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Well... that was a letdown.

Following many weeks off the air, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 14 aired a disappointing installment that barely moved the story forward and didn't bring viewers close to the edges of their seats.

Katherine (posing as Elena) tried too seduce Stefan, who somehow didn't figure out that the person acting totally strange (and totally smart about history) was really his psycho ex.

Well, he did figure that out later on with the help of Caroline. But it felt a bit anti-climactic and obvious at that point.

Elsewhere, Damon tried to feed on Enzo, only Dr. Wes and his traveling mates upped the acidity of Enzo's blood for some reason because they have plans for him.

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The CW has given fans a reason to celebrate. Some very pretty and handsome reasons to celebrate, that is:

Five network dramas were just handed early renewals, with the lucky shows all guaranteed to be on The CW schedule next fall or spring including:

  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Arrow
  • Supernatural
  • The Originals
  • Reign
Men of The CW

Said CW President Mark Pedowitz in a statement:

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Damon Salvatore is a cold-blooded killer.

It has to be said. Yes, the guy is handsome... and funny... and witty. But he got dumped by Elena - actually, correction, he dumped Elena first - and he reacted by going on a killing spree.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 13 followed up Damon's devouring of poor Aaron with him and Enzo teaming up to also murder the head of Whitemore security and nearly take out Jeremy Gilbert.

Is the character past the point of redemption?

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The Vampire Diaries sure got Katty this week.

The latest installment of this CW focused largely on someone who never seems to die, and someone who was at her absolutel best in terms of snark, vengefulness and - dare we say it? - vulnerability.

She slammed Elena's red hair. She outed Caroline as a Klaus screwer. She actually gave a heartfelt speech to Damon (while pretending to be Elena) and she showed some real emotion when she chose to stick around Mystic Falls and pursue her "true love," Stefan.

Yes, in terms of the mechanics of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12, Nadia's Traveler friend successfully completed a spell in which she stuck Katherine in Elena's body forever.

But Katherine decided to remain in town instead of going on the run like always?

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How disappointing was The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 11, the heavily-hyped 100th installment of this CW hit?

Not even Caroline Forbes having scandalous sex in the forest could save it.

The special episode featured a number of unexpected returns, from Aunt Jenna to Uncle John to our all-time favorite, Alaric. All three main cast members on The Originals also stopped by, although this was a tad less expected.

All we could think was: Isn't Marcel running amok in New Orleans without the Mikaelsons around?!?

Of course, Klaus was glad he made the journey back to Mystic Falls because he totally ended up nailing Caroline in the forest. Was it hot? Yes. Was it totally and completely random? Most definitely.

The series was clearly going for a shocking moment considering it's Episode 100 and all, while a returning Tyler will mean Caroline's life is about to get far more complicated.

But Klaus' woody in the woods came completely out of left field. It was a gasp-worthy moment just for the sake of a gasp-worthy moment.

The other major development involved Katherine and - shocker! - she didn't die. She survived by following Nadia's Traveler tricks and taking over Elena's body.

Yes, TVD went there AGAIN. For the umpteenth time, a character is now impersonating another character and will set about fooling other characters on the show.

It's a tiresome storyline that, sadly, proves just how far The Vampire Diaries has fallen. It's understandable after four-plus seasons and 100 episodes, but that doesn't make it any easier to see happen.

Watch The Vampire Diaries online now and see if you agree: Has the drama run out of ideas?

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Kat Graham is known for casting spells on The Vampire Diaries Season 5.

But the actress isn't chanting anything strange or making eyes at Jeremy Gilbert in the following pictorial, snapped by celebrity photographer Terry Richardson.

Instead, she's showing off some serious flexibility, along with affection for the Chicago Bulls and a rather close shave... if you know what we mean!

Kat Graham for Terry Richardson

Graham is the latest pretty, famous face to pose for Richardson, following in the seductive, scantily-clad footsteps of such stars as Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton.

Looking to see more of this beauty? Watch The Vampire Diaries online. Also, scroll down for a wealthy of witchy images...

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It is officially all over for Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto.

The former couple, who announced their divorce in July, signed the final documents this week, with a prenuptial agreement making the process pretty easy, sources confirm to TMZ.

And pretty profitable for Wesley as well.

Paul Wesley in Vegas

The agreement states that both stars keep their earnings separate during their marriage and, as you might expect, Wesley made a great deal more than DeVitto, who is best known for roles on The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars and Army Wives.

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Is this finally it for Katherine Pierce?

On the final episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 5, viewers watched the newly-turned human fall down a flight of stairs as a result of a rapid aging process.

And with fans having to wait until January 23 for The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 11, all talk surrounding this CW hit centers on this long-time character's fate.

Will she finally die next month? Is that how the series will celebrate its 100th installment? Watch the official network teaser now for "500 Years of Solitude" and sound off with your favorite Katherine moment:

And also don't forget to take advantage of this hiatus: Watch The Vampire Diaries online to catch up before new episodes resume in early 2014

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 10 closed out the show's 2013 run Thursday night, but rather than going out with a bang, it left fans with a lot to ponder.

First off, Enzo confronted Damon for leaving him to die back in the '50s, and while Damon came through and saved him this time, the collateral damage is what hurt.

Damon accepted the fact that he's a vicious monster and broke up with Elena as a result, even as she professed her love for the vampire he is, flaws and all. Sigh.

We also learned on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 10 that Elena's dad was involved in vampire experiments, but saved humans, one of whom was Megan.

Finally, Katherine collapsed and is on the verge of dying. Will she pull through? And what else happened on the midseason finale? Watch the episode in full below:

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Ian Somerhalder is asking for a lot this year.

The Vampire Diaries hunk turns 35 today, but he doesn't want an expensive gift. Heck, he doesn't want a gift of any kind, not for himself at least.

He simply wants as many fans as possible to donate to his foundation in the same amount as the number of year he's been on Earth.

Ian Somerhalder Red Carpet Image

"I have a goal this year… we can get 1 million people of the 7 billion on the planet to donate $35 dollars," Ian writes on the official Ian Somerhalder Foundation site, adding:

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