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It's all about ME.

That's the theme as Sonja takes center stage. So, the Marriage Equality of New York (MENY) march asks Sonja to be the Grand Marshall? Is she really that big of a draw?

I mean I know I'm not their target audience but still, Sonja's a gay icon?

Oh, and in case you missed it, it's Sonja Morgan's special day. 

Alex Glares at Sonja

It's a scary, scary world when Kelly Bensimon is the voice of reason.

The ladies (and Simon) make fools of themselves. The wedding gowns look ridiculous as Luann's keeps popping open, Sonja wears a toga inspired number (perhaps this was her goddess impression) and Alex looks absurd as she bickers with everyone in her veil.

How could Sonja not let Simon speak? It's about gay marriage. Poor Simon wore his sequin rainbow tux. He took the jacket out of the closet. He'd like his opportunity now. "I like my men," says Simon. Yes, Simon. We never really questioned it.

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The Real Housewives of New York City are back and time away has done nothing to heal old wounds. Perhaps if these ladies retracted their claws, it might slow the bloodshed. But then again, what fun would that be?

Bethenny Frankel has jumped ship to start her own reality series but Jill Zarin is still smarting from the loss of the friendship.

In true Jill fashion, she lays all of the blame at Bethenny's door, stating that her former friend is just one of the those women who no longer has a need for her girlfriends as soon as she finds a husband.

Ah, Jill. Nice way to take your share of the responsibility for the breakup.

Jill Zarin Cries

Jill's losing friends fast. Alex and Jill just can't stay away from one another and Ramona keeps fueling that fire. Seems that Jill's good friend is enjoying throwing arch nemesis Alex in her path every chance she gets. 

The new and improved Alex says her goal is to voice her opinions but it looks more like she's gunning for a fight. There's speaking your mind and then there's just being bitchy. I'm not sure Alex knows the difference yet.

Speaking of bitchy, Alex's little scene with Jill at the wedding certainly showed her spiteful side. Although Jill's explanation about being on an "honorary committee" sounded patently absurd.

Apparently it's a committee for people who care enough to lend their name but not quite enough to actually show up for the event.

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What can viewers expect when The Real Housewives of New York City returns with season four on April 7? This preview offers an overall tease.

But let's get more specific: over at least the first two episodes, we'll meet Brian Farrell, a 42-year old artist who grew up in Long Island and is dating cast member Sonja Morgan.

Spencer Grammer and James Hesketh Photo

According to his Facebook page, Farrell grew up with an alcoholic and physically abusive father. He subsequently battled depression and even attempted suicide on more than one occasion.

"Today, I am no longer drinking or take any medications," he writes on that social networking page. "I enjoy a healthy life of yoga, surfing, sleep and diet."

No word on whether or not Farrell is still dating Morgan, but she gushes about him on the premiere:

"We have all these hedge-fund banker friends together. I get my financing from them and they buy his paintings... He comes in these tight white T-shirts with the jeans hanging low."

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They've lost Bethenny Frankel and they’ve added Cindy Barshop. What will this mean for The Real Housewives of New York City what they return on April 7?

Based on the following promo, it will mean man-hunting for The Countess and Sonja are man-hunting... a possible pregnancy for Ramona... a changed Jill... and a frolicking Kelly. What else can fans expect from the fourth season of this franchise?

Get an idea now:

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Bravo viewers might not have seen the last of Camille Grammer after all.

Despite strong rumors that this attention-starved nut job will exit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Radar Online now quotes a source that says she may simply move east and appear on The Real Housewives of New York City.

During the Reunion

"She would consider making a guest appearance or several appearances on the New York franchise, but it would have to be done in a way that wouldn't disrupt Camille's schedule with the children," the insider says.

Of course - as she continues to prove by publicly bashing their father - Camille can't make any decisions right now because she's too focused on her children, who the friend describes as Grammer's "number-one priority."

