Fans weren't the only ones shocked by The Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson's weight loss. Jillian Michaels herself was at a loss for words.

The personal trainer appeared flabbergasted by Frederickson's 155-pound weight loss (from 260 to 105) on the show's season 15 finale on Tuesday. When the 24-year-old former high school swimmer walked out onstage for the first time since leaving the ranch last fall ... this was Jill's reaction:

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On The Biggest Loser, losing is winning, and winning big.

With a $250,000 prize on the line, three very contestants took to the scale one last time Tuesday on the finale of the popular, inspirational program.

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NBC has aired 15 seasons full of success stories on The Biggest Loser since 2004, but once the cameras stopped rolling, where those stories still successful?

A new installment of "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" follows up with some of the reality stars to see how their lives have changed since the experience ...

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