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In a sneak peek at next Monday's episode of The Voice, Gwen Sebastian and Erin Willett step into the battle ring to belt it out all in an effort to survive.

Erin and Gwen have very different voices, which is one of the great things about The Voice's battle rounds, in which they duet in a sudden death song!

Two go in, one comes out, with a spot on Blake Shelton's team at stake. The soundtrack? Pat Benatar's "We Belong." Watch the teaser clip below ...


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As The Voice battle rounds go, Jamie Lono vs. Jamar Rogers was a rout.

Jamie has talent, but "I Want To Know What Love Is" did not suit him. For the first time all night, it seemed like a contestant was overmatched by the song itself.

It's possible Cee Lo Green felt that Jamar was the better singer by any measure and stacked the deck a bit with the song choice. We'll never know, and so be it.

The performance itself was good, as Jamar overpowered Jamie, but Lono at least went out on a high note (pun intended) because he actually sounded decent.

Granted, he felt more like a backup singer to Jamar, but still. Watch:

Who do you think turned in the best performances of the week in Week 2 of the Battle Rounds? Follow the links to watch the rest of last night's showdowns:


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In a Battle Round matchup on The Voice Monday evening, Kim Yarbrough squared off with Whitney Myer, who sounded off at the start, but then really got things going.

She never could compete with Kim's voice or pure stage presence, however, so it looked as though she was done from the start. Such is life in a sudden-death duet.

Kim wasn't too much of an opportunity to really showcase her voice, even, but she did the best with what she had, and the two did sound pretty strong as a pair.

In the end, Adam Levine chose Kim to advance. The right call? Watch:


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In a Battle Round clash of Juliet Simms vs. Sarah Golden, who would Cee-Lo pick?

In a battle of strange costume choices, this would have been a toss-up, but Juliet showed command of the song and rocked out hard from the start on "Stay With Me."

Her gritty performance was just too much for Sarah, who seemed like a weak pop artist in need of serious auto-tune compared to the raw power of her adversary.

Cee-Lo, not surprisingly, gave the nod to Juliet. Agree? Disagree? Watch below:


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Who would Blake Shelton choose in a battle of Charlotte Sometimes vs. Lex Land?

Lex may not have helped her cause in this take on "Pumped Up Kicks." She was trying to be sultry and understated, but that often made her hard to hear.

Never a good sign in a singing competition, or at least in a sudden death duet.

Charlotte's tone, and personality, helped her here conversely. The two did not sound that terrific in tandem and Blake made a seemingly obvious call with her.

Watch the Battle Round performance below and see if you agree with Blake:


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In a battle of Lindsey Pavao vs. Lee Koch, both did justice to Nirvana on The Voice.

Lee channeled his inner Paul McDonald as well as Kurt Cobain on "Heart Shaped Box", and Lindsey showcased her impressive range throughout the performance.

There wasn't a lot of singing together, making it easier for both to shine and also hard to determine who shone brightest, since both were so exceptional this week.

In the toughest call of the night, Lee got the nod. Agree? Disagree?


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The fun Battle Rounds are back for a second week on The Voice!

Things got emotional and downright gritty this week, and in the first matchup on Monday night, Sera Hill did her best to overwhelm Geoff McBride from the get-go.

Geoff sounded sharp both in his practice and the battle itself, and she went on to miss a pretty big note on "Chain of Fools," so it was far from a runaway.

Christina Aguilera gave it to Sera. Do you agree with that call?


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The teams have been chosen. The battle rounds have begun. And when will it all come to an end?

NBC announced today that The Voice will crown its season two champion on a two-hour live episode airing May 8. Moreover, the competition will expand to twice/week beginning on April 2, as performance episodes will air on Mondays and will be followed by one-hour result shows on Tuesday nights at 9 EST.

The Voice Logo

In other network programming news, Howard Stern will debut as a judge on America's Got Talent a week after The Voice signs off.

The controversial radio host will take his place alongside Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel on May 14. Are you excited for his presence on the panel?

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Christina Aguilera could do no wrong, and no right, with this matchup.

Watching Anthony Evans square off with Jesse Campbell on The Voice was just terrific, yet it makes you wonder why she picked them to face each other.

After all, one has to go home on the spot. Does her team have that much depth that she can cut one of these two loose? It's too bad, in any event.

Jesse ultimately impressed the panel's only female coach enough to sneak through, but this was a tough one people might be second guessing.

What do you think? Did Xtina get it right? Watch the Battle Round below:

Who was your favorite performer last night? Follow the links for Monday's other Battle Round performances, with the winner of each listed first:


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Nothing "Ironic" about this performance: Jordis Unga shined.

In this battle of Team Blake Shelton members on The Voice, Brian Fuente looked timid and a bit outclassed, and not just because we never saw his Blind Audition.

Jordis just took control of this performance of the Alanis Morissette classic, even if Brian put forth aggressive energy and gave it his all, this one was over.

Watch Jordis advance to the next round right here:

In winning her Battle Round, Jordis Unga joins ...

  • RaeLynn, who ousted Adley Stump.
  • Cheesa, who topped Angie Johnson.
  • Chris Mann, who took down Monique.
  • Tony Lucca, who beat Chris Cauley.
  • Jesse Campbell, who edged Anthony Evans.