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The Hollywood Gossip is proud to present another edition of The Pulse, where we recap all the day's biggest events in celebrity news and gossip.

From The Bachelor finale and its surprise aftermath to a young starlet plagued by one racy photo scandal after another, it's been a wild 24 hours.

Catch up on those stories, plus a potential suicide scare from one of Charlie Sheen's porn pals, and a viral hit that may go down as the worst/best ever ...

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We're down to a dozen on American Idol.

With the elimination of Ashthon Jones, season 10 has whittled its number of finalists down to 12. Who impressed our staff the most last week?

Pia Toscano earned another standing ovation, Casey Abrams howled his way into our hearts and James Durbin proved that he's a lot more than just a rocker. As the contestants head into tomorrow night's performance show and sing for your votes again, catch up on anything you may have missed via this edition of The Pulse:

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Emily Maynard. Chantal O'Brien. The Bachelor spoilers have predicted one, then the other (follow the link for the most current speculation and reasoning).

Soon we will know for sure who Brad Womack chooses. Will it be Chantal, whose chemistry with him is so obvious, or Emily, the fan favorite from Day One?

THG breaks down both finalists in another edition of The Pulse ...

Who do you want to win The Bachelor, Chantal or Emily?


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The 2011 Academy Awards left a lot to be desired.

From filler to f-bombs and failed co-hosts, the granddaddy of Hollywood galas just didn't cut it, although there were some memorable moments.

THG examines the highlights (what few there were), and why this year's Oscars were largely forgettable in our latest edition of The Pulse ...

For more on Sunday night's red carpet fashion, and to vote on the big winners and losers in the couture arena, visit our celebrity style section!

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Can Lindsay Lohan avoid doing time for allegedly stealing a necklace?

The actress insists she's innocent, rejecting a plea deal Wednesday in favor of taking her chances in a jury trial. But it may not be as simple as LiLo thinks.

The Hollywood Gossip breaks down the troubled star's latest legal drama and what her biggest obstacles might be in our latest edition of The Pulse:

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What destroyed the Cyrus family, according to Billy Ray?

Who is attacking Miley?

How would this country artist rewrite history if given the chance?

All of these topics are covered below, as THG presents our first edition of The Pulse. Custom made for readers who don't have time to click through numerous stories, this is your chance to get caught up in just 90 seconds. Sit back and prepare to be shocked by the comparisons made by Billy Ray now...

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