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The Real Housewives are known for throwing lavish parties, wearing pricey bling, and creating endless drama on Bravo.

But when they're not busy throwing drinks in each other's faces, it seems like they can be probably found on a beach or by a pool somewhere. 

And where there's a housewife and water there's probably a string bikini or a bedazzled cut-out swimsuit, too.

Don't believe us? 

We've rounded up 24 housewives who are flaunting their bikini bods ...

Real Housewives: The Ultimate Bikini Body Slideshow
Joanna Krupa is hotter than hot on The Real Housewives of Miami.
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Joanna Krupa

1. Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa is hotter than hot on The Real Housewives of Miami.

Brandi Glanville

2. Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville is one tall drink of water, who looks smoking hot in a bikini. She should be a model.

Kelly Bensimon Bikini Pic

3. Kelly Bensimon Bikini Pic

Kelly Bensimon is proud of her figure. She shows it off here in Shape Magazine.

Teresa Giudice Bikini Photo

4. Teresa Giudice Bikini Photo

Oh, Teresa Giudice. What would we do without you?

Melissa Gorga Bikini Pic

5. Melissa Gorga Bikini Pic

Would you tap this? Melissa Gorga shows off her bikini body in Life & Style.

Kandi Burruss Instagram Photo

6. Kandi Burruss Instagram Photo

Kandi Burruss is proud of her beach body. She shows it off in this photo.

Kenya Moore, Ass

7. Kenya Moore, Ass

Kenya Moore flaunts what she's got.

Bethenny Frankel Bikini Body

8. Bethenny Frankel Bikini Body

Those Skinnygirl margs sure work for Bethenny.

Glen and Cristy Rice

9. Glen and Cristy Rice

Cristy Rice was married to NBA sharp shooter Glen Rice. They are pictured together here.

Gretchen Rossi Bikini

10. Gretchen Rossi Bikini

Blonde bombshell Gretchen Rossi flaunts her figure in a teeny weeny pink bikini.

Tamra Barney Bikini

11. Tamra Barney Bikini

OC hottie Tamra rocks a bikini (with a sexy coverup). Lookin' good!

Phaedra Parks Pregnant Pic

12. Phaedra Parks Pregnant Pic

Phaedra shows off her baby bump in this swimsuit pic.

Lisa Hochstein Bikini

13. Lisa Hochstein Bikini

Lisa Hochstein brings the heat. Miami (and a plastic surgeon husband) does a body good.

Kim Zolciak Bikini

14. Kim Zolciak Bikini

Kim Zolciak showed off her pregnant bikini bod in this family pic.

Ramona Singer Bikini

15. Ramona Singer Bikini

NYC's Ramona Singer looks fabulous while having fun in the sun. The only thing missing is a glass of Pinot Grigio.

Kyle Richards Bikini

16. Kyle Richards Bikini

Hot momma Kyle Richards shows off her fit physique.

Alexis Bellino Bikini

17. Alexis Bellino Bikini

Alexis Bellino (or as Tamra calls her, "Jesus Jugs") loves a good bikini selfie.

Aviva Drescher

18. Aviva Drescher

NYC's Aviva Drescher (mom of four!) loves to work out and it shows.

Sonja Morgan Bikini

19. Sonja Morgan Bikini

Sonja Morgan strikes a pose in a colorful ensemble.

Danielle Staub

20. Danielle Staub

Former Jersey girl Danielle snaps a pic of her yellow bikini. She's 51!

Porsha Williams Bikini

21. Porsha Williams Bikini

Atlanta's stunning Porsha Williams should wear bikinis all the time.

Carlton Gebbia

22. Carlton Gebbia

New Beverly Hills cast member Carlton loves to rock sexy little numbers like this bikini.

Yolanda Foster

23. Yolanda Foster

There's no denying that this dutch beauty was a model one upon a time. Yolanda Foster looks fab!

Joyce Giraud

24. Joyce Giraud

Beverly Hills newbie Joyce is a two time Miss Puerto Rico!

From Beverly Hills to Atlanta, these cat fight queens are fans of showing some skin. 

Click through above to see the the ultimate Real Housewives bikini body sideshow!

And don't forget to tell us who your fave Housewife is...

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 15 saw Kenya Moore throw an event for one of NeNe Leakes' charities, but NeNe was not in a giving mood.

Kenya hoped this would smooth things over between them. Boy was she mistaken. NeNe showed up and made a speech, but this only fueled the tension.

When Peter stopped to tell NeNe what he thought of her actions, things got even more heated. You can guarantee you haven't seen the last of this feud.

