The Voice Season 8 has already introduced viewers to the latest crop of aspiring singing sensations pining for a spot on the NBC stage this spring.

They've gotten at least one chair to turn around. Now the hard part starts.

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The Voice Season 8 Episode 4 continued the strong start to the singing competition's latest iteration as aspiring stars gave it their all and vied for the glory on NBC.

Who earned spots in the next round? Let's meet Tuesday's survivors ...

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In Season 7 of The Voice, it has all come down to this. Only four singers remained heading into last night's finals, where each of them gave it their absolute all.

From indie rocker Matt McAndrew, country crooner Craig Wayne Boyd, falsetto fave Chris Jamison and emotive Damien, there was something for everyone.

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After eight inspired but at times uneven performances Monday, The Voice results are in once more, and a field that was eight has been pared down to just five.

Among Season 7's The Voice Top 8, it's been very tough to determine if anyone is truly standing out, or who is on their way out. This week was no different.

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