The Super Bowl episode for any show is often one of the least popular, or at least most forgettable, of the entire series for devoted fans of the program.

After all, it's tough for a show find the right kind of balance between the ongoing creative mythology and attracting new viewers in a de facto second pilot.

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It takes a whole lot to make Red Reddington show fear, as fans learned throughout season one of The Blacklist, NBC's first breakout scripted drama in years.

But the first promo for The Blacklist Season 2 gives us a look at James Spader's character in a slightly disturbed light, a bit out of control and very much concerned Liz. 

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Last night's The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 10 was the second half of a two-part episode featuring Anslo Garrick, and picked up right where the first half left off.

Aram shot one of Anslo's guys who had Liz at gunpoint, and they sent out a message for help before they were captured and brought before Anslo himself.

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