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Last week was a rough one career-wise as Olivia Palermo was put on the chopping block and Whitney Port was basically told she's not a real designer on The City.

This week marked a renaissance of sorts for both. Olivia rose to the occasion somehow and avoided being fired, while Whit's fashion show in Miami was a big hit.

Here's THG's plus-minus recap of last night's The City ...

Whitney Port travels to Miami with Roxy Olin (for some reason) and feels the pressure of competition and putting on a show without Kelly. Real world, girl. Plus 5.

Olivia vows her "personal relationship" with Zac Posen will score an interview. We've heard that before. Minus 4. But Joe Zee says get it or you're fired! Plus 4.

Miraculously, Olivia was able to stomach doing some actual work.

When model Erica is seen with another designer, she suggests "sharing" but Whitney basically calls dibs. Models. Just like pieces of meat, we tell you. Plus 7.

At the launch party, Olivia poses on the red carpet (obviously, because she's a star) before Joe sends her to get Zac ... then decides to tail her a$$. Plus 8.

Impressed, Joe says this is "the reason he hired" Olivia. Minus 19, because dude, she got lucky like once, and should have been fired months ago. Get real.

Seriously, how is getting an interview with someone she already knew in any way impressive? Unless Joe just means he hired her for publicity ... okay, Wash.

At a Miami boutique, Whitney and Roxy Olin decide her designs would fit in well. Roxy is actually useful and meets the buyer, who agrees to peep it. Plus 5.

Editor-in-chief Robbie and editorial director Keith watch Olivia. Erin says they should compare it to Louise Roe's recent interview. Dun-dun-dunnn! Plus 6.

Whitney Eve is a hit - and not just with THG!

Amazingly, they determine that "everyone has their strengths" and "Olivia is good at what she does." No idea what that would be, but sure thing! Minus 11.

Louise and Olivia meet and hit it off. Plus 4, since Olivia is either clueless about Louise angling to take her job, or just doesn't care, since MTV won't let her.

Roxy appears to be quite frustrated about the apparent disorganization at the show. Roxy? Complaining about a lack of focus? Who'd have guessed. Minus 5.

Despite setbacks, the show is a success, and Whitney Port takes a well-deserved curtain call - and Shari and Pamela decide to carry Whitney Eve! Plus 10.

No matter how many doors are open for Whitney because of her fame, you have to at least respect how seriously she takes her line, and hope it succeeds.

TOTAL: +10. SEASON: -53.

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We often give the The City credit for its realism ... at least compared to The Hills. Well, last night that was nowhere to be found, because it was Fashion Week. Again.

Seriously, wasn't it Fashion Week, like, two weeks ago? They make the world of fashion look as glamorous as the ease at which things seem to in Whitney Port’s lap.

Elsewhere, there were some surprises (Roxy not screwing up all that badly and Kelly not hating her for a change) and more of the same (Olivia screwing up badly).

Here's THG's plus-minus recap of last night's The City ...

Whitney and Roxy decide to check out a few fashion shows. Kelly advises them to leave if they're past the third row, because that means they suck basically. Plus 7.

Oh, what was Roxy wearing when she approached Whitney at the beginning? Lingerie? We thought this must have been at home, but no, just People's Rev! Minus 3.

When you're Whitney Port, career opportunities come easy!

Whitney scores a meeting with Maybeline, where she shows them pictures of her fall collection. They ask if she'd show at Miami Fashion Week. It's hat easy! Wash!

At an Elle meeting, Olivia Palermo promises to land a Marc Jacobs interview at Fashion Week. Erin Kaplan blatantly announces she's looking for a new hire. Plus 10.

Unable to score an interview because she sucks, Olivia says Marc isn't doing press (lie #1) and that Joe will be fine with it (lie #2). She's gotta get fired. Minus 11.

Furthermore, how does Elle need freaking Olivia Palermo to get an interview? Aren't they Elle? And why send her of all employees? Come on. Obligatory Minus 17.

Louise Roe, displaying such polished outward perfection, threatens to send The City into complete upheaval. She's a Star Wars-like disturbance in the Force. Plus 9.

When you're Olivia Palermo, it's next to impossible to get fired.

Oh, and she dated Freddie Fackelmayer of all people. Yes, the same Freddie Fackelmayer from Season 1 (there can be only one) who Whitney fake-dated. Minus 5.

For whatever reason, Whitney says she dated Freddie too, yet leaves out any of the shady stuff he did. Is she bragging? If so, there is no apparent reason. Minus 3.