Elsewhere, Kandi found out that her mother tried to set Todd up with another woman and catch him red handed to torpedo their relationship. Seriously.

Finally, Porsha earned herself a role in Kandi's musical, so someone was happy at least! Scroll through 11 of the best moments from last night in pictures:

Kenya Went Off!

1. Kenya Went Off!

The group spills about the pillow talk party.

Her Voice ...

2. Her Voice ...

Porsha had some skeptics going in, no doubt.

Porsha Sings!

3. Porsha Sings!

But she won them over!



And she got the part!


5. Ewww

Kenya's got a hairy situation on her hands here.

Kenya Rollin'

6. Kenya Rollin'

Kenya shows off her skills, and that is how she rolls.


7. Ouch!

That's gotta hurt!


8. Monster-in-Law

Kandi can't believe the voicemail her mom left or how low she would stoop.

NeNe Shows Up

9. NeNe Shows Up

Reluctantly, Leakes arrives at the scene.

Her Speech BLOWS Up

10. Her Speech BLOWS Up

NeNe gives a speech as requested, but it's not what the organizer had in mind.

Words Are Exchanged

11. Words Are Exchanged

Things got heated. To say the least.

As always, don't forget, you can watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online at TV Fanatic to experience all the drama of each episode from beginning to end.


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NeNe Leakes has allegedly given Bravo a choice:

It's either Kenya Moore or me!

As evidenced once again on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 15, these two cast members simply do not get along - and a new report claims Leakes has had it.

17 Photos of NeNe Leakes Keeping It Real
Love NeNe Leakes or hate her, you must admit: she brings the entertainment to Bravo!
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NeNe Leakes Red Carpet Image

1. NeNe Leakes Red Carpet Image

Love NeNe Leakes or hate her, you must admit: she brings the entertainment to Bravo!

Don't Mess with NeNe

2. Don't Mess with NeNe

This is not a good time to mess with NeNe Leakes on The Real Housewives of Atlanta season premiere.

NeNe Leakes and Gregg Leakes

3. NeNe Leakes and Gregg Leakes

NeNe Leakes and Gregg Leakes are getting married! Again! And Bravo will be there to chronicle their journey.

NeNe Leakes is Rich

4. NeNe Leakes is Rich

NeNe Leakes has a reason to smile. She will be making serious bank on the new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

NeNe Leakes Up Close

5. NeNe Leakes Up Close

NeNe Leakes doesn't look at all plastic in this photo. She's totally never had plastic surgery.

NeNe Leakes on the Red Carpet

6. NeNe Leakes on the Red Carpet

NeNe Leakes strikes a red carpet pose in this still image. She has a recurring role on The New Normal.

NeNe Leakes Promo Pic

7. NeNe Leakes Promo Pic

Bravo viewers seem to adore NeNe Leakes. No one really knows why.

NeNe Not Happy

8. NeNe Not Happy

NeNe Leakes representing on Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special.

NeNe Image

9. NeNe Image

NeNe Leakes as a sitcom star? The Real Housewife has signed on for a Ryan Murphy pilot, The New Normal."

That NeNe Look

10. That NeNe Look

A look says it all on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Especially if said look is from Nene.

NeNe Leakes Will Wreck You

11. NeNe Leakes Will Wreck You

Don't mess with NeNe.

A NeNe Leakes Pic

12. A NeNe Leakes Pic

A nice, flattering NeNe Leakes pic from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

NeNe Leakes Body

13. NeNe Leakes Body

NeNe Leakes certainly knows how to dress for her body. Or not.

Player Please

14. Player Please

Nene Leakes ain't buyin' it.

NeNe L. Photo

15. NeNe L. Photo

NeNe Leakes stars on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and now Celebrity Apprentice. She's pretty much right up THG's alley.

NeNe Promo Pic

16. NeNe Promo Pic

NeNe Leakes has made a name for herself by just being herself. She stars on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

NeNe Picture

17. NeNe Picture

NeNe Leakes stirs up many emotions. This Real Housewife of Atlanta is either loved or loathed.

According to rarely-reliable website MediaTakeOut, Leakes "has given Bravo word that she DOES NOT want to return for next season… unless Kenya Moore is fired."

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 15 brought the drama to Bravo once again with Kenya Moore holding a charity event in honor of ... NeNe.

Not that she bothered to tell the infamous Mrs. Leakes aside from the evite.

Despite the olive branch extended by Kenya, it's clear that the tension is still palpable between them and they haven't yet buried the hatchet since the fight.

Yes, THE fight. Does the pajama party tussle need any introduction?

You can watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online if you need to catch up, but to make a long story short, Kenya blames NeNe for her line of questioning.

