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NBC's The Voice headed into its final week of blind auditions on Monday night, and Season 6 Episode 5 did not disappoint, especially at the very end.

Family man Josh Kaufman, the last singer to take the spotlight, turned all four superstars' chairs with his rendition of George Michael‘s “One More Try” ...

Josh Kaufman: 'One More Try' (The Voice Audition)
At the crossroads of a musical career, Josh Kaufman gets a huge vote of confidence after singing George Michael's "One More Try."

Adam ultimately won Kaufman over, along with Kat Perkins, whose spin on “Gold Dust Woman,” proved she has a wealth of talent waiting to be nurtured.

Paula DeAnda, a once-signed artist looking for a second chance on The Voice, hit a home run with Ariana Grande‘s “The Way,” choosing Blake over Shakira.

Jake Barker overcame serious stage fright to wow Usher with a falsetto that made him turn around within seconds. These two are going to be great together.

Struggling artist Ria Eaton showed up to her audition with a chip on her shoulder and became the subject of a classic Adam vs. Blake duel, with the latter winning.

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The Voice Season 6 Episode 4 featured more blind auditions that did not disappoint, with each of the superstar judges picking up major talent for their rosters.

Blake Shelton, though, scored the woman most sought after last night.

The country singer added three seriously talented auditioners to his team, including Audra Mclaughlin, whose services were heavily courted by the Fab Four.

Her stunning performance of “Angel From Montgomery” prompted an elusive four-chair turn from the coaches, and Blake emerged victorious, a coup for his team.

Who else made it to the Battle Rounds with their efforts on Tuesday?

Watch the performances from night four of the blind auditions below!

Audra McLaughlin - Angel from Montgomery (The Voice Audition)
Anti-bullying advocate Audra McLaughlin turns all four coaches around with her powerful take on John Prine's "Angel from Montgomery."

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The Voice Season 6 Episode 3 was not on par with the first two installments last week, but that appeared to be a deliberate effort on behalf of the producers.

That or the talent pool has just run dry. We'll soon find out.

Either way, an alarming nine out of 20 singers failed to get a single button push, and those that did advance to the battle rounds were often less than stellar.

Not to say there weren't highlights among them, however.

A couple of singers were real chair-turners and showed potential, and as the season progresses, they may come into their own even more before our eyes.

That's what's great about the show. Check out the latest crop of contenders from the videos below and tell us if you think any or all have what it takes ...

Sisaundra Lewis - Ain't No Way (The Voice Audition)
Mother of three Sisaundra Lewis spins all four coaches in their chairs with her take on Aretha Franklin's hit, "Ain't No Way."

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The Voice Season 6 Episode 2 featured five more blind auditions that landed the aspiring singers a spot on one of the superstars' teams Tuesday night.

Ending the night with a four-chair-turn was Cary Laine's awesome performance of "Better Dig Two" by The Band Perry ... but did Blake get the country girl?

Cary Laine: "Better Dig Two" (The Voice Audition)
Mom by day and bar singer by night, Cary Laine wows the coaches and the crowd with a powerful read on The Band Perry's "Better Dig Two."

He did not!

Adam Levine, as we saw in The Voice Season 6 premiere, will pull out all the stops when it comes to wooing new talent, and scored a big win here.

Which isn't to say we should hand him his third title just yet ... but he also landed Delvin Choice, whose "A Song For You" turned four chairs as well!

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The Voice kicked off Season 6 with a wealth of talent last night, with Adam Levine seeking his third title and Blake Shelton his fourth on the NBC show.

Adam may have the upper hand, having snagged Christina Grimmie and Dawn & Hawkes, but Usher secured a key team member Monday as well.

Bria Kelly, 17, threw it DOWN with a growling version of James Taylor's "Steamroller Blues" that had all four judges vying for her. See why here:

Just how awe-struck were the fab four by what they'd just witnessed?

"O-M-G," a stunned Levine remarked. "I can't believe that was you doing that. You haven't been alive long enough to feel the pain that you were showing up there."

But Usher dragged out a Grammy to lure the breakout star. It worked.

He wasted no time throwing it in his fellow coaches faces, dancing in front of Levine with delight when Bria Kelly accepted his invite to join Team Usher.

Watch the rest of The Voice Season 6 premiere performance below!

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Christina Grimmie came in like a wrecking ball on The Voice Season 6 premiere last night, wowing the coaches with a cover of Miley Cyrus' hit single.

The 19-year-old, who was the "online host" of 2012's American Idols Live tour and who boasts over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, is no  novice.

