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The Duggar family is and its hit TLC show 19 Kids and Counting attract millions of viewers and millions of ad dollars to the network that made them stars.

But they've quietly become stars in their own right - quiet in the figurative, under-the-radar sense, not literally with 19 kids - throughout much of America.

A Duggar Family Pic
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are still working on that 20th kid.

The family gets its share of celebrity gossip coverage, especially lately, but not nearly as much as, for example, the Robertsons on Duck Dynasty.

The Duggars are a deeply conservative, religious people who save their first kiss before marriage, yet they've become a bona fide force of nature.

Even in a culture where a Kim Kardashian sex tape launched the so-called First Family of Reality TV, the polar opposite Duggars have thrived.

19 Kids and Counting has developed a very devoted fan base since it debuted in 2008, starting off strong and only growing stronger in ratings.

They even have a spinoff now. A Duggar Leaves Home, in which Amy Duggar goes to Nashville to pursue her singing dreams, kicked off Tuesday.

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Mother of 19 Michelle Duggar is speaking out on the engagement of daughter Jill Duggar to Derick Dillard, as seen on TLC's 19 Kids & Counting.

Speaking out, even as the life-changing event left her at a loss for words.

Jill Duggar, Derick Dillard, Michelle Duggar

As it was happening, she writes, "Jim Bob and I are saying to ourselves, "Oh, wow!" We're realizing our girl is going to start a home and her own family."

"That's a big deal, especially for dad."

"[Jim Bob] is so happy for Jill and he really appreciates Derick and who he is. We know Derick is going to make a great husband and, hopefully, father."

Derick Dillard abided by the Duggar family dating rules (or "courting" as they call it) and asked for permission to propose to Jill from Jim Bob Duggar.

Having pushed the envelope with a full-frontal hug at the airport, he even asked Jim Bob if it was okay if he held hands with Jill Duggar post-engagement.

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Jessa Duggar's parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar love their Second Amendment, and it looks like the youngster is following in their footsteps.

Her "courting" of Ben Seewald has been a prominent story line on 19 Kids and Counting this season, but it's now taken a controversial twist.

Seewald posted a picture of Jessa Duggar holding what looks like an automatic rifle, resulting in a deluge of comments, both supportive and outraged:

Jessa Duggar, Gun

“My AWESOME girlfriend. #DontmesswithJessa,” Seewald wrote on Facebook.

One fan wrote, critically: “Wow, would Jesus carry that weapon?”

Another countered: “Only extremists think that weapons kill people ... a person has to pull the trigger. For the time being we have the right to bear arms!”

Her dad Jim Bob tells Radar Online he supports Jessa, stating that “We believe it is important for children to learn safety about guns and knives."

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Jill Duggar thought she was just going for a stroll after a lunch date on Tuesday's season finale of 19 Kids & Counting on TLC. How very wrong she was.

Blissfully so, it turned out. Blissfully so.

She had no idea boyfriend Derick Dillard was getting ready to propose and had planned a surprise proposal including a serenade by country singer Walker Hayes.

The bride-to-be was taken aback.

Jill, the second oldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and Derick listened as musicians hiding in the park came in to join the performance.

"Last minute, I was going over what I was going to say in my head," Dillard said as the big moment drew near. "I was just trying to play it cool."

Jill may have suspected something big was about to happen - "I'm like on the alert, basically, like, 'What's going on?'" - but she was still over the moon.

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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting fame recently got engaged after a courtship that included a lot of skype and no frontal hugs.

Okay, they did break the courtship rules at least once.

Fortunately, we know how it works out in the end. By now, they're happily engaged and all set up with a Wal Mart wedding registry and everything.

Tonight, though, we get to see it unfold on TV! While the eldest Duggar daughters are out promoting their new book, Derick makes plans to pop the question.

After getting permission from Jim Bob Duggar to ask for Jill's hand in marriage, will he be able to pull off an intricate proposal without Jill catching on?