Amazingly, Louise actually acts like she cares about the job she has, one that scores of enterprising young women would surely want. Olivia? You watching? Plus 7.

When Robbie suggested she was going to fire Olivia at the end of the episode, we sort of believed him, and sort of felt bad for her. Sort of. Not really. At all. Plus 9.

TOTAL: +1. SEASON: -63. We have mixed feelings about the end of Olivia. She really deserves to get canned, yet Louise isn't that appealing as a fill-in. Oh well.

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The City can be great sometimes.

Watching Olivia Palermo and her career implosion week after week is infuriating in a sense, as she shouldn't even have the job, but the train wreck sure is entertaining.

Such was the case last night. As for Whitney Port, Anne Slowey knocked her down a peg at Elle, continuing a troubling trend of peeps saying her clothing line stinks.

Therein lies an interesting conundrum as the line between reality and reality TV gets blurry: Is she a TV star venturing into fashion, or a fashion star on TV?

Here's THG's +/- recap of last night's The City, "Fashion with a Capital 'F'" ...

CLASSIC WHITNEY: Deep contemplation meets disappointment.

Erin gives Olivia a heads up that a big Guess event is coming up, but Big O dismisses her, saying she'll speak to Joe and try to "fit it into her schedule." Of what? Plus 9.

When Erin mentions that Elle wants to invite Whitney, Olivia can't hide her disgust. Then again, her face just looks like that pretty much 24/7. She's that girl. Minus 3.

Kelly decides that Roxy needs to step away from the Whitney Eve line and do her own so thing. A good call on Kelly's part ... especially if you're Whitney Eve. Plus 7.

Olivia decides not to wear any of Guess clothing, even after she and Erin picked out their clothes specifically. What a b!tch, but she's hilariously annoying, so ... Wash.

Lingering question: Why are Erin and Olivia always in situations where they work together closely and feud aggressively? Did Elle fire everyone but them? Minus 9.

Roxy again sparks Kelly's wrath when she brings up Whit's collection in front of designer Henry Holland. Minus only 3, because it seems pretty minor, but bad form!

WALKING DISASTER: Somehow, Olivia Palermo still has a job.

We had high hopes for Whitney Port's private meeting with Joe Zee, but it didn't pan out, as Anne Slowey basically says we've seen it all before. Rough, but honest. Plus 8.

Plus 3 more for Joe's patronizing "Trooper" to describe Whit. Put. In. Her. Place.

It's sad watching Whitney crumble in front of bigwigs. Kelly hates whiners, why does she put up with Whitney? Minus 5, 'cause Kell should crack that whip some more.

Joe chastises Olivia for her conduct at Guess event, but she dismisses him completely, cementing his status as a spineless figurehead with no authority over MTV. Minus 8.

Erin takes a fashion journalist, Louise, out to lunch, in the hopes that she'll replace Olivia. Ooh, the backstabbing plot thickens! Couldn't be any worse, right? Plus 10.

TOTAL: +9. SEASON: -64. Whitney needs to grow a pair and make better clothes, but as long as Olivia Palermo is her co-star the show, she'll look OK by comparison.

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We realize that as a show about women in fashion, MTV's The City is bound to cross-promote certain magazines, designers and brands ... but this is getting ridic.

It's basically the Elle reality show at this point ... this week's title even had Elle in it. Bad as it is for Elle that Olivia Palermo works there, the PR volume makes up for it.

For us, too, it's win-win. Olivia is painful, yet provides classic quotes (see headline).

Fortunately, MTV was a non-discriminatory cross-promoting media whore of a network last night, as The N.Y. Post's Page Six and Glamour got some love, too. But why?

Here's THG's plus-minus recap of last night's The City, "The Belle of Elle" ...

THE FACE OF ELLE: Only not really ... or at all.

Joe stops by to ask Olivia if she wants to go to a party for Gossip Girl - more shills! - stylist Eric Daman. Plus 2, because we love us some GG and its trendy fashions.

Kelly informs Whitney Port that Glamour - cha-ching! - wants to do a full page on her line. Whitney wants to bring Roxy. Kelly advises no. Whit does anyway. Wash.

For a society girl, Olivia likes the attention she gets at the party way too much. Aren't they supposed to not be impressed by anything, Blair Waldorf style? Minus 17.

Roxy's LOL skirt look - "ballerina gone punk rock gone a little hooker, but in a good way" - is predictably not embraced by Glamour fashion director Sasha. Plus 10.

Kelly to Roxy Olin: "This business is made up of freaks and followers. I’m totally a freak. So you want to be a freak? That’s great but you pay the price." Plus 14.

