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Will she or won't she?

This question applies to two different women heading into The Good Wife Season 6.

Will Alicia run for State's Attorney? No, she claims in the following promo, released today by CBS. But maybe, it's safe to assume, after Eli tells her she can win.

Will Diane join Florrick/Agos? Based on the footage below, that answer appears to be a lot clearer... much to Cary's chagrin.

Take a look at the first Season 6 teaser below and prepare for the first episode (titled "The Line") to air o Sunday, September 21 at a special time, 9:30/8:30c. 

Looking to catch up prior to that date?

You can always watch The Good Wife online via our friends at TV Fanatic.

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With viewers still reeling from last Sunday's stunning death on The Good Wife, this CBS drama aired an emotional hour last night that featured a number of characters seeking answers.

How would they move on in light of Will's unexpected death?

DAVID LEE would retreat to a conference room and show a vulnerable side never before seen on the series before.

DIANE would honor Will's memory by firing one of his top clients, a man more concerned with the future of his own business than the fate of the attorney who helped protect it for so long.

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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 15 saw the Jeffrey Grant case reach critical mass, with the defendant hoping for an acquittal based on DNA evidence.

Will met with Kalinda to try to keep her from quitting, an idea she's mulling but he scoffs at, telling her that they're too much alike and are in this for life.

As Alicia submits to a deposition regarding the voter fraud case against Peter and picks Cary to represent her, Kalinda worries that Jeffrey Grant is guilty.

Then a bombshell is dropped that you simply wouldn't believe.

Before we go any further, now is your chance to follow the link to watch The Good Wife online at TV Fanatic and see it before we give any details away ...

The shocking event promised at the end of The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 15 was certainly that, and puts a lot of other plot points into perspective.

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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 13, "Parallel Construction, Bitches," was hyped up to a major degree by CBS and billed as the start of a three-episode event.

The concept of a multi-episode "event" on a show that's already serialized seems silly in a sense, but it raises expectations in terms of both significance and quality.

Did it deliver? Or was that a marketing ploy designed to remind us that the show is still on? We won't know for sure for another two weeks, probably.

That said, The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 13 was a good one.

The arc seems to be focused on the National Security Agency (NSA) and its relation to other factions within the U.S. government and America in general.

As it pertains to the characters, the Public Integrity Section (PIN) of the Department of Justice could bring down the Florricks for engaging in voting fraud.

The episode, entitled "Parallel Construction, Bitches," tightly wove together parallel plots detailing how the NSA's information was used, and why.

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We've already seen Alicia sleep with Will. And Peter get elector Governor. And a new firm rise up to compete with Lockhart/Gardner.

But a new CBS promo promises that "the most shocking moment" is yet to come on The Good Wife Season 5, which finally returns with new episodes this Sunday.

Look for March 9 to mark the beginning of a three-week event that will culminate in... we have no idea.

But it will seemingly have something to with Peter's election rigging scandal. Might Alicia end up in jail as a result?!?

Check out the promo, take your best guess and go watch The Good Wife online at TV Fanatic if you need a refresher.

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The Good Wife kicked off 2014 with the answer to one question and the raising of another.

In regard to the first issue, we discovered the identity of Marilyn's baby daddy on the eleventh episode of what has been amazing fifth season.

In regard to the second, we were left to wonder: just how low will Will and Alicia stoop in order to defeat the other in court? There's no answer at the moment, but Alicia broke out an old dress this week in order to get inside the head of her ex-lover.

Did it succeed? Yes. And who is the father of Marilyn's impending child? Watch The Good Wife online now for that reveal:

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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 10 marked a milestone for the CBS series.

In the show's 100th installment, "The Decision Tree," Alicia discovered that one of her old clients has left her $12 million in a will that the law firm is now contesting.

It left Julianna Marguiles' character in a precarious position, to say the least.

"The Decision Tree" was therefore crafted as an visual aid to cross-examine Alicia as a witness during the trial, where we quickly learned to expect the unexpected.

Meanwhile, Kalinda continued vetting Damian Boyle and made the intriguing new acquaintance of a police officer, while sparks flew left and right at the holiday party.

Watch The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 10 with one click below ...

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SPOILER WARNING: Do not view the following video if you have not yet watched last night's new episode of The Good Wife.

Or if you have a heart condition.

Following Alicia's major decision to leave Lockhart/Gardner on The Good Wife Season 4 finale - and the subsequent Season 5 episodes that have built up the tension of this secret leaking out to Will and company - the truth will finally be revealed on next Sunday's series-altering installment.

Its appropriate title? "Hitting the Fan."

How will Alicia's mentor and ex-lover react when he learns of the news? About as well as you'd expect. And can you really blame the guy? Watch this special CBS preview for the upcoming hour now:

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