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Rachel Frederickson, 24, won The Biggest Loser and the NBC show's $250,000 grand prize Tuesday night. By definition, The Biggest Loser lost a ton of weight.

Some are saying too much weight. The Biggest Loser winner promptly sparked criticism from viewers who say the show went too far by allowing this.

Frederickson started the competition at 260 pounds and lost 155 pounds, or almost 60 percent of her body weight. The stats speak for themselves:

Rachel Frederickson Before and After Photos
Rachel Frederickson before and after weight loss on The Biggest Loser. What a transformation.

Last night, Frederickson appeared dramatically and surprisingly thinner than the last time viewers saw her, even by The Biggest Loser standards.

Trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels seemed to be clapping in slow motion as they looked Rachel over, their eyes appearing to reflect shock.

Rachel, a competitive high school swimmer, gave up a college scholarship to follow a boyfriend to Europe, then ate her way through their breakup.

Earlier in the season, Frederickson said that winning the show would allow her to reclaim the champion within and embrace an empowered new future.

She echoed that theme last night, but did she go too far?

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On The Biggest Loser, losing is winning, and winning big.

With a $250,000 prize on the line, three very contestants took to the scale one last time Tuesday on the finale of the popular, inspirational program.

Bobby Saleem, 28, epitomized the "second chances" theme of the 15th season of the NBC weight-loss competition as the biggest at-home loser.

Rachel Frederickson, a 24-year-old voice-over artist from L.A., and David Brown, a 42-year-old project manager from Edmond, Okla., also made the finals.

So who finally emerged victorious?

Rachel Frederickson, David Brown and Bobby Saleem

While all three finalists boasted really impressive weight loss totals, it was Rachel who shed the highest percentage of her body weight, having dropped 155 lbs. 

Ending the season at just 105 lbs., she is The Biggest Loser!

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NBC has aired 15 seasons full of success stories on The Biggest Loser since 2004, but once the cameras stopped rolling, where those stories still successful?

A new installment of "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" follows up with some of the reality stars to see how their lives have changed since the experience ...

One star who definitely kept it off? Julie Hadden. And not with the help of Jillian Michaels cheating. Just kidding. Sorry. Low blow. Anyway, back to Julie.

On The Biggest Loser Season 4, she came in second place by dropping 97 pounds. In the years since then, Julie went on to battle infertility issues.

She finally got pregnant at age 40, and is now happy stay-at-home mother of three, as well as an author and public speaker who inspires others.

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A cheating scandal has rocked The Biggest Loser.

On last night's episode of the weight loss competition, Alison Sweeney announced that Jillian Michaels had been caught breaking the rules and, consequently, last week's results have now been invalidated.

In other words: welcome back to the show, former American Idol winner Ruben Studdard!

Studdard was eliminated last Tuesday, but will return to the program next week with an unexpected fresh start.

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Ruben Studdard will not be adding to his trophy case.

The season two winner of American Idol was voted off The Biggest Loser last night.

Studdard only lasted a couple weeks on the NBC competition, getting the boot this week because he lost the lowest percentage of weight on his team.

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The Biggest Loser kicked off its 15th season last night with its biggest contestant to date.

Not literally. Though not that far from it, either.

Former American Idol champion Ruben Studdard became the show's first-ever celebrity competitor, but the Alabama native isn't appearing on the series as any kind of publicity stunt: the singer's weight recently ballooned to 462 pounds.

"I just want to be Ruben Studdard. I’m tired of being ‘Big Ru,'" he told trainer Dolvett Quince of why he's joined the cast. "Since I was 11 years old, it’s always been B-I-G in front of my name. And my mama didn’t name me ‘Big.’”

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Is Tara Costa, a Biggest Loser fan favorite, being sued for putting on weight again?

When she took part on the NBC show in 2009, Costa was a fan favorite, sweeping challenges almost every week and ending the season in second place.

Tara Costa Pics

She lost 155 pounds (seriously), and was so popular, she even came back to compete against players in a one-off challenge in 2011 (which she also won).

That popularity led to business deals, and therein lies her current conundrum.

FC Online Marketing Inc., which owns ILoveKickboxing (dot) com, signed her to a deal that included a guarantee that Costa maintaining her weight loss.

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Danni Allen is your new Biggest Loser winner.

The 26-year old advertising executive banked a cool $250,000 this week after shedding a ridiculous 121 pounds during her run on the NBC series.

Danni Allen Wins!

"I’m on cloud nine right now," Allen told OK! not long after taking home the title. "I’m so excited and my heart is racing so much. I sound like a blabbering idiot."

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