Teresa Giudice may be paying her debt to society by serving out her 15-month prison sentence, but she still has to worry about settling up with the federal government in a much more literal way.

Radar Online is reporting that the Giudices still owe about $400,000 in restitution, and since Teresa and Joe have no income (She's locked up; he's cripplingly lazy.), the feds are laying claim to some of the family's most prized possessions.

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Things just keep getting worse for Teresa Giudice.

The disgraced Housewife is still serving a 15-month sentence on fraud charges, and now it looks like she might not have a home to come back to when she eventually gets sprung.

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Have The Real Housewives of New Jersey officially become outcasts? At least as far as the NBC Upfronts are concerned, it sure looks like it.

At the annual network event, during which the media is introduced to the upcoming season’s shows on Bravo, NONE of the cast will be there.

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