them, only I’m hanging out with the Jersey Shore people.

    You're famous for Jersey Shore, but you're actually from Rhode Island. Can any New England beaches match the craziness of Jersey?

    Yeah, we’ve got some beaches on Rhode Island that are just as crazy as Jersey. We have the Newport Atlantic Beach Club (ABC), which reminds me of the Jersey Shore, it’s just like it. There’s clubs out there, and we have a little bit of a boardwalk.

    It reminds me of Jersey. That’s how I compare it to Rhode Island. People go crazy at the beach and the clubs and just want to have a good time just like the shore.

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