Also of importance to this self-centered irritant? Not being painted as a villain if she does switch franchises. Says the source:

"It bothers Camille that the producers and execs at Bravo want to bring her on the show to stir up the pot. Camille doesn't want to be known as that 'mean' girl anymore."

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From her role as a cast member on The Real Housewives of New York, we know LuAnn de Lessep can follow a script. Now, the Countess will get a chance to do it on a show that actually admits it's fiction!

De Lesseps will make her non-Bravo debut on an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU, portraying "an eccentric art patron who poses semi-nude for a painter," according to The New York Post.

The installment will air on February 23 and TV viewers will gather in a pray circle tonight in the hope that LuAnn isn't asked to sing on it.


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Both Danielle Staub and Michaele Salahi have been let go from their respective Real Housewives franchises.

But Ramona Singer has apparently been passed the crazy torch, and is putting it to immediate use!

Sources tell Life & Style that "Ramona slapped one of the producers from the company that produces the reality show. It got very out of hand." It's unclear when this incident took place, but we have a feeling Bravo will proudly air the footage when The Real Housewives of New York City premieres.

"Ramona has been acting out physically and emotionally," an insider told the magazine. "Her acting out wasn't a storyline for the show. It's crazy; everyone involved in the show has been talking about it. What seems to be going on with her lately is unclear, but she's been very erratic."

Erratic... or just savvy. When has ridiculous behavior not helped a reality star get even more famous?


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Cindy Barshop is the owner of the Completely Bare Salon, a boutique in New York City that specializes in total and complete hair removal.

Now, it's been confirmed by Ramona Singer that this socialiate will be baring her soul on national television, as Barshop will definitely be coming on board The Real Housewives of New York City next season.

Ramona Singer Promo Pic

Here's The Situation: Cindy Barshop is a new, Real Housewife.

"She's really a fabulous woman," Singer told Us Weekly. "I've known her for a while. We have a lot in common. She's independent, a strong business woman. She's a very impressive woman: Smart, powerful. I think she will be an amazing addition to our crew."

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Cindy Barshop, founder and owner of Completely Bare, a successful chain of day spas specializing in hair removal, is joining The Real Housewives of New York City.

We actually did a story on her years ago because she's Paris Hilton's bikini waxer. Who knew? To think, only she and a few dozen guys have seen Paris like that.

Anyway. With three locations in Manhattan, plus branches in Palm Beach, Fla. and Scarsdale, N.Y., Cindy Barshop's empire is self-made, and extremely successful.

But it's not all business for her. She's also single mom to twin girls Zoe and Jesse, born in 2009. Adds a source close to the new star: "She's funny and very nice!"

Her casting on The Real Housewives of NYC was confirmed by Us, although the identity of the new housewife has been a carefully-guarded secret all summer.

"We have this new girl coming on. She is very happy with herself," Ramona Singer said. "Not to say I'm not going to get pissed at her or have a fight with her."

Thank goodness.

Barshop replaces the newly-departed Bethenny Frankel. Ramona, Kelly Bensimon, Jill Zarin LuAnn de Lesseps, Alex McCord and Sonja Morgan round out the cast.

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You'll never guess who's returning to The Real Housewives of New York City.

Okay, you probably will.

In an interview with People magazine, Ramona Singer pretty much admitted that the show needs someone more exciting than her, Alex McCord, Kelly Bensimon, Jill Zarin, Sonja Morgan and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps. In other words:

  • Ramona Singer Photo
  • Bethenny at the VMAs

The Real Housewives of New York City just can't quit Bethenny Frankel.

"We need a Bethenny moment," Singer said, previewing the new season. [Bethenny Frankel] will come on a little bit."

Ramona added that "one or two" new women might debut on the series, while concluding: "I think we’re going to have some good energy. And I’m not going to let any bad energy come into the show.”

Sounds like a total snooze! Perhaps Bravo should place a call and ratchet up the drama. We hear Danielle Staub is available to appear.