The Voice Season 7 Episode 18 saw the Top 12 sing for the glory and to advance to the next round as the home stretch of the season begins at last.

There are no more blind auditions, battles, knockouts, or coaches' reprieves.

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The Voice results are in, and they made for a night of triumph and tears Wednesday night, as only 12 artists survived among the 20 who made it this far.

America's votes saved two members on each team of five singers, which forced each of the four coaches to rescue one more of their three in jeopardy.

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The Voice Season 7 Episode 16 saw The Live Playoffs continue, with 10 of the 20 surviving contestants giving it their all in hopes of making it to next week.

With the top 20 artists performing Monday and Tuesday, and results announced Wednesday night, the week will end with the field pared down to just 12.

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The Voice Season 7 Episode 15 was the start of The Live Playoffs. The Blind Auditions are over. The Battles a thing of the past. The Knockouts a distant memory.

It's time for the cream of the crop to rise as we head into the home stretch!

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The Voice Season 7 Episode 12 saw more do-or-die performances as the remaining singers gave it their all on stage, knowing it was either win or go home.

Or at least win or pick up a coach's steal or go home. Close enough.

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More aspiring singing stars squared off with a spot in the next round at stake on The Voice Season 7 Episode 10, and left their coaches with some tough decisions.

The Knockout Rounds kick off next week, so this was the final night to either move on or go home for these singers who already beat the odds to make it this far.

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On The Voice Season 7 Episode 9, the Battle Rounds continued for the aspiring singers looking to score big or go home ... or get stolen by another coach.

Let's break down the vocal duels and the results from last night ...

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The Voice Season 7 Episode 8 saw the Battle Rounds continue as the judges pit their treasure trove of talent against each other with only room for one to advance.

Well, unless the coaches' steal comes into play, that is.

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