ROXY AND A HARD PLACE: Whitney is often caught in the middle.

Olivia, regarding Seth talking to Blake Lively and Leighton Meester: “I can talk to a park bench.” LOL. What does that even mean? Blake is a park bench? Minus 25.

Joe says that an Elle item made it in Page Six. Olivia perks up, only to learn that the so-called “Belle of Elle” is new fashion director Alexis. Served! Plus 17!

Erin gives Olivia a look, delighted by Olivia’s reaction as she learns it’s not her in the press. Wash, because that was sort of cold, but we don't blame her ... at all.

At a Bergdorf Goodman party, Whit is, like, so nervous, but meets with an exec at the women’s division and makes a pitch for her line like a seasoned vet. Plus 11.

Through it all, Roxy was left in the cold, and more or less useless, with no discernible purpose on the show. But at least she's true to herself ... we guess. Minus 2.

TOTAL: +10. SEASON: -73.

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Whitney Port's dating history on the The City has been suspect to say the least.

Jay Lyon? That hairy freeloader acted like he was "putting that on lockdown" when really he just needed a place to stay before he left with his band on tour.

Freddie Fackelmayer? That dude was pretty harmless, but a colossal douche.

Last night, Whitney was looking for inspiration for her look book, and confides that the photographer for her line shoot suggested getting together for a drink.

The French photographer. Poor Whitney Port. Can't resist the foreign hotties.

Meanwhile, Olivia and Erin clash at work! Color us shocked! Read on for THG's plus-minus recap of last night's The City episode, "Queen of Diamonds" ...

NOT POKER FACE: Whitney wears her emotions on her sleeve.

We'll start with Whitney's date attire. That glittery striped silver sweatshirt thing? We've seen better. Minus 2. But Plus 2 because it wasn't straight up skanky.

In meeting Jonathan for said drink, Port is surprised when he arrives on his motorcycle ... Plus 8. He says he liked her designs and the shoot went well. Plus 3.

Whitney asks if wants to shoot her lookbook and he says yes. Mmm. Minus 4, because this will inevitably blur the business/pleasure line and not end well for Whit.

Joe Zee gathers the Elle team to discuss the Fergie cover, and asks Olivia to stay behind. Plus 11 when he says, accurately, that her work needs to be consistent.

Back in New York, Olivia Palermo showcases her "strength" and helps editor Alexis choose Fergie's jewelry for the shoot. Plus 1 for paying her dues, we guess.

JOB WELL DONE? Some people briefly said this about Olivia Palermo!

Erin Kaplan tells Joe that picking out a necklace is "not enough." Not remotely. Plus 7, because somebody's gotta call her out and drill it into Joe's head.

Joe says Olivia's diamonds made the cover, but naturally Erin thinks it was Fergie and the whole outfit that sold it. Yeah, but Minus 3 for the obvious bias.

Oh, but wait! The final cover of Fergie is a shot of her not wearing jewelry. Joe says Erin was right. Plus 30 for Erin finally sticking it to her painful nemesis.

Whitney tells Roxy she had a good time with Jonathan but not that good. Minus 9 for getting into the awkward situation of accepting his help, then ...

Whit drops the "I don't have time for a social life" bomb, i.e. the career-girl version of "It's not you it's me." Weak. If you want to, you make it work. Minus 15.

TOTAL: +26. SEASON: -83.

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Okay. If you've watched 30 seconds of The City in your life, you know Olivia Palermo's "job" (term used loosely) at Elle is menial at best, and utterly pointless at worst.

Most jobs, especially in the world of fashion, are a bit less glamorous than you think. Still, there are deadlines, meetings, places to go, things to do, people to meet, etc.

City Port

That's why it's called work, in other words. Unless you're Olivia Palermo.

In last night's episode, "Professionally Dangerous," she proved very much so. Because for her, a job doesn't mean she shows up where and when she's supposed to.

Olivia was assigned (obviously) to interview Whitney Port for

But she didn't go to Whitney's thing because she wasn't feeling it, and hung with her real friends instead! That's what career is - doing whatever the f*%k you want!

BEYOND USELESS: Palermo sets the bar lower and lower each week.

To borrow one of our favorite Office Space quotes: So Olivia .... what would ya say ya DO here?! Nothing. Forget stirring the pot with Erin, she's just dead weight.

Commitments, accomplishments, reliability, even merely showing up - overrated really. One needn't have a reputation for any of the above to keep a job in 2010.

Not at one of the top fashion magazines, at least. At this point, it's clear Elle gave her a fake job for publicity, otherwise this would never happen. Minus 120.

