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The Choice, Fox's new dating show with thematic elements similar to The Voice, has cast a variety of singers, actors, models and reality stars galore.

Joe Jonas, Dean Cain, Tyson Beckford, Taylor Hicks, Jersey Shore's Pauly D and The Situation, Rob Kardashian and other dudes will compete for love.

The Choice's female celebrities include Miss USA wild child Rima Fakih, actress Carmen Electra and models Hope Dworaczyk and Sophie Monk.

  • Joe Jonas at the VMAs
  • Rob Kardashian in Vegas
  • Situation on Our Hands

As hinted in The Choice promo, four stars sit in spinning chairs with their backs to a group of non-famous prospective dates, who pitch themselves.

Over the course of three rounds, the contestant pool is pared down until each celeb has chosen their date for the evening. Sounds easy enough.

Although none of the celebrities on the show bombed with the contestants, Jonas, Cain and Beckford were particularly sought after, apparently.

Five of the episodes on the show, which premieres June 7, will feature the male celebrities, while one episode puts women in the power seats.

Read the full list of celebrity participants on Fox’s The Choice here:

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Fox is coming out with a new program called The Choice ... which is basically The Voice, only it's a dating show instead of a singing competition.

Seriously. There are blind auditions, spinning chairs and so on.

"Four celebrities ... blind auditions ... spinning chairs ... but ... it's not what you think," teases a promo that aired during American Idol last night:

The format, in which people question and choose their dates without seeing them, also recalls The Dating Game, which began in the 1960s.

The differences are the obvious rip-offs of NBC's The Voice, and the fact that four celebrities will be the bachelors and bachelorettes involved.

Cat Deeley, host of Fox's So You Think You Can Dance, will host the new show. The participating celebrities have not yet been announced.

Fox's Mike Darnell tells EW of the new concept:

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