Conversely, NeNe blames Kenya for standing up and instigating the first physical attack. Both have points, but neither has the common sense to let it go.

Kenya’s strategy was to “kill her with kindness” at this event. Mmm hmm.

The charity masquerade ball featured Moore auctioning off bachelors for Saving our Daughters, a charity NeNe supports. Sounds pretty nice in theory.

Except Kenya simply sent an Evite to the ladies on the show, including NeNe. She didn’t bother to contact NeNe personally, which just fueled the fire.

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It was only a matter of time, we suppose. The first annual Real Housewives Awards are a real thing that's happening, and YOU can vote for the winners!

Or losers ... depending on your point of view. Either way, you get the idea!

Described as a celebration of the most buzz-worthy moments from recent seasons, the Real Housewives Awards will feature the following 12 categories:

Real Housewives Pics
  • Most Memorable Outfit
  • Most Shocking Reunion Twist
  • Loveliest Locks
  • Best Fight Locale
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Best Supporting Agitator
  • Party of the Year
  • Favorite Quote
  • OMG-est Moment of the Year
  • Outstanding Achievement in Extremely Short Form Live Action (Curated by RealityTVGIFs)
  • Favorite Housewife City (Fans can vote by liking and sharing photos on Facebook)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award (non-voting category)

Sadly, Best Fight is not a category, although Best Fight Locale is pretty close, and we've put a bunch of them in our collection of Best Celebrity Fights anyway:

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Forget sex. Fighting apparently sells.

Last Sunday's totally awesome and crazy fight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta earned that show record ratings, as 4.6 million households tuned in, more than half of which were within the advertiser-friendly demographic of 18-49-year olds.

In case you missed it… well, you should click on the link below to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online.

But the brawl was between Kandi and Peter - and anyone else who got in their way - as they went at it during NeNe Leakes' pajama party. 

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 14 was one giant hot mess, as you might expect after the epic fight that broke out last Sunday.

This week, in typical Bravo fashion (if you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you knew it was coming), the ladies rehashed the whole thing!

The main takeaway? Blame Kenya Moore 100 percent.

The ladies are all about drama, but with Kenya, it's on another level. Woman doesn't just like to gossip. She wants it to boil over to almost pathological levels.

Cynthia and Kandi worked out their issues, while Nene was the one to got to the bottom of the brouhaha, and for once, the women were a united front!

Well, not Kenya. The rest were united against Kenya.

As Ms. Leakes pointed out, others were involved, but the whole brawl (see video below, we really can't do it justice) started because Kenya overreacted.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida is free on bail pending his trial on federal fraud charges, surrendering his passport as a condition of his bail.

Phaedra Parks‘ husband is free after posting $25,000 bail after being charged with bank fraud and identity theft on January 23, following a months-long probe.

The investigation began last fall, right around the time the INSANE FIGHT that aired on Sunday's episode. YIKES. Apollo was likely a little stressed ...

He is required to regularly report to a probation officer, and actively seek employment (starring on RHOA doesn’t count in the eyes of the court apparently).

Apollo Nida was ordered to give up his passport, may only leave Atlanta if officials approve the trip, and must surrender any firearms immediately.

He must also refrain from ingesting drugs or alcohol and obey all laws ... let's hope the judge didn't watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online Sunday.

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It's been a whirlwind day in the world of reality television.

THE AMAZING RACE named a couple Globetrotters, two cancer survivors and a pair of YouTube hosts as its upcoming All-Stars edition, releasing the following cast photo in anticipation of the February 23 premiere.

The Amazing Race All-Stars

KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS told the story of a homeless Khloe, a stripping Kourtney, a singing Kris and a lactating Kim. Yes, sadly, you read that final part correctly.

Watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online here for more... if you dare:

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 13 saw tensions boil over between Apollo Nida and Brandon DeShaver, which probably isn't surprising.

After all, if the episode was taped 9-10 weeks before Kandi Burruss’ play, as was implied, filming of these events probably took place in mid-September.

The significance of that timeline?

An investigation that led to Apollo Nida being charged with fraud and identity theft kicked into high gear September 13 with his phone and laptop were seized.

On that day, Apollo discovered the woman he was working with on the alleged scheme had turned on him, and that the feds were officially on his behind.

Knowing this was going down following the charges that were filed just last week puts an interesting spin on the events that played out on Bravo Sunday.

Perhaps, he was a little on edge. Knowing a prison sentence is on the horizon will do that to a person. Especially one who's already kind of a hothead.

You've got to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online to appreciate it, but Apollo came at Kenya Moore’s friend Brandon DeShaver. HARD.

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