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Another week, another set of dates for Andi Dorfman and her bachelors. This week will take them to Brussels where they'll spend some time in the ruins of a castle.

Will the date signal ruin for one man's relationship with Andi? The Bachelorette spoilers might help you out with that answer, but feel free to keep reading if that's more your style.

Nick starts the week in Belgium by acting like a giant douche when the guys arrive at their hotel and he tells them all, and Chris Harrison, that he's "tired of these man chats" and says in a camera interview that he's the one who will end up with Andi and he can't imagine her choosing anyone else.

He gets a comeuppance when Marcus gets the first one on one date card and someone drops the F word.

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Is The Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman joining The View in the place of Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd, both of whom are leaving the daytime gab-fest?

ABC is looking to keep the new co-hosts in the network family and is considering the telegenic and extremely likable Andi, according to new reports.

Quite a contrast from Juan Pablo Galavis, who they couldn't wait to be rid of.

Andi Pic

“They want to test her out and see if she would work out in the mold of The View," says a source close to the production of the long-running program.

"The folks at ABC have tons of decisions to make including bringing Barbara back, they are going to make a serious splash when they rework the show."

"The potential to bring Andi in is something they are definitely considering.”

Prosecutor Andi has already been rumored to be on the job market once The Bachelorette wraps, having resigned from the D.A.'s office in Atlanta.

At the same time, she's expressed interest in returning to her job, and if The Bachelorette spoilers are true, Atlanta may still be her best city to call home.

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The Bachelorette contestant Chris Soules, a.k.a. Chris the Farmer, has been one of the most popular cast members this season from the start.

He revealed Monday that he is Andi Dorfman’s secret admirer, and has plenty of admirers of his own among card-carrying members of Bachelor Nation.

That's no secret. And it's no wonder that the 32-year-old Iowan is now rumored to be the next star of The Bachelor when the series returns in 2015.

Chris Soules Photo

The news, if it's true, will come disappointment to some fans, who had lobbied producers to make Marquel Martin the show's first-ever African-American star.

Of course, Marquel (along with Cody Sattler) will be on Bachelor in Paradise after The Bachelorette season ends, so he was likely never in the running.

As for the source of this rumor, follow the jump for the details below, although The Bachelorette spoilers are included, so consider yourselves warned ...

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Cody Sattler will get another shot at love this summer as The Bachelorette castoff heads to Paradise. Bachelor in Paradise on ABC, to be more specific.

Cody Sattler Photo

The enthusiastic, always perfectly tan and groomed personal trainer, 28, was confirmed as a Paradise cast member after Andi Dorfman sent him packing.

Monday on The Bachelorette, Cody Sattler was friend-zoned HARD by Andi after finally securing the one-on-one date that had eluded him for weeks.

He was not happy. But he wasn't bitter.

"Cody was truly the sweetest, most grateful guy in the house," Dorfman blogged, and despite his Jersey Shore-esque exterior, that's very much true.

Sattler and his signature style - a Mohawk and a bevy of V-neck and too-small t-shirts - was probably the most popular guy in the entire house.

Well, unless you're Nick Viall.

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Nick Viall may be back in the driver's seat on The Bachelorette after last night, which saw the self-proclaimed frontrunner smooth things over with Andi Dorfman.

Meanwhile, Josh Murray seemed to take a step backward (though he did get a rose) and secret admirer Chris Soules is looking like the season's dark horse.

  • Nick Viall Photo
  • Josh Murray Photo

"Nick brought the passion and made me feel so special," writes Andi Dorfman on her weekly blog, which is free of The Bachelorette spoilers but still telling.

"My favorite kiss of the day was when we were floating underneath the famous Bridge of Sighs [where] you're supposed to have eternal love."

"I had always felt a mental and physical connection with Nick and today was no different. This was the Nick that I have loved getting to know."

As for how Nick Viall handled his less-than-stellar performance on the previous week's group date, and the allegations of arrogance by his co-stars?