A quick plus-minus recap of the rest ...

The photographer says shooting wars and Whitney's clothing line are both "extreme." A little much, but Plus 2 anyway for the heavy flirting going on. Hot!

After Olivia fails to show up, Erin Kaplan says she should be embarrassed. True, but that's as bad as it gets for O - complaints, not consequences. Minus 6.

A FAMILIAR EXPRESSION: Now if only Erin could/would fire her ...

Meanwhile, Roxy's out with Zach, and things are going pretty well, but for some reason, she can't stop talking about her dog in L.A. Dude, no one cares. Even.

Kelly to Whitney: "Take this bitch out. You have to let people who are toxic and dangerous to you know you’re going to f*%king fight back!" Plus 15. Thank you!

Sadly, Minus 5 'cause Whitney Port blows it. By not pinning her against a wall and pimp-slapping the $h!t out of her, she allows Olivia to just get up and leave.

Ever the disciplinarian, an angry Joe Zee forced Olivia to take Whit to lunch as penance. So he punishes her with more time away from work. Great. Minus 6.

TOTAL: -120. SEASON: -109.

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Every reality show, or MTV program posing as one, needs a villain to stir the pot on occasion. On The City, that pot-stirrer is Olivia Palermo, who fills the role to a T.

It's about all she does well in life.

Now that she's working for Elle, Olivia intended to blacklist Whitney Port's new line, Whitney Eve, from the the mag's website in Tuesday's "Friends in High Places."

While we don't believe for a nanosecond that Elle would employ a waste of space like or, or that she'd wield that kind of power, it made for fairly compelling TV.

More original than The Hills, for what it's worth (not a lot, as that show is scraping the bottom of the barrel hard). Here's THG's plus-minus recap of The City ...

Kelly makes sure Whit doesn't get too high on herself, but not in an unfairly bitchy way, telling her criticism can be a good thing. She's a good boss. Plus 5.

Don'cha just wanna hug Whitney?

At Elle, Joe and Olivia are preparing for a shoot with Taylor Swift. Erin tells O she did a good job with her Anna Sui interview. Minus 4 for that obvious, blatant lie.

Whitney gets together a showing for editors, and Roxy Olin actually does some good work for once, helping her pull it together. There is hope for her yet! Plus 3.

Minus 10 for Olivia Palermo acting like she's some kind of hot $h!t seasoned editor and basically lecturing Roxy for calling her so late. LOL. Give it a rest, girl.

Whitney to Olivia: “Wow, you’re like a little journalist.” Plus 8.

Olivia disses Whitney's line, obviously with ruining Whit's success as her only goal. She tells Erin the line was inconsistent and not worthy of inclusion. Minus 7.

Plus 7 for Erin and Joe later overruling her and deciding to include Whit's line anyway, but an obligatory Minus 4 because it just proves how fake Olivia's job is.

Hey, Olivia? It's the Useless Store. We're runnin' outta you!

Zach Hyman and Kelly talk about his idea for guerrilla-style photos of naked people in everyday scenes. That snared Roxy's brief attention span real fast! Plus 5.

Naturally, this being Roxy Olin, it's all about boys first and work second. Minus 3, because while she kept things professional enough, she doesn't get boundaries.

Kelly then assigns Roxy to style Zach's project, which was actually really cool in that she gets to do her own thing totally independent of Whitney Port. Plus 6.

Heavy risk of her blowing it warrants Minus 3 though. Just a hedge.

TOTAL: +3. SEASON: +11.

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The City picked up right where we left off last season with Whitney getting her big chance at New York Fashion Week, and Olivia continuing to be dead weight at Elle.

If nothing else, last night's Season Two premiere, "Show 'Em What You Got" was proof positive that this is not The Hills, which is about reality stars doing nothing.

While we've criticized it often for being boring, at least it knows what it is right now - the story of ambitious young woman attempting to make a career for herself.

Here's THG's plus-minus recap of The City season premiere ...

Whitney Port has a show coming up at NYFW and we couldn't be more excited. Plus 4 for working her a$$ off and chasing a career instead of boys (novel concept).

Then there's Roxy Olin. Oh, Roxy. She is useless ... except for the vital skill of following Whitney around to ask questions so the audience is up to date. Minus 3.

The City Gals

Plus 6 for Kelly Cutrone for supporting Whitney and taking every opportunity to get digs in at Roxy, as if she can't believe she's even here and must be dealt with.

The fashion show hits predictable snags, but the buyers appear to whisper more compliments than criticism, and Kelly gives Whitney a "job well done" hug. Plus 10.

