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We knew the events of The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 10 would come someday, didn't we?

We know that Sheldon - with a girlfriend and a full-time job and a different life than he had a few years ago - simply wouldn't be able to continue Fun with Flags much longer, right?

Still, it hurts.

Sheldon Cooper Presents Fun With Flags at least went out with a bang: LeVar Burton showed up again. Amy dressed as a kangaroo. Kripke played Flag or Not a Flag. And Sheldon made like Betsy Ross.

He also grew emotional toward the show's end and taught us yet another use for a white flag.

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We went back to the beginning on The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 9.

Forget pretty girls next door and Raj now being able to speak to a woman and Howard getting married. The latest installment of this CBS smash focused almost entirely on Sheldon and Leonard, the roommate relationship that started it all.

We kicked things off with Leonard deciding to get surgery for his deviated septum. It’s a simple enough procedure. No big deal, right? Try telling that to Sheldon.

This genius knows that one in 700,000 patient die under anesthesia and he doesn’t want his best friend to be that one.

Leonard understands and appreciates the concern, telling Sheldon he has a lot to think about in the week before the surgery. Except a new surgery date opens up and Leonard takes it.

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Carol Ann Susi, the actress who played Mrs. Wolowitz (or at least her memorable voice) on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, has sadly passed away.

She died Tuesday after a brief battle with cancer.

The longtime TV veteran was 62 years old.

Carol Ann Susi Photo

If you watch The Big Bang Theory, you know that viewers never saw her face, but she nonetheless became a larger than life and unmistakable presence.

That voice could carry her a long way.

Just hearing her say "Howard!" was never not entertaining as she let always let the younger Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) know who was really in charge.

Susi's co-stars and colleagues were saddened by this sudden loss. Said Warner Bros. and The Big Bang Theory producers in a statement Tuesday:

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Sheldon dropped those magic three words on The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 8.

And, no, he wasn't speaking to his mother at the time.

The half hour kicked off with the guys talking about Howard’s mom and some gibbon monkeys. The girls, meanwhile, were enjoying happy hour and discussing… prom?

Penny isn’t a fan of the entire concept, but Bernadette and Amy are wishing they could have a do-over (aren’t we all?). So they suggest decorating the roof, doing up their hair, putting their men in tuxedos. The whole nine yards.

And the men don't think it's a terrible idea.

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Following an installment that tackled male-females roles in relationships and the financial dilemmas that plague couples, The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 7 focused on gender equality in the workforce.

When did this sitcom turn so political?!?

During Ladies Night this week, Bernadette says that she's been picked to be in a magazine as one of the 50 sexiest female scientists in California. This immediately irritates Amy, who believes women ought to be celebrated for their achievements.

Sure, agrees Bernadette. But can't one be thought of as both smart and pretty?!? Yes, Penny, chimes in, it's what she does in her job!

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Gender roles and money issues were at the center of The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 6.

Serious stuff for a sitcom, we know. But the series treated then both with awkwardness and attempts at humor over any real life lessons, despite Bernadette's early quote.

"I want us to be partners, equals, adults in a mature relationship," she said at one point.

Yeah, right.

The problems started with Penny's new job and new clothes. She now has a company car, so she goes ahead and sells her old car… without telling Leonard of course.

He insists she keep the money from it because the car had been a gift, but she has a job now, Penny says. She doesn’t need his financial support.

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Sheldon and company came to a realization on The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 5:

We're geniuses, remember?!?

What happened to the days where we invented stuff and acted all smart, as opposed to being distracted at all times by the opposite sex?

With that in mind, with the ladies off in Las Vegas, the man sequestered themselves inside for a weekend of scientific brainstorming and, they hoped, breakthrough.

It’ll be easy, right? They just need to “focus” in order to change the world. This is just like The Social Network, Ray remarks, But Leonard has never seen it. Hey, maybe they should have movie night! Wait… they need to focus, remember?

Sheldon says the group should grab inspiration from fiction (such as cell phones and Star Trek), which leads to a viewing of Back to the Future Part II in order to learn how to make a real-life hoverboard.

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Before delving into The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 4, we can't help but wonder:

Has there ever been an off-screen character who has created they kind conflict of Mrs. Wolowitz that seems to on a weekly basis?

In this case, her relationship with her “bubala” became a pressing issue because the guys were missing Stuart's comic book shop.

The new establish they must visit in its place has "loud music and exposed brick," a lot like "a rave at the third little pig's house," right, Sheldon? And because Stuart didn't get much of an insurance pay-out, he was in danger of never re-opening.

So.. what if his friends put up the money Stuart needs?

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While many felt as if the opening two installments of The Big Bang Theory Season 8 were lacking for laughs, no one can deny the many chuckles that emanated from last night's half hour.

It centered on two main storylines:

  1. Howard was selected to throw the first pitch at a Los Angeles Angels game. That sentence alone is funny, isn't it?
  2. Sheldon and Amy went on a double date with Leonard and Penny.

Howard's concern that he'll humiliate himself on the mound was certainly well warranted. There has been A LOT of evidence that this isn't a young man born to play sports. (And, sorry, Sheldon, but Quidditch does not count).

Fortunately, Howard's has a supporting wife and a best friend willing to help him practice his fastball pretty slow ball.

Gotta love both Howard's dance prior to throwing his pitch, along with his reaction to just how long 60 feet is. And is 60 feet and 6 inches even!

So, how did he get out of this jam?

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Viewers learned a number of key details on The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 1, the first of a two-episode opening night for the highest-rated sitcom on television.

To wit:

  • Sheldon never left a train station during his 45 days away. But he did learn all about the ketchup and mustard options wherever he stopped.
  • Sheldon really admires Sherlock Holmes.
  • Sheldon (sans pants) called Leonard to come pick him up in Arizona. This did not sit well with Amy, who came along for the ride and was greeted by her boyfriend with the question: Why did you come?

But we quickly learn that Sheldon called his best friend instead of his girlfriend because he didn't want to come across like a failure to Amy.

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