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Last night on The Bachelorette Season 10 Episode 6, Andi Dorfman took her eight remaining men to Italy for some romance and lie detector tests in Venice.

It's pretty much the ideal location on Earth to fall in love, and get overwhelmed by the mesmerizing scenery and/or drama of dudes fighting over a girl.

At least it's up there with East Connecticut.

Did Nick Viall redeem himself after last week? Is Josh Murray still the man to beat? What six guys moved on to the next round of this epic journey for love?

As always, feel free to go ahead and follow the link for The Bachelorette spoilers to find out all future episode results. Then read THG's official Episode 6 rundown:

Cody came in straight up hyped for the one-on-one date he'd yet to receive, so it's all the more crushing when it goes to the unpopular Nick instead.

Nick and Andi masquerade (see what we did there?) as Venetian tourists doing all those things. Like kiss beneath a bridge guaranteeing eternal love.

At dinner, Andi lays into Nick about being an (allegedly) arrogant jerk who deemed himself the “front-runner.” He handles it about as well as he could.

Is he there to make friends? No, but he still is trying to make friends. Because he's nice! At the same time he's not trying to soften his feelings for her.

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Andi Dorfman is not quitting her legal career to go Hollywood, The Bachelorette star insists in a letter to her former boss asking for her job back ... later.

Poor Andi

The Fulton County D.A. made news this week by confirming that the 27-year-old resigned once her leave of absence as an Assistant District Attorney expired.

She originally took leave to shoot The Bachelor and Bachelorette, but after her resignation was announced, it was assumed she was giving up law.

Or at least her position with the D.A.'s office. Not the case, if she can help it.

Her resignation letter states that TV and media obligations stemming from the show are just too numerous, but should will wrap by the end of the year. 

At which point, Andi Dorfman hopes he will "strongly consider me for re-hire."

"My true passion is in the prosecution of criminal cases," she adds.

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With only eight potential trophy husbands remaining, The Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman is struggling as the second half of the season progresses.

In ABC's new promo, all sorts of drama (or at least creative editing) ensues on the gang's trip to Venice, where the canals aren't the only waterworks we'll see.

If you know what we mean! (We mean people crying a lot).

The always-smiling bodybuilder, Cody Sattler, gets a one-on-one date from the looks of this teaser (and The Bachelorette spoilers), but will it be his last?

Later, someone had the idea for Andi to hook up ... the guys to lie detector test. That's one way to quell - or amplify times 100 - a girl's trust issues!

Does squeaky clean farmer Chris Soules have something to hide? Is Josh Murray not as perfect as he seems to be? Will Nick Viall lose his frontrunner status?

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As Andi Dorfman continues to pursue love on The Bachelorette season 10 and her new career as a full time Bachelorette alum, the rest of the world is looking to the future.

And no, we're not talking about who'll win Andi's heart,as The Bachelorette spoilers have already given that away. We're talking about who will become the next Bachelor.

From what we've seen so far this season? Marquel Martin is our pick.

Not only would Martin help with ABC's rampant and, frankly, obnoxious, lack of diversity, he's an all around good guy. Plus he cried after being eliminated last night.

Because y'all, Marquel just wants to find love, okay!?!

He's PERFECT for the job, for all the right reasons.

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The Fulton County (Ga.) District Attorney’s office did not receive a rose from The Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman, who has resigned her position there.

There's a scoop you won't see on The Bachelorette spoilers page!

Andi Dorfman Looking Cute

Earlier this year, Fulton County D.A. Paul Howard Jr. allowed Dorfman to take unpaid leave to appear on The Bachelor and then The Bachelorette on ABC.

As long as she was back by May 31, the 27-year-old lawyer could have her job as an Assistant D.A. back, but it appears she has given up that opportunity.

Andi did not want to ask for an extension on her leave, so she decided to resign instead, according to TMZ. Not that there are hard feelings on either side.

The D.A.'s office had nothing but good things to say about her, even going as far as saying they'd be open to re-hiring her if the opportunity arises.

It's unclear what Andi Dorfman plans to do now, but she'll be alright.

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