Still, she made her presence felt like never before as every one of the big four hit their buttons for the "Wrecking Ball" cover to end all "Wrecking Ball" covers.

Watch her effort (and the rest of the singers who advanced last night) now:

Christina Grimmie: "Wrecking Ball" (The Voice Audition)
YouTube star Christina Grimmie has her pick of coaches Shakira, Usher, Adam or Blake after nailing Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball."

Adam Levine, whose team she joined, marveled at her confidence level.

"You're more comfortable onstage than I am, almost!" he proclaimed.

Levine, who also snagged the duo who turned in the best audition ever (his words) on The Voice Season 6 premiere, may be the early favorite as a result.

Which singer did you most enjoy last night? Are you glad Shakira and Usher are back in place of Christina Aguilera (pregnant) and Cee Lo Green (retired)?

Share your comments with us below!

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The Voice is back for Season 6, and Monday night's premiere featured the best audition EVER in the storied history of the popular NBC singing competition!

At least according to Adam Levine, who returns as coach alongside Blake Shelton. Both of whom have been in the swiveling spaceship chairs since day one.

Interim coaches Shakira and Usher are back in 2014, sitting in, literally, for the newly engaged and newly pregnant Christina Aguilera and just-retired Cee Lo Green.

But back to the Blind Auditions, and particularly Dawn & Hawkes ... the favorite opening effort Adam Levine has seen in six seasons! See them for yourself:

They were solid, deserving of a spot on the show and possibly having turned in the best of the night. But was Adam going overboard with such extreme praise?

Their song choice, "I've Just Seen a Face," didn't hurt, as the Maroon 5 singer is a devout Beatles buff. In any case, he wooed the duo to join his Season 6 roster.

Dawn & Hawkes weren't the only contestants who impressed last night, though. Seven other Blind Auditions earned spots in the next round. Let's take a look ...

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The Voice fans are never going to "forget you," Cee Lo Green, but after four seasons on the NBC singing competition, he is bidding it farewell just the same.

Green, who had been scheduled to take the upcoming sixth season off, announced on Ellen that he won't be returning to his spinning chair at all.

Cee Lo on Ellen

"I'm going to continue my relationship with NBC," he said.

"I have a television show development deal with them and hopefully some other talk show opportunities. But yeah, I'm going to miss The Voice too."

"So I’m not coming back guys."

An incredulous DeGeneres asked Cee Lo to clarify. "I'm not coming back at all," he said, leaving no wiggle room. "I don't want to wear out my welcome there."

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Before Tessanne Chin was named the Season 5 winner on The Voice results show Tuesday night, she took the stage with one of the greatest of all time.

The Voice is renowned for delivering dynamic vocal performances week in and week out, but Celine Dion teaming up with the latest champion? Impressive.

Watch their rendition of "Love Can Move Mountains" below ...

Tessanne Chin called Celine Dion a woman she has always looked up to, so when she found out she’d be singing with her, she absolutely lost her mind.

“She is my idol! I remember watching everything she has done since I was a 12-year-old girl,” Chin said. “She is a woman that I hold regard for."

"I want to thank her for inspiring me and making me feel this is possible. She is a mommy and a wife, that is something I want in my life. I want that balance!”

"Her story is such a story ... she is so inspiring with 14 brothers and sisters, living a very modest lifestyle and look at her now! She has everything!"

While Celine is one of the best singers to ever life, Tessanne held her own and impressed once again with her killer voice, winning the fifth season.

Dion wasn't done, either. She came back on stage later in the night with Ne-Yo to perform her new hit song, “Incredible.” Check that duet out after the jump ...

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Before Tessanne Chin was named The Voice Season 5 winner, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera joined forces to perform the former's hit "Do What U Want."

The Voice results and Tessanne's coronation were the main event, but just a tiny portion star-studded finale that saw these two stars duet for the first time.

Watch the magnificence that is Xtina and Gaga's teaming up below ...

Things started out innocuous enough, as it appeared that the Mother Monster was taking to the NBC show's stage to perform her latest single solo.

Perhaps she read the R. Kelly sexual assault allegations published this week and showed her normal, nasty collaborator on "Do What U Want" the door?

It's not clear. But she also wasn't going it alone. A magical clam shell revealed a dueling diva, Christina Aguilera, ready to join in on the performance.

Theatrical, over-the-top and pretty much perfect if you ask us. Someone's got to make this a regular thing when the hit show returns for Season 6.

Here's the crowning moment for Tessanne Chin that ended the night:

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