If this teaser released by TLC is any indication, we're not sure. Guy seems more than a little nervous about this and not exactly stealthy. At all.

Nice fella though. Clearly a nice fella. Watch the clip:

Good luck, D. Good luck.

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The chemistry between 19 Kids & Counting star Jessa Duggar and her boyfriend, Ben Seewald, got a lot of attention on this week's episode of the TLC show.

While Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard, whose full-frontal hug and courtship rules violation got a lot of media attention, eyes were also on Jessa and Ben.

Specifically: Are they already following in Jill and Derick's footsteps?

The 21-year-old Duggar daughter recently started her own accounts on Twitter and Instagram, listing herself as “Jessa Seewald.” Yes, Seewald.

Does that mean she's already engaged - or even married - to Ben?

Jessa only joined social media so that she could interact with him, apparently, as the sweet duo have done nothing but post cute selfies together.

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19 Kids & Counting star Jill Duggar has famously said that she and fiance Derick Dillard are waiting until they get married to get physical with each other.

This includes hugging and kissing, or so we're told. However, the couple slipped a bit when Dillard arrived home from Nepal on this week's episode:

The Duggar family went to the airport to greet Dillard. They were so excited that they ran toward each other, setting off an alarm in the process.

Fitting, because another alarm was triggered in a different sense.

"Bless their hearts, they just gave a big hug but I think intentions were to do a side hug," Jill's concerned mom Michelle Duggar told the camera.

"Needless to say, I'm sure they won't let that happen again."

Later, in a joint interview, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard admitted that they "messed up" with the "frontal hug" though Dillard admits he "enjoyed it."

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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard got engaged last month but unlike Kimye, the young couple won't be making any extravagant expenditures in the months leading up to their wedding.

In fact, a look and Jill and Derick's wedding registry reveals the couple is...what's the exact opposite of extravagant?

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard

Staying true to her Arkansas roots, Jill registered at Wal-Mart, and while some of the items she picked out may be a bit pricier than what you'd find at the thrift stores in which the Duggars usually do their shopping, none of Jill's wedding guests will be expected to break the bank.

The most expensive item on Jill and Derick's registry comes in at a whopping 150 bucks.

But if you're planning to attend the Duggar-Dillard nuptials and that's a bit out of your price range, you can always pick up the cheapest item on their list: a Glad leftovers container for $1.98.

Maybe some big spender will buy them two of those! You only get married once! (Ideally.)

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In a new clip from 19 Kids and Counting, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar sit down with an OB-GYN to discuss the risks of adding to their already massive family.

As she's stated before, Michelle Duggar hopes to have a twentieth child before she turns 50, but as Dr. Paul Wendell tells the couple during their appointment, there are some serious risks involved. 

First, the doctor informs the Duggars that they'll likely experience some difficulty with conception. 

"We do occasionally see pregnancies in women who are 47, 48, 49, even 50 but they are very unusual," says Dr. Wendell.

"Your chance of getting pregnant when egg and sperm meet naturally begins to drop...Around mid-40s, certainly at the age we're at, it's around 5 percent."

The outlook gets more grim as the doctor informs the Duggars of the risks they face if they do manage to conceive:

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Michelle Duggar is hoping to have her twentieth child soon, and since there's no way they could've known ten or twelve kids ago that they would be the stars of a successful reality show, one can't help but wonder why exactly she and husband Jim Bob would want to raise such a giant family.

The Duggars were asked that question point blank in a recent interview and their answer may surprise you:

A Duggar Family Pic
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are still working on that 20th kid.

"When we first got married, we thought we would have maybe two or three children," the Duggars wrote in a response. "Michelle started off our marriage taking the birth control pill so that we could plan when we wanted children."

"After three years Michelle went off the pill and we had our son Josh...We didn't think we were ready for more children yet, so Michelle went back on birth control pills."

Then, as the Duggars say "the unexpected happened, followed by the unthinkable."

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