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Evan Ross is the latest name to be added to The Hunger Games franchise.

The actor (90210), 25, will portray Messalla in the final two installments of the story, coming on board Mockingjay as part of the television crew that films propaganda movies in The Capitol.

Evan Ross Picture

The character serves as the assistant to Cressida, who will be portrayed by Natalie Dormer.

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Stef Dawson has joined the cast of The Hunger Games.

The Australian actress will come on board the final two installments of this blockbuster franchise as Annie Cresta, the District 4 Victor and love interest of Sam Claflin's Finnick Odair.

New HG Star

Dawson is the second actress in the past couple weeks to be named to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2, as Natalie Dormer is signed up to portray the rebellious Cressida in the movies that are scheduled for release in late 20125 and 2016, respectively.

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Luck is ever on the side of Natalie Dormer.

The actress - best known for her playing Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones - has joined the cast of The Hunger Games and will portray Cressida in both The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and Part 2.

Natalie Dormer Picture

The character, who possesses many tattoos and a bald head, works as a film director and flees The Capitol to join the rebellion in the final two installments of this franchise.

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With The Hunger Games headed to Comic-Con, we can now confirm that Julianne More may be headed to The Hunger Games!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Moore would come on board the final two installments of the franchise as District 13 leader Alma Coin, a major character in Suzanne Collins' "Mockingjay."

Coin clashes with Katniss and draw suspicion from our heroine as she does battle with the Capitol regime.

Julianne Moore Image

Negotiations are allegedly ongoing, but the Oscar nominee would be yet another casting coup for the films, which added Philip Seymour Hoffman to Catching Fire.

He, of course, is joining the established trio of Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth.

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will have a panel at Comic-Con next month, Lionsgate announced today in both predictable and awesome news.

Sam Claflin as Finnick

It’s unclear which Hunger Games stars will be in attendance, but Lionsgate promises that “talent” from the film will be there for the Saturday, July 20 panel.

One can only hope (nay, pray) for Jennifer Lawrence.

And Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth and Woody Harrelson and Sam Claflin (above) too, sure. But for reals, Lionsgate ... J-Law. Make it happen.

The Lionsgate panel will also debut an exclusive new Catching Fire trailer and new footage from I, Frankenstein, whose cast will also be on hand.

Buy your tickets to San Diego now!

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Katniss Everdeen has taken her bow and arrow to The Twilight Saga and hit a bull's eye:

The Hunger Games has sold 3.8 million copies in its first two days of release, outpacing both previous installments of that other popular young adult series.

In February, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 sold 3.2 million DVDs and Blu-rays on its first weekend, while Eclipse came out to 2.7 million in December 2010.

There's still a long way to go for The Hunger Games, of course, as Catching Fire - with Sam Claflin as the key character of Finnick Odair - hits theaters in November 2013, but sound off now:

Which movie franchise do you like best?


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Even the most ardent Hunger Games fan must admit: the following is positively hilarious.

Brought to us by the folks at Screen Junkies, it's an "honest" trailer for the blockbuster movie, one that points out just a few flaws.

Such as how Katniss can escape all conceivable dangers through the use of trees. Or how Panem is set in a “future so advanced they can conjure fire and monster dogs, but not food for the poor.” Or how the story "forces two actors with no chemistry to awkwardly fall in love."

Overall, let's just say the narrator with the awesome voice is NOT a fan of Peeta. But he sure would love to orally pleasure Liam Hemsworth. Just watch for yourself:

In actual franchise news, meanwhile, Sam Claflin has been cast as Finnick in Catching Fire. Are you down with that choice?

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Lynn Cohen is set to enter The Hunger Games arena.

The actress has been cast in the sequel to this blockbuster as Mags, an elderly Tribute from District 4 who has served as a mentor to Finnick Odair.

Lynn Cohen Picture

Cohen is the latest addition to the impressive Catching Fire crew.

Aside from returning stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, Sam Claflin is reportedly on board as Finnick, while Philip Seymour Hoffman will take on Plutarch Heavensbee and Jena Malone plays Johanna Mason.

Catching Fire comes out on November 22, 2013.

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The Hunger Games is going the way to The Twilight Saga and Harry Potter.

Lionsgate announced today that it would split Mockingjay, the final installment in Suzanne Collins' penned trilogy into two movies, the better to maximize profits of course.

The studio even came out with the extended titles and release dates for the films:

Fake Mockingjay Poster
  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 will bow worldwide November 21, 2014.
  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 will come out on November 20, 2015.

Catching Fire, meanwhile, hits theaters on November 22, 2013.

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With all the casting chatter surrounding Catching Fire - Jena Malone! Philip Seymour Hoffman! - let's not forget about the movie that started it all.

The Hunger Games comes out on DVD August 18, and the following teaser for the release takes fans behind the scenes with the film's stars and teases the three hours of bonus footage you'll receive if you purchase the box set.

Watch now:

Special features include:

  • An interview with author Suzanne Collin.
  • A Conversation with director Gary Ross.
  • A faux propaganda from the Capitol.
  • Looks at Jennifer Lawrence and company training for the Games.
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