Olivia Palermo met with Joe Zee to discuss the Today debacle ... and belittle Erin: “She’s a publicist… I’m an editor of the magazine.” Minus 7, because ... LOL.

At least the two finally ended their feud ... kinda sorta. Erin backed off her threat to leave Elle if Olivia wasn’t fired, and continued her career. Smart move. Plus 8.

Smart for her career, that is. Erin still hates Olivia's guts. No points, we're just saying. How someone so inept is still employed in this day and age is beyond us.

Bless her heart, Whitney Port cannot express emotion with her voice. Every sentence sounds identical. Minus only 2, though, because her eyes help compensate ...

Robbie insinuates that Olivia is a fame whore and Erin would soon be jealous of all the additional attention she’ll be getting. Pretty much spot on, Robbie! Plus 5.

We loved how Whitney was a mess before her collection debuted, putting the fashion line above her own appearance. Plus 3 again for the right priorities, girl.

Olivia, while interviewing Anna Sui: “You won the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award, and I was there." Minus 12 for trying to make every effing thing about her.

Hey Roxy, effing do something. Anything. Make us interested in your presence. Minus 4. The girl wants to be an actress - stir up some drama, already! Yeesh.

TOTAL: +8. A surprisingly strong debut for Whitney & Co. We're skeptical that they'll be able to sustain borderline compelling levels, for long, but here's hoping ...

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Roxy Olin is not shy about admitting she joined The City to boost her career.

The daughter of Brothers & Sisters cast members Patricia Wettig and Ken Olin, she's grown up around actors and actresses, which she aspires to be.

"When I was considering joining, my dad was like, reality is the new generation - either you can run with it or you can get left behind," Roxy said.

"My parents thought it sounded cool, like nothing they'd ever done before ... now my dad wants to be on it! I think he's going to be on an episode."

Regardless, the second season of The City kicks off this evening at 10:30 on MTV, right after The Hills. It centers mainly on Hills alum Whitney Port.

Olin is her BFF, roommate and co-worker at People's Revolution, the fashion PR company featured on Bravo's Kell on Earth, run by Kelly Cutrone.

Whitney Port and Roxy Olin return on The City tonight.

The series also stars socialite Olivia Palermo and Elle PR director Erin Kaplan, who if history is any indication, will really hate each other every episode.

As for what we can expect from the show's leading lady?

"Whitney steps into the exciting territory of being a fashion designer, but she also becomes an adult and true professional," producer Liz Gately says.

"She really takes ownership of her line, which is exciting and we pull back the curtain on how a young designer gets it all together," added Gately.

Roxy Olin will be there to support Port, but she also has her own ups and downs: "There's a lot of me trying to find who I am here in New York."

She aims to use the show to help her acting career.

"I'm going to start auditioning soon. [A reality show] could help or hurt; we'll see."

"I always tell myself, if Justin Timberlake could make it out of a boy band, there's hope. At the least, I've gotten more comfortable in front of the camera."

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We tend to forget Whitney Port was once a part of The Hills. It's easy to, since it's currently so bad, and our favorite stars (Whit and LC) are gone.

Port has since moved to The City, but the SoCal girl still has plenty to say about The Hills and her spinoff series. Excerpts from her chat with E!:

On the coming season: Not as much relationship drama. It shows us four girls trying to make a name for ourselves in fashion, which is difficult because it seems 75 percent of the people in New York are trying to do the same thing.

On boyfriend Ben Nemtin: Um, everything's good. Everything's good, yeah.

On whether he will be on The City: No, no, no, no.

Girl in the City

Whitney in The City. [Photo:]

On The Hills' final season: I think it's ending on a strong note. I think that they are going out with the popularity still being really high. It's bittersweet for me. I remind myself still that I was once on it. It seems so far away now.

On shark jumping: The show was different when I was part of it. I think when [Lauren Conrad] left, a lot of the authenticity and spark went with her.

On Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne: Well, if they're happy, more power to 'em! That's so funny ... I don't mean funny like they're funny together. I just didn't expect it. But sometimes the greatest things are unexpected, you know?

On Heidi Montag's sexual harassment claim: [Just kidding, she wasn't asked about that nonsense ... we're just making sure you're still with us]

Erin, Whitney, Roxy and Olivia return in two weeks.

The City Quotes

From the beginning of The Hills, I was very career-oriented. I had had a boyfriend for the first year and a half, and I made a conscious effort to keep that to myself. I just didn't want to be that vulnerable.

Whitney Port

I just want to live a normal life.

Whitney Port
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