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There were a couple major developments on The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2:

  1. Viewers met Father Gabriel, a graphic novels character played by The Wire's Seth Gilliam. Can Rick and company really trust a man who has never killed a walker, though? What is his agenda?
  2. Bob had his calf eaten by Gareth and the folks at Terminus.

We don't have a lot to say about the latter except: EWWWW!

In regard to the questions posed above, however, it looks as if The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 3 will go a long way toward answering some inquiries about Father Gabriel.

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Rick opened The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2 by telling Tara that they were all good, her past connection to The Governor be damned. They even sealed their new friendship with a fist bump.

Tyreese, meanwhile, tried to make Carol feel better about killing Karen, saying everyone will come to accept the deed as a necessity. Rick even told her later on that he owes her “everything.”

She's very much back within the group now.

Bob and Sasha were then playing a game of “Find the Good in the Bad” when they heard cries of help from Seth Gilliam’s Father Gabriel. Could the survivors trust this man of God?

They had their doubts, considering Gabriel claimed to have killed no people and no walkers, revealing very little about himself because he confesses to the Lord, not to a bunch of strangers.

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Yup, The Walking Dead is still very popular.

AMC has sent out a press release that touts The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1 as the most-watched hour in series history.

Altogether, 17.3 million people tuned in to see Rick and company escape seemingly certain death at Terminus, with 11 million of those viewers falling into the advertiser-friendly demographic if 18-49-year olds.

Those would be staggering numbers for a network show, let alone one that airs on cable.

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Rick will offer up a simple piece of advice to his son on The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2:

Never let your guard down.

That certainly makes a lot of sense after what our heroes and heroines went through at Terminus on The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1, an hour of TV as bloody, gory and violent as any that we can recall in recent memory.

AMC has not revealed much of what we can expect on next Sunday's new installment, simply teasing in a synopsis that Rick will lead a "risky mission" when supplies run low.

Check out the official network teaser now:

Looking farther ahead, meanwhile, show runner Scott Gimple tells Entertainment Weekly that we may not have seen the last of Gareth, while adding that there are “massively disgusting” things to come on Episode 2.

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Let there be no mistake: The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1 was as cringe-inducing, intense and gory as any hour in this show's history.

So it was therefore awesome!

Yes, those at Terminus are cannibals, as many have believed ever since we met them on Season 4. But the premiere offered up an unexpected twist:

These people may now be savages, but only because they were forced to adapt to a world where the concept of being a "good guy" went out the door a very long time ago. When there's no peace and no sanctuary, what is one to do?

That said, come on. Rick and the survivors aren’t cattle. They weren’t gonna be devoured without a major fight.

With our heroes and heroines lined up for the throat-cutting slaughter, Carol was able to come in and mess everything up. In the best possible way.

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Days ahead of The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere, AMC has gone ahead and stated the obvious:

The highest-rated show on television will return for Season 6!

The Walking Dead Season 5 Poster

AMC President Charlie Collier made the announcement this morning via press release, referencing this Sunday's season premiere and writing:

"We could not be more excited for October 12th as we share new episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’ with fans around the globe. In advance of Sunday’s season five premiere, AMC proudly confirms a sixth season order of this extraordinary series."

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The amazingly awesome folks at Bad Lip Reading are back.

And more hilarious than ever.

Following past videos that put The Twilight Saga in a whole different light, along with NFL clips that told us what grosses out Peyton Manning, the geniuses who edit together these clips are now turning their attention to The Walking Dead.

Can you imagine if this AMC smash were all about turtles? Or if the zombie sang? Or if Beth sang about Mr. Potato Head?

From unexpected rapping to ridiculous arguments and a lot more, you've never seen The Walking Dead like this. Trust us. Check it out now.

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres on Sunday, October 12 at 9/8c.

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When last we saw our beloved survivors on The Walking Dead, most of them were being held captive inside a train car inside Terminus. 

"They're screwing with the wrong people," said Rick Grimes. They are, indeed!

Take a look at The Walking Dead Season 5 cast photos we found on the Internet and then read on for speculation as to what might take place when the series returns.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Cast
The Walking Dead is returning soon to AMC! Take a look at the cast now!

Warning: Potential The Walking Dead spoilers follow. Read at your own risk.

Right now we have three separate stories set to converge when The Walking Dead returns. There's Terminus, Beth Greene, and Carol and Tyreese who, along with Baby Judith, are hopefully coming to the rescue.

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Rick Grimes has some troubling news for his son in the following trailer for The Walking Dead Season 5.

Featuring footage of our heroes and heroines at Terminus to kick off new episodes, the video depicts serious trouble for Glenn and company, as they are bound, gagged and threatened by the rumored cannibals at this location.

We see many guns, a lot of blood and quite a few of zombies, making it little wonder that Rick passes along a simple message to Carl toward the end of the preview:

You are not safe.

Yes, the truth can hurt. But it can also safe your life.

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When The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres on AMC in a few weeks, Rick Grimes and company will need to ask themselves one simple, albeit pressing, question:

Do they want to hunt... or be hunted?

So reads the tagline on the first official poster for new episodes, which AMC just released and which features Rick holding a very large handgun.

Walking Dead Season 5 Poster

The Walking Dead will pick up on Sunday, October 12 with our heroes and heroines trapped in Terminus, likely having to fight for their lives...

... against a bunch of cannibals? That's the rumor.

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