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Secrets, secrets are no fun.

Secrets, secrets... they'll kill everyone?

On The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 19, both Damon and Stefan committed a rather grisly murder, but at least the former ended up owning up to his act.

Stefan, conversely, didn't tell Damon about killing Enzo (who is now chillin on The Other Side), a development that we'd have to guess will come back to haunt him at some point in the near future.

Most of the hour was spent on Enzo flipping out once the truth about Maggie was revealed (Damon, unaware of who she was, killed her on the night JFK was elected), even kidnapping Elena at one point.

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Is Molly Swenson dating Ian Somerhalder? Has he officially moved on from Nina Dobrev?

Was last night's Damon-Elena "we can't be friends" scene on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18 art imitating life?


Molly Swenson and Ian Somerhalder Photos

While the above photos are 7 months old, it looks totally possible that the two might be dating according to eyewitness reports coming out of LA.

Ian Somerhalder and Molly Swenson were seen stepping out together at the Details Magazine party this week. While the two weren't overly couple-y looking, they did hold hands casually and he made sure to introduce her to everyone.

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At one point on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18, Damon took a giant yawn because he was bored by the yarn Markos was spinning about very ancient history.

And we couldn't help but think: We feel your pain, buddy.

One of the more boring, uneventful hours in show history, the latest installment of this floundering CW drama officially introduced viewers and characters to the leader of The Travelers.

He quickly dispensed with the whole Doppleganger Prophecy business by saying he created a curse 1,500 years ago that was meant for his kind to gather the blood of the final Dopplegangers because only that could break the curse placed upon the Travelers by the Witches. 

They are unable to chill and gather in one place at the moment, hence the use of Passengers.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 17 continued to tease the ongoing mystery of the past few weeks:

What do the Travelers want?

This villainous group has somehow imposed its will on our favorite Mystic Falls residents - taking Stefan hostage, forcing Caroline to maybe kill an innocent man in Atlanta - without anyone actually knowing their agenda.

The latest installment of the floundering CW drama concluded with a creepily awesome scene, as numerous Travelers caught on fire... crossed over to The Other Side... and then Markos emerged out of Bonnie's fallen body.

It was very cool. But it didn't make up for the frustration of the previous 59 minutes.

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There was a surprise surgery for someone's birthday... a dead supporting character... and some seriously hot sex.

Just an ordinary night of Thursday television this week? Not exactly. We rundown the highlights below and make it easy for readers to watch TV online in order to catch up.


It was Richard Webber's birthday on GREY'S ANATOMY and Bailey gifted him with an unusual surgery. A really, really unusual surgery.

Elsewhere, Jackson and April got an unexpected, unpleasant surprise from the former's mother. Watch Grey's Anatomy online to find out what she wanted:

Staying on ABC, SCANDAL had one question to answer on the appropriately-titled "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang."

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Oh, Damon Salvatore. How right you ended up being.

On a slow, yet emotional installment, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 15 finally bid goodbye to Katherine pierce, with Damon's final words to his one-time lover proving prophetic.

See you in Hell.

Incredibly, shockingly, that's where Katherine is headed after Stefan stabbed her with the Traveler dagger.

We concluded the hour with Bonnie unable to pass her nemesis over to The Other Side because some kind of dark force has other plans for her, spiriting Katherine away to... God knows where.

Well, maybe not God. But another entity who likes it hot.

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Well... that was a letdown.

Following many weeks off the air, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 14 aired a disappointing installment that barely moved the story forward and didn't bring viewers close to the edges of their seats.

Katherine (posing as Elena) tried too seduce Stefan, who somehow didn't figure out that the person acting totally strange (and totally smart about history) was really his psycho ex.

Well, he did figure that out later on with the help of Caroline. But it felt a bit anti-climactic and obvious at that point.

Elsewhere, Damon tried to feed on Enzo, only Dr. Wes and his traveling mates upped the acidity of Enzo's blood for some reason because they have plans for him.

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The CW has given fans a reason to celebrate. Some very pretty and handsome reasons to celebrate, that is:

Five network dramas were just handed early renewals, with the lucky shows all guaranteed to be on The CW schedule next fall or spring including:

  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Arrow
  • Supernatural
  • The Originals
  • Reign
Men of The CW

Said CW President Mark Pedowitz in a statement:

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Damon Salvatore is a cold-blooded killer.

It has to be said. Yes, the guy is handsome... and funny... and witty. But he got dumped by Elena - actually, correction, he dumped Elena first - and he reacted by going on a killing spree.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 13 followed up Damon's devouring of poor Aaron with him and Enzo teaming up to also murder the head of Whitemore security and nearly take out Jeremy Gilbert.

Is the character past the point of redemption?

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The Vampire Diaries sure got Katty this week.

The latest installment of this CW focused largely on someone who never seems to die, and someone who was at her absolutel best in terms of snark, vengefulness and - dare we say it? - vulnerability.

She slammed Elena's red hair. She outed Caroline as a Klaus screwer. She actually gave a heartfelt speech to Damon (while pretending to be Elena) and she showed some real emotion when she chose to stick around Mystic Falls and pursue her "true love," Stefan.

Yes, in terms of the mechanics of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12, Nadia's Traveler friend successfully completed a spell in which she stuck Katherine in Elena's body forever.

But Katherine decided to remain in town instead of going on the run like always?

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