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It's been an interesting week for The Talk co-host Sharon Osbourne.

On Tuesday, Osbourne trashed U2, and forever earned a place in the hearts of the millions who are still trying to figure out how to delete that damn album from their iTunes.

Earlier today, however, Sharon shocked viewers in a very different way when she revealed that she once slit her wrist several times in an effort to show her future husband, Ozzy Osbourne, how much she loved him.

Sharon made the shocking revelation as part of The Talk's "Secret Week," for which each of the ladies was asked to confess something about their pasts that they'd previously kept hidden:

Osbourne says she'd never previously discussed the incident "out of embarrassment," and added that even her children had never heard the story before.

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No, Sheryl Underwood and The Talk. Just... no.

With this CBS gabfest heading to New York City over the coming week for a series of live episodes, Underwood helped promote the event on Friday by entering the studio like Miley Cyrus.

She wore a oneside. She rode a wrecking ball. She lacked any and all originality.

Seriously, people of Hollywood, you can't mock Miley one second for being desperate to get attention... and then steal all her moves and outfits yourselves the next second. Come up with your own stuff, please...

... and wish Miley a happy 21st birthday! She celebrates that miletone today.

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